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Author Topic: Sentenact, Timely Reminders, 31 July 2017 Daniel L V NV. USA  (Read 48 times)

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Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Timely Reminders
Category: Announcements for all of importance
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
31 July 2017, 8:26 Z

“You can write Daniel. This is Sentenact. My message at this time I’ll lead into by having you imagine, flying or driving over the continental divide in The United States [composed of the Rocky Mountain chain] that goes from Canada, and even some distance into Mexican topography. Everything on the east side of the continent drains mainly through the St Lawrence seaway, Mississippi and Rio Grande rivers and everything on the west side drains mainly through the Colorado, Columbian and Yukon rivers. What is the point of this observation?

“The reason is that in the next few days please take a few minutes, if you are unaware, to look again at the north American continent on google earth or get out that atlas and review again the geography of this land [others residing on other continents and regions around the world do the same about your topography likely to be impacted by tectonic and Volcanic activity] to refresh your memory, so you can know again, the lay of the land as you may very well be called to be able to find places and locate areas that may be catastrophically impacted soon. This will get your mind working to understand possible circumstances to see likely safe areas from what you know of your prophetic revelations you have read about from Celestial Messages on this site, concerning the most likely areas for huge disturbance.

“Today’s lesson is mostly about North America but some general principles will apply to other places. The mountain ranges in many cases will be surrounded with safe areas, however even we Celestials as much as we can foresee and envision possibilities are unable to predict with great accuracy what the exact result of huge slippages or subsiding will look like when finished. For instance there has been some speculation about inland areas like Colorado and Idaho that could end up with large areas submerged even though both those states are approx. half, composed of highly mountainous regions. The Grand Teton Mountains in the state of Wyoming also were mentioned in one scenario to be perched on highly unstable mantle formations that could see those giants reduced considerably in elevation. Still you can put two and two together and the excellent relief maps in the atlas will tell you a lot of what may be areas that would be most likely to be largely untouched. On this Site we would always have the latest word as things develop, but your being educated a little will help to be ambassadors with more information than most.

“The whole western plate from the Mississippi to the Serra Mountains in California is largely rigid, but it has the unsettling unknown of the enormous high pressure gasses from the overheated core and enlarged magma chambers under Yellowstone as an important factor. Yellowstone itself going off, from things said on this forum in transmitted messages is in danger of impacting an area at least, with a conservative eruption, [predicted by Celestial messages recently on this site] rendering a circle with a radius about 300 miles in any direction and much more in certain directions where strong prevailing winds would carry the effluent as much as five hundred miles in some direction. The latest large eruption 600,000 years ago had two feet of ash deposited in Central Nebraska about one thousand miles east.

“Other possible North American worst case scenarios concerning the western coast line is that  from just below the Canadian city of Vancouver to all the way to parts of Baja Mexico for about 50 to 100 miles from the coast eastward, the land may subside sufficiently to have the ocean be that far inland in places. All along the coast may be places of prominent hills that would still be above water, but submersion will be very extensive, in a worst case prognostication. In the Los Angeles area the water, except for prominent, hills may be inland as far as the Nevada State Line. Parts of Baja Mexico, being submerged as well. The Death Valley area being over 200 feet below sea level is possible of flooding also.

“There is the danger of an overdue major bump or slippage in the fault line under the ocean offshore, of Oregon and Washington with a history of huge tidal waves in the past, inundating the coast. That would generate a tsunami of the magnitude of the one recently south of Thailand, offshore of Sumatra and the islands there on Dec. 27 2004, that took the lives of about 13,000 from tsunami damage that saw the waves created race across the Indian ocean even to Sri Lanka, India and parts of east Africa. If that happens as expected, Hawaii would be damaged also.

“Other areas mentioned in Celestial communication on this Site concerning the United States, was the very great likelihood of volcanic activities in the central southeastern states as well as volcanos in the state of Nevada and possible new volcanoes in Washington State, Oregon and California. There is good possibility because of the old and well known fault that goes up the middle of the Mississippi valley, subsistence from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to just north of Chicago. That could have an extensive inland sea roughly where the Mississippi/Missouri/Ohio Rivers are now. Also it was mentioned that the Rio Grande valley of northern Mexico and southern Texas and Louisiana may have water from the Gulf, extend all the way to the area of Arizona and New Mexico of some unknown magnitude.

“The eastern coast of the US will be changed, some places considerably, with water now many miles inland here and there, because of continental bench or shelf instability, causing some subsistence. Some unknown cross Atlantic circumstances will cause huge tsunamis being foreseen to hit the east coast from the Carolinas to Newfoundland in Canada in possibly multiple incidents. This would in the worst case, impact all of the cities within ten or twenty miles from the coast in those areas. There is also indication that the St Lawrence Seaway will be much wider, with Atlantic sea water then, all the way to the eastern great lakes.

“This message and communication is to begin to start to alert about the possibility of these large incidents but there is also the very real possibility that any of these could be a week, six months, 5, 10, and 15, years in the future or more. [We seriously do not think they will be anywhere near that far in the future] But it is quite safe to say that events of this magnitude will certainly happen, all over the world, where and when they do. We will endeavor to give as much warning as possible through the most effective channels, but often we may have a certainty of: ‘only one day of time’ until destruction will come. This is Sentenact with this serious message, which however is much too vague for my comfort, but it is realistically the practical picture of what is a very likely to mostly be true, except for more exact timing being unknown. At least this dark forecast is hopefully the worst case scenario. For now, with respect and love for each, Domtia…..”

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