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Author Topic: JarEl, Your: Place, Work, Website and Timing 5/8/17 Daniel. L V NV. USA  (Read 29 times)

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Eyes Only                         Your Place work website and timing
Teacher: JarEl
Subjects: -----Your place here and now, ----- Immediate work needed on the recent Archives, -----
---------------The type of Official web site needed. ----- The time frame for this to be accomplished. -----
Category: Orderly rule of the Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
5 August 2017, 20:13

“You can begin writing Daniel.  My name is JarEl, I am a Vorondadek Son here working directly with Sentenact, Lanaforge, Serara and Monjoronson. There are quite a few of we Vorondadeks working in many different ways as we assist in any way with teaching or administrative tasks or in writing communications like this when there is something helpful for all to know on the training Forum. My intention and message today is to have you understand about the paramount and critical need at this time for able receivers in being our right arm in ways that the incarnated Melchizdeks or the beloved Midwayers are also quite fitted to perform, but your make up, earthly origin, and life experience has the hard to duplicate human touch and finesse with language you T/R persons have in your 21st century nuances of expression and way of putting things, often missing if we were using strictly Celestial workers.

“The end result not only is highly readable and memorable received lessons or emergency communications, but also a valuable feeling that goes with our transmitted teachings and receptions, that the speaker [you] is truly one of them and is approachable and highly comfortable to relate to. This assumption of your having been recently educated, however briefly, by Celestial Teachers and Leaders also sets the dynamic that it is very possible for them to follow in your footsteps. For learning all they can and then to also help in this peaceful revolution they see coming with the most refreshing and kind approach. This alone amazes them, compared to their previous imaginings in how to start saving the runaway freight train called: earth dysfunction, slide to self-destruction and unequal world living conditions with barely subsistence level existence, for over half of all those alive at this moment.

“But that isn’t the half of the inequities and shortfall in ideal civilization. This is most evident in warfare, enslaving monitory policies, undemocratic and dishonest political leadership based on obscuring the truth, subverting of national funds, marginal and inadequate primary education, gargantuan industrial cities, inadequate pure water, with hundreds of millions squatting in tiny slum cubicles with no sewer services, with air pollution from industry and wood cooking fires weakening the health of most residents. Food is missing many vital ingredients because of over refinement, or sullied from chemical agricultural practices along with pesticides or in the case of animal products, fodder and grain, contamination, as well as use of growth enhancing treatments or over use of antibiotic pharmaceuticals.

“These are all of the areas and many more, highly important to tell everyone about concerning the plans already in process, in the Sustainability and Planetary management document by Monjoronson. This information we now need to disseminate will be often and even mostly, addressed by communications and teaching from us through you! Yes, everyone has available the old, valid, rich, eclectic and excellent teaching of, but now there is a great need for recent and collaborating teaching in written and Audio form that enhances the validity factor. It’s like the websites we have all gone to and therein is not much new material transmitted for the last several years or months. This makes us apprehensive about the reliability of everything contained therein because the continuity or recentness is missing.

“Even a lot of the material contained on the Teaching Mission list .org and, will be sifted and edited [Now who on earth besides those on this site could we get to do this sifting and editing, hummm, I wonder?] to insure all is presented in one voice that is highly accurate and up to the moment and compatible with the current fast changing information like we have seen on this site for the last few months. Millions will need to come to some official website somewhere, with the capacity to handle everyone, in innumerous quantities, simultaneously.

“Perhaps the same domain name somehow with four or more divisions kind of like the Urantia Books divisions to spread out the usage capacity into a workable, info go to location that would be, the be all and end all for finding out the full scoop of absolutely everything that is most important for the ravenous curiosity we must soon be able to satisfy. This website also must be so user friendly and so simple; computer neophytes are able to use it easily. This is a tall order because we need to come up with something that does not exist now in a revolutionary and much more user friendly manner that we envision and that does not currently exist anywhere in totality of concept.

“Information that proves inviolately the veracity of the Corrective time, [earth makeover], who its amazing leaders are, their loftiness and trustworthy-ness and most importantly, proving thoroughly it’s origination from God The Father and Paradise. A Deity concept that is the most universally grasped as the likely way things would be. Our adored Local Universe Sovereigns who are Our: ‘Neighborhood, hands on, buck stops here, creators and leaders’, are a new concept to most and would be part of the general information gradually introduced to everyone in ways they can handle. This site would include the fully readable and exhaustively searchable, Urantia book and the updated version as soon as possible thereafter. Part of this web site would be a fully exhaustively searchable, archive of all the recent and fitting, and material that finally makes the cut.

“Well everyone, this is some of our latest thinking about how to make available the beginning introduction of the general public to all the happy news and way of operating, that is involved in phase or stage one. This is our first huge project to take place primarily over the next ten years [It will of necessity continue on into phase two] to fill the bill in somehow consciously informing billions in a very practical way. This is JarEl, looking forward to come to know all of you on as our most anticipatably useful mortal co-workers, in the world, with millions to follow your pioneering footsteps. Good Day and best wishes. Domtia…..”

End Discussion Forum-

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