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Author Topic: Moribotia Melchizedek – Knowing the Will of God for Your Life  (Read 38 times)

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Moribotia Melchizedek – Knowing the Will of God for Your Life – July 20, 2017– Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

Teacher:   Moribotia Melchizedek
Subject:  Knowing the Will of God for Your Life
Category:  The Will of God
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, CA
Jul. 20, 17   10:20 PM  EST   2:20hrs GMT

“Moribotia Melchizedek here once again with an “EYES ONLY” message my dear.  The topic for tonight is “Knowing the Will of God for your Life”.

“How can one truly know the will of the Father for their individual life, for their mortal life decisions, for their relationships and for the many paths that open to all who would believe?  This is a question everyone asks themselves during their mortal journey on their sphere of nativity when they become aware that there is within them a higher calling to “sonship” and the predestination of provision set before all creatures of will choice.

“As a Melchizedek of long-standing experience with the newly awakened former mortals to their ascension career beginnings, and knowledge of the historical facts of mortals of this particular sphere of nativity, I affirm to you that it is a question posed by every God inquiring mind we encounter.  How can I know for certain?  What are my guideposts along the way, especially while I am still of mortal flesh?  Let me assure you now that if you pose this question in your mind as a Father-seeking-son you are indeed on the right track and awareness of this desire will be your aide to finding the answers you seek as you walk humbly on your current chosen path.  The tricky part encountered is when you reach the places where you have come to a divergence of options set before you, is it not?  Which path to take?  Which road to follow? What would Father have me do?  Please don’t let me make a mistake!  At this point some are driven to their knees begging and pleading, crying out ever louder for guidance, perplexed at the multiplicity of paths that can be followed yet not being able to see the full route or destination.

“Let me share with you a secret.  If you’ve ever seen an ‘aerial view’ of paths meandering through a forest, or miles of wilderness or desert, you will be aware that paths to a destination may have a great number of starting points, and many a path more well trodden than others.   You will also see less trodden paths converging persistently to and from  their places of origin.    So what am I saying to you here?  Mortals of time and space, especially, are given the gift of destiny choice for this is a gift to all will creatures.  What you may not clearly comprehend, particularly at this point in your journey, is that the freedom to make your choices comes with your own personal course correction devices of “intention to do the Fathers will and be about the Fathers business” as you make your way along your chosen path.  The path you choose is not a walled maze where there is only one way in and one way out.  Many times people have a misconception that they are entering a type of maze that, once started, will make the decisions of their progress for them.  

“Free will given to mortal man is accompanied by checks and balances put in place for the safety of each and the prevention of self-destruction.  The gift of choice is accompanied by the wisdom of the universe to guide the chooser consistently through to the ultimate goal of full sonship attainment as the will creature continues in their intentions along the way to seek the will and ways of the First Source and Centre.   There is a time to consider the choices given and there comes the time to make a decision to take the path of will-choice, seeking and trusting in the over care of universe provision and motivated with intention of the Father’s heart of service.  So be in peace, experience is never wasted.

“This is Moribotia and I wish you all a good night!”

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