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Author Topic: Califax, First Contact, 15 June 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 47 times)

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Eyes Only
Instructor: Califax
Subject: First Contact
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
15 June 2017, 17:34 Z
“Yes Daniel, when you are ready.  This is Califax, your Planetary Prince with Lanaforge in concert, to handle all matters having to do with Urantian development. Now as was mentioned in the Universal Broadcast # 2 the revised Urantia Book will be available in a year or perhaps a little more. That being said, my purpose in writing this lesson, is to bring all of you up to speed about the subject of; proselytizing or going out and attempting to harvest individuals for joining us in a consecrated walk and life with Me, The Father. Everyone we meet is a prospective worker and loved family member we may be able to help and encourage and to that end we would mention some aspect of life that comes to you to engage them in conversation about their journey and thus you get a handle on how to continue the interaction.
“When we have a sincere interest and curiosity about them, there are few more charming ways, to begin an acquaintance. When it is true and real, you’re wanting to know, you cannot hide it. The party goer, by courteous custom and politeness always does the same, by asking about your life and where you were born and brought up, along those lines but when it is deeply sincere with the ingredient of loving you as a person from the beginning, with no feigned interest, it is powerful for building that first bridge and getting their attention. This love of all humans, all creatures without reservation, comes from The Father. His first love of us and reaching out to us while we were still disinterested in things spiritual is one of the first things we come to appreciate and respond too as we see unmistakable evidence of the contact being begun and pursued by serendipitous happenings that eventually cause us to be unmistakably aware that we are being contacted and shown things to help us wake up.
“Finally we respond and it is usually with some type of service to others that then is a clear answer to Him that we got the point and are starting to comprehend and want to start being to others what He has been to us.  This beginning is usually not analyzed; it just manifests itself in a change of heart that is almost not noticed at first, just an unreasonable dropping of wanting to get something from a new acquaintance and wanting to give without any return of some favor or service. This is the exact spirit and feeling that others sense in us and it makes them want to respond in kind back or to treat others like that. Coupled with this is our letting go and accepting them as is, without any expectations for their performance and this too is sensed and it gives a comfort level to the new friendship that has them open to trust and look to you for support in the future.
“There as stated above is the basis for proselytizing in the only workable way that will most successfully dis-arm and open others for continuing in building a friendship that lasts and grows much deeper. It is understood without saying that this is a process that may be years in showing any fruit because it may take that long to prove to the new one the genuinely altruistic nature of your friendship. Many in the world are masters at finagling and maneuvering and positioning themselves in order to be in the place for advantage later in somehow profiting from the association with you. We know this and we see them doing it all the time, but in our heart it instantly has us reserve their friendship to a shallower relationship because the true colors were so clearly discerned. This we avoid at all costs in making new friends because it must not in any way be connected with disseminating the good news we are primarily concerned with, but only when the time is right.
“The other aspect of winning hearts and minds is that we are indiscriminately and truly sincerely generous in all our dealings. The restaurant goer that takes out their little pocket calculator to find out the 15% tip and not a penny more is a laughing stock to us.  We always try to pay a little extra or give a little extra in any business deal and always generously give the benefit of the doubt in any question that would tend to have some circumstance that could be likely to cast aspersions on someone's character. We think the best, giving chance after chance especially if not deserved. It is like the home owner when he had given lodging to the escaped prisoner, was robbed by that individual early the next morning when no one was yet awake.
“Well, the police found him with the stolen silver and he was dragged back to the victimized home owner and the home owner assured the police; “Oh no, we had given those items to him and I am so glad you brought him here to clear his good name, because here is the remaining candelabra he forgot when he left this morning”. If you remember this gesture of esteem, trust and generosity, was the one thing that was most instrumental in turning the thief around in the story of La Miserables. There is the time when it is obvious the person is deviously intending to defraud you and you can discern their hardness of heart that precludes you opening yourself to being taken advantage of, but, when in doubt we open ourselves to the possible loss in spite of that being a possibility. This is Califax, as your Father, in this teaching today, I want to again express our joy in the times of refreshing We are bringing to this sorry planet, especially with you at Our Side. For now, esteem and regards. Domtia…..”
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