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Author Topic: Califax, One way to T/R, 12 June 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 48 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: One Way to T/R
Category: Teaching Mission Skills, Transmitting
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
12 July 2017, 19:04 Z

Califax: Our quest today has to do with helping you all to find that place within, that you can go to in a moment, for conversation and more than anything to listen. It amounts to practice. Momentarily pause, envision yourself listening and hearing, then if and since you may be in the middle of some task. Like business conversation, writing, lawn cleanup, you go on with a new awareness of open listening you did not have before. After a while you almost certainly will slip back into the unconscious mode of forgetting to listen, now repeat the envisioning or yourself listening and hearing again. What this does is to slowly bring you to the listening state of consciousness all the time. It is the same as when you are expecting a visitor who would ring the doorbell upon their arrival, you continue organizing your paperwork upstairs, but are acutely tuned to the doorbell you can only faintly hear in the first floor hall way.  

“It is habits like this that will stand you in good stead in your receiving duties. The faintest thought of, ‘George are you there? Will have you perk up and focus on hearing. This receiver writing at the moment has as much need as a new transmitter receiver to learn this. His forte is to be very careful to be ready to receive at two exact times during the morning and evening. We have tested him late at night and in the early afternoon twice to see if he would discern our prompt and come to work and he did but there is now the necessity of his attunement being more sensitively engaged all the time.

I want to speak directly to a group I have mentioned before who have demonstrated the regular dependability without which we can hardly use someone yet and now you still are unable to hear the very faint voice or very faint thought and my suggestion is to engage the faint voice and thought you are going to hear soon with a question. “Am I hearing someone?”, “I think I just heard something, is someone there?”, “Could you please say something again?” “Father could you help me to discern your communication to me at this time?”

“Continue with: “Father, thank you for helping me like this as I am beginning, could I bother you again by saying something so I can practice hearing?”, “I hate to bother you Father so many times in a row, but I still have not been able to hear you, could you please say something again?”, Thank you Father, for working with me like this, Do you think you could speak to me again, as I attempt to listen with more concentration this time for another attempt to hear you? Thank You Father, please don’t be upset with me but could you once again………..”

Then continue in speaking to me by saying these things if true about your present situation: “Father I am afraid that should I be able to do this, that then I would be completely roped into an existence and regular service I am not ready for”, “Father for me to give most of my day working as a Serara Forum, MSM worker is too much at this time, what should I do, as I just do not have it in me yet?” Father, I still have some doubts about the Mission having really started and that all this is real”, “Help me to feel and know in my innermost being, that I am not just dreaming and wishing about all this”, “Father when you ask me to respond with learning to Receive and Transmit messages from you, I just cannot do it yet, even though it has been three months of being careful to come to you at an exact time”,

Now continue in this vain of intimate frustration sharing: “Please help me to have the persistence to do this interminably if necessary”, “Father the statement you keep saying through the Forum that this is the most rare and privileged opportunity for human mortals ever offered is only partially believed”,  “it seems too good to be true and now with so much delay and complete game changes in the MSM plans, I am bewildered”, “Help us to have the strong faith and trust that all you have told us is true and that the inconsistencies I see in transmissions from various celestial teachers would not be a stumbling block to my conviction”, “Father, my complete surrender to you by wholeheartedly embracing this forum training, is lacking. Please help me with this blockage”,

“Then to thoroughly clear the air even more, ask:  “Please give us humility and willingness to have our life fully devoted to your Corrective Time and the Magisterial Sons Mission”, “Have your will be crystal clear to me and help us to have the courage to follow this will with a surrender that opens myself to your correction and guidance, even if the price is everything I hold dear in this life, even my life”.

“These prayers will be answered if you desire this path. My Spirit within you will convict you to see all with crystal clarity, when the place of sincere surrender is reached. You will come to trust everything so much you will have a burning desire to pay any price to insure your trajectory is aligned with this group. The key is your surrender to Me. This is Califax your Father In Fact. If these prayers, requests and statements do not resonate with you, the way is clear to embrace them or neglect them.

“My dream and vision when I personally placed you here on Serara Forum was that the promptings from My Spirit, your Adjuster, would strike a deep cord of heartfelt recognition of destiny comprehension. Thank you everyone, as we together work this through! You can see that this is a process of persistence and addressing all the vagaries and nuances of your coming to a place of such communion that all of this is understood and second nature.

“We [All working in the Corrective time] are truly thrilled and unfazed by our challenges in bringing the Forum and the Teaching and Magisterial Missions so far along that the plans of implementation such as the Sustainability and Planetary Management outline will work effectively. My salutation is with appreciation and Love. Benyotria [Hold my hand and show me peace] this is Califax. Domtia…….”

End discussion Forum-

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