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Author Topic: Adam, Systemic Review, 14 July 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 44 times)

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Teacher: Adam
Subject: Systemic Review
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
14 July 2017, 20:55 Z

“Daniel this is Adam again speaking of all the aspects needed in the new civilization to address this time of restitution. My purpose with this lesson is to have an exhaustive listing of the areas in which we need restitution. Many items on this list are already being addressed in a small way and we will build on any existing effort we come across. You can see our work is cut out for us. I think this listing will help all of us to have a detailed picture of the areas we will restore. There must and will be restitution of; personal worship of The Father in the lives of most mortals, restitution of healthy oceans [Much more of earth's oxygen comes from the oceans organisms then dry land plant life] teeming with all the original plant, fish and animal variety, restitution of pure air worldwide composed primarily of nitrogen, Oxygen and carbon dioxide, [instead of an additional, 47 other man made gas compounds]

“There will be restitution of safe and peaceful circumstances from the most remote farmstead to the most populous city alley, restitution of honest government, busily trying to limit its necessity thus making itself in the end obsolete. Restoration of mature forests and wetlands packed with cooperative bio diversity, restitution of economic prosperity insuring the sufficiency of supply and opportunity for free entrepreneurial expansion, restitution of free education to saturate the public need for fresh, age appropriate study and research, restitution of free travel across and elimination of all previous borders, restitution of population control making room for and providing living space that sees each family spaciously accommodated.

“This review above of our dream of finished earthly makeover also should and will include: restitution of the farm land used for agriculture, to have soils of the original microbial biodiversity and humus content for growing plants and husbanding animals that because of balanced healthy food organisms our diet maintains thriving healthfulness, restitution universally of reproductive, marriage and family understanding that has the genetic pool rapidly enhanced in intelligence and rugged healthfulness making sickness rare, restitution of societal knowledge and a public level of education to be of such quality and pervasiveness that the rapid escalation of human progress is commensurate with the most progressive spheres in the universe.

“Restitution of all river systems to be havens for symbiotic life forms. This includes requiring any existing dams make provision for full passage of all aquatic life forms in both directions to insure they thrive with an ocean/river synergy intended in the beginning, restitution of all feral landscapes having 0 industrial waste and non-biodegradable trash, restitution of beaches and coastline to have all contamination of any kind from adjacent cities nonexistent, restitution of ground cover and original forests where desired, to eliminate erosion that removes arable soils, restitution of all coral reefs and areas with underwater plant life for fostering symbiotic sea life, restitution of all existing trash and chemical dumping locations to insure no further groundwater contamination is possible, restitution of all radiation and chemically  contaminated areas to be safely inhabitable.

“In the paragraphs above I also left out the need for restitution of: sufficient schools of sculpture, fine arts and music, schools of mechanical, structural, chemical, civil and electrical engineering, architecture, aeronautics, oceanography, biology, archaeology, religion, agriculture, cosmology and astronomy, schools of mining and metallurgy, higher mathematics, geography, surveying and mapmaking, schools of education, manufacturing technique, history,  geology and plate tectonics, Of course this teaching today would not be complete without mentioning the need for the restitution of: schools of medical arts such as emergency surgery, natural plant based pharmacology, and rapid therapeutic recovery methodology for surgical and accidental injury mitigation,

“I must not leave out: Schools for teaching nutrition and diagnostic science for understanding human and animal disease recognition and identification, schools to teach laboratory and science methodology for research applications, forensic identification of causation for human malfeasance or natural environmental and industrial pollution or pollution resulting from volcanism and mining, schools for food preparation and  institutional culinary sciences, also for the study of the genetic genome of all microbes, plants, animals, fish, reptiles, insects and humans, schools for the training of ship, plane and space vehicle piloting, schools for the education of those in the hospitality industry, schools of rail technology, schools for public safety such as paramedic services, firefighting, and storm and natural disaster mediation.

“Then there must be restored institutions to train veterinarians, educated to take care of large domestic and wild animals such as elephants, fowl, whales, dolphins and large reptiles. Last but not least are establishing learning institutions for those interested in power production by free energy motors and such technologies as catalyzing 3 micron coal for clean heat production and fully sustainable, wind, hydro, hydro thermal tapping of volcanic heat sources and solar panel electrical production. Later also will come instantaneous teleportation technology that is only dreamed of but is of practical possibility.

“Thank you everyone for appraising yourselves of most of what we will reinstitute or better put: ‘we will freshly institute’ as this Corrective Time is progressively followed to its intended logical conclusion. This list adds little in practical detail to the comprehensive Sustainability and Planetary Management document written by Monjoronson, but is intended as a quick review of the work before us. Myself and Eve being the prime movers as leaders for educational matters are very inspired and full of happiness and enthusiasm for the privilege and chance to be here for the duration doing what is closest to our hearts and also the most deeply satisfying time of our lives by far. We love you all and feel most emotionally connected with all of you in the first life mortal groups being trained and used as the vanguard for the inspiration of billions. Invaluable because of your history and performance, and more so as time goes on, as the cutting edge, first, mortal contingent to dedicate yourselves to this gia-normous restorative rescue. Good day and Urboytia [let us work together]  Domtia…….”

End Discussion Forum-

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