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Author Topic: Sentenact, Eureka [I have found it]17 June 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 49 times)

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Eyes Only
Instructor: Sentenact
Subject: Eureka
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
17 June 2017, 17:43 Z

“Yes begin my son. This is Sentenact: My purpose with this teaching is to have at the forefront of your thinking that there is always succor or tender loving care available to each of you. When the buffetings of life are heavy and there are uncertainties or setbacks [seeming] taking place, always the real story is wonderful and creditable progress in the making. How though, in the hours through the day to have the under girding of joy in everything even when you may be in physical pain and more likely in an anxious uncertainty about usually your standing before The Father as you can see so clearly your shortcomings.

“To let go in abandon about all this is the key to coming to that place I am advocating, where your peace of mind and your confident knowing is becoming very high and much a part of your mental landscape. What's coming is a knowing of your secure abode in this most safe and loving conglomeration known as The Family of God. Your journey up to now in the physical life on Urantia until you came here was one round after another of trying developments that never seemed to end. Finally the temptation was to become cynical, pessimistic and even despairing about what was coming down the road for you. Now upon the many months and years [To have been here for years is of particular honor]  of this ratified training in, hearing every day the teachings from Celestial teachers, studying the loads and loads of new information, you now are beginning to truly have a positive and confident stance in your life. 

“Half the time the information is so unusual and unheard of that you are literally shaking your head in consternation about making it all make sense. You have no less daily troubles, mostly the same life challenges are there, but now there is a new possibility thinking taking place. Thinking that this is not only totally true, but possible for you personally, you have a genuine knowing, with no doubt what so ever, the future of special service is sure and you are absolutely going to be a part of it. This future is outrageously over the top, blessed and highly advantages, beyond any life of your wildest envisioning, when you began reading the Urantia Book. This new place of knowing you are being given, because of your regular worship and personal devotion and sincere application to study and [most importantly] your responding to the promptings, given in the training invitations, has garnered you a gifting of rock solid faith and trust that brings you to an even higher level of usefulness. 

“Now some times when you encounter new persons just beginning on the Forum and see the doubt and lack of fortitude and lack of consistency and timorousness you can clearly see how far you have come as that was you only a short time ago. Now you are beginning to see clearly what and how to say encouraging things that are just the ticket to bring the new persons along to new trust and faith. Perhaps nothing is more helpful to your growth and expansion than; you responding to the promptings! Very often the knowledge of the Urantia Book is there, the seeing that this is really true is there, but the courage to respond to the suggestions for action to begin producing some fruit or some action for betterment is not there, because the surrender is lacking. 

“To bring themselves to commit to this new opportunity is still latent, because the self-will and personal desires outweigh the respect and comprehension that this is entirely of Father and is the right set of circumstances you actually are looking for. But the problem is the amount of over control your adjuster and The Father are indicating is necessary. You just are not ready for that level of no longer being the boss of your life. Understandable, because a person very carefully comes to guard their personal sovereignty in a physical life, learning that the self-control and self-direction is vital for personal growth and confident living.  It is something at first we are slow to let go of, being afraid of sliding into bondage you might say to some organization or ism that can side track us big time, in journeys of fruitless enterprises that at first look worthy but often are building someone's empire of aggrandizement. 

“The fact is that and the Corrective Time are none of the above. This is the most refreshing, most revitalizing, most deeply gratifying, most rarely come upon, most scares of all human findings or commodities and is truly the holy grail of each life here. Usually it is enough to be a disciple of the Master in good standing, living a life of service and devotion that will see us progress in our seven circles of expansion to ready us for the Morontial life after death, but this is the true jackpot, the mother of all lucky chances, that out of compassion and vision you were singled out for. Can you see it? 

“This Is Sentenact giving this overview and refresher glimpse we Celestials see so clearly and want to more forcefully embrace you and talk to you for giving impedance for you coming to see the truth of the above, almost unbelievable but true statements. Wanting very much for you to turn the corner to consecration, but we must not at all costs, because uppermost must be your free choosing in the private recesses of your heart.  That is all for this lesson, a most solicitous friendship to everyone, Good day! Domtia…..”


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