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Author Topic: Machiventa, Missing Ingredient 29 July 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 29 times)

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Speaker: Machiventa, Melchizedek
Subject: A Missing Ingredient
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
29 July 2017, 4:56 Z

“You can begin Daniel. Our message for all tonight is about; ‘having the tenacity to put up with most anything for most any length of time’. I am thinking of quite a few we worked with for years, on this list only to have them, after showing so much promise from the standpoint of knowledge of the revelation, initially being very enthusiastic and highly supportive. They had much verbal assurances of their willingness and loyalty, even beginning to serve the list with prayer and reception practice, to then when something, it is always something, sticks in their mind as being a deal breaker as to their now being unable to continue because to them some line was crossed in some belief they had that: “Divine beings would not say such a thing or Divine beings would not change their mind like that, or the changes are so radical and unheard of, certainly this could not be of Divine guidance and inspiration.

“The real problem is very likely this:  Once they came along and became aware of the strenuousness and also became aware of the cost, they had to find some reason to bow out without somehow looking like they were not willing to pay the price. Hence the reason is given about some aspect of the training of this group, about some Divine behavior or the behavior of the appointed human servants that; ‘could not be of God’ and bingo, the reason and justification was there for pulling back. Now a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, those remaining with bright enthusiasm and willingness to continue at any price, have one universal characteristic and that is:  ‘the prize is extremely bright and shining.’

“Unless some of you have forgotten, the prize is: ‘Being granted special status to be trained early, rubbing shoulders with Ancient Celestial Masters’.  The secondary prize of equal value is:  ‘to be by that trust and choice, thrust into and assured of a part and place, in the destiny to work with Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia in the far future, in some special and highly unique and adventurous quest as a team and group that is very specialized by heredity and training for just that unheard of and remarkable work’. [1st and 2nd outer space level work]  The third part of the prize, just as precious, is:  ‘the ascension path has an educational track, [unfathomable at this point], that makes for a more efficient and effective opportunity to be trained for types of service that most in the universe are not privileged to enjoy.

“Even in the light of that review, the attitude of not a few on this list is:  ‘that the cost of truly putting everything else second is just too much’. The whole ball of wax, is not computing. The vision is not there, the concept is lost to their understanding. The brightness of all that is being offered is only dull and gray. Why?  Because:  “abject surrender to The Father has never taken place”. When full capitulation has taken place, the ability to put up with most anything for most any length of time is your gift from God. We know this is the case because when we asked for fruit of your dedication be shown, by making sure you produced a written message reception and an audio message reception each day from those who had shown the ability to receive before, we got only resounding silence from not a few. Why?

“How do you make amends and sincerely come to the Father without reservation? How about: ‘a simple and heartfelt prayer to The Father telling of your new change of heart.’ And the only thing you have to do next is the action part, to seal the deal, and that is you do pay any price to be a part of this. I think you know what that means. This is Machiventa, Melchizedek, wishing you all, as all of we teachers do, that not one of you, who we have seen The Father place here, would be unable to comprehend this pregnant gift in front of you. With happy expectations, I will sign off for tonight.  Domtia…..”

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