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Author Topic: Sentenact, Variety is the Spice of Life, 3 July 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 57 times)

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Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Variety is the Spice of Life
Category: Penoptians and other Off Planet Species
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
3 July 2017,  18:24 Z

“Now for more Daniel. This is Sentenact with this to say: One time long ago on a Magisterial Sons Mission, the challenge on that world at that time was unusual in that the evolution there had produced intelligent life that resembled salamanders. They were air breathing, with a similar digestive tract to humans. They walked upright like the Geico, gecko [the Geico insurance company uses a life like, talking gecko lizard in their tv ads] They had no hair, only smooth, shiny, tough skin, of many colors and natural patterns, that smooth nose of a salamander, with two little breathing holes and little tiny ear holes and big black eyes with no whites or pupil in them. Their mouth and throat was well adapted to audible speech.

“They were relatable in every way to humanoids like you, with the same highly developed personality of humor, graciousness, quick wit and most having a good education about all things on their world, the cosmos and the nature of God, having a similar scripture that contained most of what TUB contains. Their route to civilized sophistication was about like the Urantian route without the serious debilitating wars you have suffered. Their hands have three fingers with an opposing thumb; their feet are much more reptilian then human feet but are just as suited for walking and running long distances as human feet.

“Their social and family life was also similar to human, with marriage, similar sexual reproduction and live birth, they had a short stubby tail they used for support when sitting, their strength and agility was more developed then human and they could move with lightning speed for short distances. Their stature was about 5 feet tall [1.5 M] on average but had strains in the population that were smaller and some much bigger. Their diet was of plants and fruits they raised, but also they had insect and grub like creatures they cultivated for food like you husband, shrimp, chickens, fish or rabbits.

“But back to the MSM on their planet; this was before a one world government had evolved so the usual challenges of diverse national governments, sectarian and regional prejudices, laws and jurisprudence was not standardized, public education was not standardized, economic prosperity was not universal and natural resources were not managed with a worldwide policy. Their Adam and Eve were busy with bringing enlightened educational and family balance instruction to everyone and it was part of the mission, to encourage all kinds of art, theater, dance and literary efforts. Also to bring about policy for more free time to pursue all things to enhance quality of life and universal opportunity to develop freely along any lines of interest desired.

“More that would interest you about their society was a deep interest in games and sport of many kinds. They were vigorously pursuing research and development for greater labor saving devices, technology to enhance worldwide communication, research to enhance the productivity of manufacturing for supplies for home, industry, and general construction of all types, provided many with occupations. Personal vehicles, trucks, trains and aircraft were all extensively developed and unlike Urantia had perfected use of energy sources for propulsion  that were inexhaustible and non-polluting.

“In contrast to Urantia this world’s population was stabilized by the universal knowledge and necessity for population stability, and the need to procreate using only the principles guaranteeing the enhancement of genetic quality. Another purpose of this message is to bring this vision and look today into another society and planetary civilization that successfully went on into light and life long since, and to give perspective and hope that this journey we are just beginning here, will succeed very well, having been accomplished many times on millions of inhabited planets.

“This Mission will go along fine, but few planets have had their Missions fraught with as much trouble and difficult educational challenges on a scale where the task is almost universally beginning from a place where the population knows next to nothing about such a lofty ideal as an enlightened society of a light and life planet. This is in sharp contrast to the planet described above which had a well-developed concept worldwide that already had a great majority of the population worshiping The Father and familiar with a scriptural revelation that included the knowledge of eventually coming to the polished place of a universal light and life type world status, all concepts brand new to most Urantians.

“You will eventually get to know this intelligent life so similar in the most important ways to humans and of the same general bipedal configuration but so very unique in all the details of outward appearance as to be extremely interesting to meet and become friends with and seeing the exact same qualities of The Fathers basic character of kindness, dependability, generosity and loving acceptance exemplified just like you find in more mature humans. This is Sentenact, an aspect of the Father working in close concert with Califax and in bringing this lesson, my other purpose today is to give a little comic relief to the usual fare here simply for a diversion and a yet always to educate you a little more on what is out there as it will not do to have you shocked out of your socks without warning as you live this ascension life.  For this time, good day to all! Domtia…..”

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