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Author Topic: Mir, big Place, 20 July 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 57 times)

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Mir, big Place, 20 July 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA
« on: July 20, 2017, 16:55 »

Eyes Only
Teacher: Mir
Subject: Big Place
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
20 July 2017, 21:55 Z

“Daniel please write: This is Mir, I am a Vorondadek Son, We are the order of created beings just under the Melchizdeks and then the next order under us is the Lanonandeks. We are most commonly known as Constellation Fathers and three of our order, head each of the 100,000 constellations of each local universe. My work here on Urantia is as an ambassador to Salvington and in that capacity have been authorized to observe closely this remake and refurbishing called the Corrective Time and also to interact with mortals for my own education as well as being used as a teacher at any time and place Christ Michael would see fit.  

“I want to speak to all today with a message I will call:  ‘The Universe is a big place’. I start by recapping the composition of the each of the seven super universes with the figures below.

“A quick review will show that the local group, Satania will have approx. 1000 inhabited planets upon completion of its physical evolution.

“The next organized star group is called a constellation and each has one hundred local groups having 1,000 inhabited worlds each upon completion. [100 X 1,000 equaling one hundred thousand as constellation size]

local Universes like Nebadon, are composed of 1,000 Constellations of 100,000 inhabited worlds each, making finally, 10,000,000 inhabited worlds in each local universe upon completion, [1,000 X 100,000 equal ten million as local universe size]

“The next grouping called a minor sector is composed of 100 local universes like Nebadon with 10,000,000 inhabited worlds each upon completion, making the minor sector group composed of 100 local universes of ten million, adding up to one billion inhabited worlds. [100 X 10,000,000 equal one billion as minor sector size]

“The next grouping is called a major sector that is composed of ten minor sectors of one billion inhabited worlds each. and those ten minor sectors make up the ten billion inhabited worlds, in each major sector. [10 X 1,000,000,000 to equal ten billion as major sector size].

“Finally the Super Universes like Orvonton are composed of ten major sectors of 10.000,000,000 inhabited worlds each [10 X 10,000,000,000 equal’s one trillion inhabited worlds as each Super Universe size]

"This group being trained now to work as Mortals in the Corrective time have the stated destiny of definitely working with Father Michael and Creative Spirit Nebadonia in that first OS zone. That is pretty remarkable and I am unable to recall the time when such outrageous prognostications were ever made before, so accurately forecasting the future use of any Mortal group! It is a great privilege and opportunity!

“I could go on for a thousand pages and share what I know about many things about the existing universe that this lesson to refresh facts and figures locally, only lightly brush’s near, but my other main purpose was accomplished and that was to make a first transmission of my life, with a Urantian mortal. This is using the new reflectivity and it was honestly not so smooth as the focus and concentration was off again on again but I am confident all that will be honed to perfection with another 1000 years or so of practice. [I'm teasing Daniel]  Thank you Daniel, Thank you all here for your application to your new life and superlative chance to work with all of us like this. Call upon me personally and I will do my best to come and help you practice with your learning to receive messages. If nothing happens, I was off on another duty but try again later. This is your new fellow worker Mir, with joy and happiness to be part of this unusual and exciting venture. Good Bye for now, Domtia…..”

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