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Author Topic: Thoughts from Mother Nebadonia  (Read 676 times)

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Thoughts from Mother Nebadonia
« on: June 18, 2016, 11:03 »

eyes only

Category Mother Spirit, Divine Minister, Creative Spirit
Subject: Thoughts from Nebadonia/ Days Ahead
Winter Park, Florida
18 June 2016  (11:00 EDT)     15:00 GMT
T/R Larry Gossett

eyes only

  This is  Mother Nebadonia  and I present to you this morning  a new lesson and wortds of  comfort for  the teaching mission as all of you  do well in your  silence , in  your  states of meditation and spirit stillness as the  day is soon  here.     The lessons to be given to   those who have prepared their lives as receivers to help in this new  Teaching Mission and is being developed, formulated and refined as  We speak My  children and   you can  learn to hear our voices in unison,  in  coordination and  in the  quiet of your hearts. minds .
 As  these events will surly  occur on Urantia in just a short time,  what all of you  bring to these Missions  to this new state of  being and awareness  will be, not only for the now,   but for the  future generations of students for all to read, and  to study, and to implement and these   transmissions, as they  come, will   go far in  giving to  the people of this world  and   to other worlds who stand by  and watch and  follow all of these proceedings  that will be taking place on  Urantia and on  Panoptia.  Have we not told  you of these training schools that  will be set up that will  be for the Universe, as students from many other spheres shall come here in the future   So, My children,  begin to realize  how important these new  receptions, your work  and these new beginnings are in relationship  to the Universe.   What is done  here, now, will be for all time.     

Nothing, and I say again, nothing,  such as this has ever occurred in all of Nebadon and  we stand with all of you,  whispering in  your spirit ears, and,   little  by little  opening   your  spirit vision    so that what is before  you shall become your new reality as well as the new reality of  this  world  which has waited and prayed for this, the   great events that are  to  bring Urantia back within the bosom of the Father.

Jesus , Serara  and  Monjoronson the  vast number of Melchizedeks and all of those  Offices  and  Orders and many others are now with  gathered all around  Urantia, ready to do as the  Father Commands.    Would, my children,  that you  could  behold all that stands ready and  poised to be presented to and for Urantia,  for  it is a magnificent sight.     None  will  doubt on this world that something  utterly extraordinary  is  happening.      I know how  difficult is to for you all to remain  grounded and in peace  but that is  what  you must  do as these Missions are made manifest on your world.

 Let your  delight , let your joy and love  shine  brightly as you come to serve these times of  change and transition.   Tough though they may be, in the beginning,  you all know that what comes is exactly what Urantia needs at this time  in Her History for She and you on this  world  have endured and it is and will be as we have told you.   
Your connections  with Spirit,  your desires to  serve in this great endeavor will be fulfilled and it comes quickly now .   There will be,  my children  much to  accomplish as the next few days come to pass and you will soon discover the  immense joy that is inherent in loving and dedicated service to the Father.   The hosts that are gathered here with all of you do ko in a  quality and refinement of love that  you will soon experience and perhaps this will be the first time in your short lives that you shall have experienced this  type of love and  it  will grow and  encompass your    lives… your lives with spirit  that you have, even without necessarily knowing it, have  longed  for  you entire lives.      The  near unquenchable   yearning and search  for the Father, for Love is upon you ….As  earthly  things will pass away and the  truth, beauty and goodness that  has ever beckoned you forward and inward is now at your door.    Enter in, my children and be filled with Spirit.     This is  Nebadonia    Good day,  my beloved children.   Domtia 
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