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Author Topic: Sentenact, My Will Is To Do Your Will, 19 June 2017, Daniel, L V Nv. USA  (Read 52 times)

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Teacher: Sentenact
Subject: My Will Is To Do Your Will
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
19 June 2017, 18:05 Z

Sentenact: Our subject I would like to develop today has a thread through it and that thread is this whole subject of working full time for the missions. What I hear some, or even many of you being trained here saying, is; “ Be reasonable now, we can’t just up and leave those we are supporting high and dry. [No you can’t]  Further, are you suggesting that I go over the top now with the full, denying of myself, taking up my burden, giving my resources, giving my property, begin working to free myself from most any kind of obligation, so that I would be free as a bird, to work for The Father now? How can that be, especially before we see even one concrete thing to go on?  [Yes I am suggesting]
“Look at it this way. There is so much room at the top. Where are the up and coming RB’s.  Where are the individuals like him I mean dedication of everything, I mean self-denial of personal dreams and present plans. I mean making it possible to be used without reservation. I mean being peppy and energetic to the point that nothing means anything to you but working full time in the Corrective time missions. I mean wanting to work full time for the Missions so bad that you want it more than life itself.  I mean so full of faith and trust that you no longer see the problems you used to see, as insurmountable  at all. I mean that the solutions are there in every situation to work for the Missions full time, now. In other words you say; ‘I know Father, Your power is there to support me as I demonstrate in baby steps, how, I will rise to the occasion of this most exciting opportunity I have ever, or likely will ever, be given.’

You are so aware of the power of God to help you do that, your prayer now is; “Thank you Father for helping me to work for you full time now early to get as much of a head  start as possible to becoming a truly energetic and highly productive servant. Whatever it costs, I don’t care.  All I want to do is let you see by my actions that there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind; that I am being called for important responsibilities and my putting off my actions of sacrifice and full consecration is nothing but counterproductive.  My old fearful attitude of pessimistic disbelief that it is just not possible to give up my life and dedicate myself to this extent, I now want no part of. To step out like you’re suggesting, in faith before the fact, I know will do more than anything to impel my life for extra help and much more fruitful service later.

I’m sorry Father I have been whining and complaining that you are asking too much.  I’m sorry Father, I forgot about Your endless power to supply, to provide aid, to give ideas of innovative solutions, to provide spiritual courage, to any life situation. I know that to set my mind to accomplish anything, with the knowledge that it is Your will; - [like going all out for You now in the Corrective Time, is] - it is already a done deal. ‘Of course you have no idea how this can be accomplished, to you it looks like you are between a rock and a hard place. But, you have this inner knowing that no goal, no vision, no dream, no quest, no ambition in your life to date has even come close to the lofty and extremely worthwhile nature of what you are clearly being called to now. Nothing!’

“We are asking for daily productive work to be done by all of you that can, and what do we hear mostly? Resounding silence.  Why would Marko, in the last weeks before he died be posting twice a day receptions from his adjuster or Mother and Father or others?  Because he finally got it; “It” being; ‘that we were asking for fruit, for production, for service and he was going to do that if it killed him. He did that to prove, that he wanted to be part of this mission service more than life itself. You say; ‘well I haven’t been able to do T/R work yet and we say; ‘how about, much more time, coming to be able to understand the book and to be able to explain all the different areas?  This Is Sentenact with this attempt for pumping the bellows on the forge to stir the orange charcoal to a white blaze for making the iron cherry red. Iron that we’ll take and shape on the anvil for the perfect tool, in a team effort, now, not just later only. Good day to all and as you know, We are here with instant loving support. Domtia…..”

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