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Author Topic: Mantutia, Conditions at York, 4th July 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 49 times)

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Speaker: Mantutia
Subject: Conditions at York Pa.
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
4 Th July 2017, 20:42 Z

“When you are ready Daniel. This is Mantutia Melchizedek, with a message for all about, shall we say, working together when we actually can be physically together. Always in a work situation we would be clear where each fits in and who you would report to each day. Usually you work in teams of two and would be assigned some task together.  In the beginning when there is an overload of work, you would have a long day of working from 7am till 3pm which would include time for a lunch break, then at 3pm an hours break to relax and refresh and then back at it from 4pm till 9 or 10pm with a break in the middle somewhere for a short dinner meal.

“This may seem unusually long but we will start out like that to condition you for the possibility that it might continue for the foreseeable future.  After work you would hurry home to get your clothes ready for the next day, squeeze in some quick reading before sleeping  till 5:00 or 5:30 or so, spend some time worshiping, a quick walk to your place of work and a light breakfast there as you start again about 7 am.

“You all have had the experience of working on something you love and having the time fly so that the day goes almost effortlessly in the enjoyment of the task. Hopefully this will be the case and it will only get better as you settle into a routine that will be tailored as much as possible to fit your particular work place needs. The atmosphere itself of working in the presence of Celestial workers will be highly energizing with their conviviality and good humor a boost to anything you might be doing. When it is truly your experience that all you are doing is permeated with enthusiasm and you have the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from being able to function capably in a team, you will find the length of the workday will be little concern anymore. You are so happy and appreciative of being there that there is no issue about how tough it might be. Also you will find the usual tiredness and discomfort you have normally, will be over time a thing of the past as you are transformed physically, little by little to vibrant good health.

“You see the attractive female and male ideal of beauty in the world as an inspiration, Many times the physical beauty is extremely striking and highly stimulating to smooth the rough edges of our lives as physical beings as the male ideal can be in the same way. My reason for mentioning this is that your lives now as associates working together are like a beautiful vision to those you will have contact with as you will be a liaison as a duty, first and foremost, in importance to interface with the public. You will come over time to appear as a most creditable presentation physically. This is enhanced by Mother Nebadonia and all her Spiritual help to have you perceived as very attractive in an understated way, no matter what way the skin is actually stretched over your physical frame. This is a side interjection you have not known about that is an aspect of your MSM work we are telling you of for the first time. We will have you come across, no matter your age, very pleasantly and pleasingly by your body and body language, it will be a helpful gift for all. I tease Ron Besser that he is of course a lost cause in this issue but hopefully his spiritual development will cover over such challenges and lacks.

“Your actual living arrangement as an associate would at the least have a bedroom and small bath and if you have an arrangement with a spouse of course some additional room and accommodation. We would attempt to have the domicile within walking distance in most instances to provide some unavoidable exercise thrown in to help with your health maintenance. Most times your dining arrangement would be provided in several ways we are confident you will find sufficiently satisfactory. Personal vehicles may be owned and brought to York in the beginning by those who come from continental locations but many coming across the world would normally have no need for a car or whatever as you would be able to have access to transportation connected with the York offices if needed. As a rule the private transportation would be unnecessary except to serve and help in off hours should that be something you would see you could do.

“This is Mantutia looking forward to the more personal relating, [even though I can see each of you in your homes at any time] to convene face to face. We will get to know all of you as Ron Besser reports directly to me in the day to day working and you as his associates would be part of the happy family we will enjoy developing into. We will become a most harmonious and effective team and organization. You notice Serara is confident there will be a great deal more of this to come, and in later years we will expand the group to four or five more as we need to for effective use of the Magisterial Mission around the world. All things point toward expeditiously putting all into place. I certainly feel the same way but as usual the top leaders will most wisely decide when the time is right. Thank you for your attention! Thank you for the additional effort we see so many putting out as we are calling for all to step up your production in all aspects as much as you are able. With appreciation and love for each of you, Good day for now and, Domtia…..”

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