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Author Topic: Sentenact, Readiness Test 30 July 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 29 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Sentenact
Subject: Readiness Test
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
30 July 2017, 17:02 Z

“You can begin Daniel; this is Sentenact, with a message for everyone on the Serara Forum. In the final analysis this reflectivity way of communicating will be the commonly accepted way for all of you to receive messages. It will be a clear and accurate method that takes out some of the heavy discernment required as you received before. The streaming news line you will see in your mind’s eye can be stopped and backed up to ask for clarification if you don’t understand, another feature you will appreciate. Your first responsibility of being trustworthy to instantly interrupt what you are doing to dedicate with single-minded focus the reception either audio into a recorder you would then post or send by email to someone or group or to write longhand as you receive it. Sometimes to immediately transcribe it into print even if you have to do it with two finger typing.

“If we can have even twenty of you, [we need 200] that without fail we can contact any time of the day or night and you would faithfully take this as a life and death responsibility of utmost seriousness, kind of like Paul Reveres ride on horseback through the night, near Boston, at the beginning of the American revolution, who delivered the warning that the enemy was then on their doorstep. To have your personal life and work responsibilities be damned in that moment is what we are asking. There will be that time also you will speak under inspiration over a phone line to a group who for some reason has no Receiver person anywhere near where they are. You say: “No problem Father” Well why when we asked for two receptions a day [one audio, one written] were you absent? [It is still not too late to prove you can do that]

“A word about the Melchizedek visitor to your personal place of residence: ‘ This will take place and it will be without fail for each one, as you who are blessed with the designation of an accepted associate or worker being a part of phase one at York or in the city where you are located. Because the buildup in phase one is incremental, the visits will be scheduled some time before your start would actually take place and would be timed for the individual in question. Just rest in the knowledge, that you do have that to surely look forward to. This test we gave everyone about the production of two receptions a day as you can discern, was clearly indicative of who is ready and committed for regular work. Why would you feel confident you had nothing to worry about concerning being on the team of the initial workers when you would not comply with this simple request?

“Thank You, one and all for concentrating on the forum training and taking seriously communications like this. In this lesson today I have revealed without vagueness what this is all about. You can do this, you can pay the price, and you are made of the right material. That is why you were chosen to be trained. Your burning desire, fearlessness and commitment, will be met with supernatural help on our part. This is Sentenact, with fervent support in return, Good day! Domtia…….”

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