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Author Topic: New Classification of Ascending Mortals  (Read 100 times)

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New Classification of Ascending Mortals
« on: June 19, 2017, 16:36 »

Teacher:  Califax
Topic:  New Classification of Ascending Mortals
T/R: Amethyst
Date/Time:  June 19, 2017 EDST
Location:  Upstate NY

Father,  Thank you for all the help you are providing to us in these dawning days of the 6th Ephocol Dispensation.  

Amethyst:  Califax I kept getting the feeling as I was doing the dishes and folding some laundry that you had something that you wanted me to transcribe.  Am I correct?

Yes Amethyst.  Can you start now?
Yes I'm settling in now.  What would you like to say?

Califax:  " I want to inform the forum members and the guests, that now that there are some who have, and will be, fusing with their Adjusters in the future, that a new classification of ascending mortals has been created.  The name of this classification is yet to be determined.  This will also apply to those who fused during the 5th Dispensation as well;  it is for all of those who fuse and retain their human bodies in the process.  As most of you well know, the standard method in Orvonton has always been that when a mortal fuses, the human body is immediately consumed and the soul proceeds on its progression, as was the case with Ezekiel.                                                                          
"What this means exactly for you now, other than you continue to maintain your soul in your physical body, and the changes in your longevity and health, will not be apparent to you.  But in the longer term, it means that first, your universe career will take a little longer than those who have preceded you in the traditional manner, and second, your post Finaliter destiny will also have some additional work to do with the Supreme Being before you begin you outer space universe assignments.  
"It is somewhat premature to begin to tell you of the specifics right now, but the reason that this classification is being created is because of your very unique status as being from a planet that got hit not just once by the rebellion, but again by the default of Adam and Eve.  It is also due in part to your agondonter status that prompted this (even though many who follow you in this type of fusion will not be agondonters, as you are among the last).  You will be working closely with the Supreme Being in the outer space universes, as these might be compared to the old frontier days in your country of the wild  and untamed west.  We will need a number of Finalized Beings who will be able to monitor and report to your superiors any signs you may encounter that lead you to sense a rebellion will be in the making.  Your additional skills will be in great demand out there as this is yet another layer removed from Paradise and The Supreme Being will be very active out there.

"Is it now dawning on you the significance of the importance of the Supreme Being now taking the reins of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  You will see how all of this begins to fit together like a complex puzzle as you continue on you ascension and move inward and upward to Paradise.  
"This is all I need to say about this at this time, but be rest assured as it applies to your ultimate destiny, the only thing you can be sure of is that there is nothing you can be sure of.  It is a magnificent destiny indeed that you will behold!"

Amethyst:  Thank you so much for this Califax.  I'm sure my forum brothers and sisters will be interested in this.
Califax:  "Thank you as well Amethyst for letting me finally get your attention.  You need to spend more time thinking of us and recognizing when we are trying to get your attention.  I take leave of you now and wish you a wonderful day."

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