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Author Topic: Califax,Never Say Die 13 June 2017, Daniel L V NV. USA  (Read 50 times)

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Speaker: Califax
Subject: Never Say Die
Category: Orderly Rule of The Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
13 June 2017, 18:13 Z
 “Califax: What I would like to say today Daniel is regarding having the faith and trust for the continuing on in this work. To reserve judgement about so many things, is the way We, you must live. We simply will not know the explanation of much taking place or being announced until much later. On the surface most of the instructions and postings are clear and understandable but the challenge is those things that seem to not add up and appear to be gross examples of illogic taking place. To be a true believer, unshaken by anything, with the confidence that if it is coming through the mouth piece and assigned leadership, we can trust and all will be explained later. When obvious error it seems comes through a transmitter, we must trust and know that sometimes even that unbeknownst to the transmitter has its place in the development of some person or some circumstance. No need to decide at this time the ramifications; trust that we really are coordinating all that is taking place.
This is truly the full immersion treatment you are all getting with highly important, very lofty things being allowed to have you fully experience and it must be understood that the ins and outs are very convoluted and requiring you to grow up quickly, to be unshaken by things you do not understand. When we as workers are susceptible to having our resolve and intentions shaken so we stop producing till we get a better handle on our confidence and assurance for us to continue, it is highly disruptive, because then all have to wait for you or anyone to take the time to become more settled and confidently trusting for you to be used again. Now the truth is that this is the path of all of you with so much time required to have you over a long period, be subjected to the uncertainties that choke a horse so that you come to disregard the truckload of things you don’t understand and yet continue as a true believer.
“With this understanding under your belt finally, you move ahead rapidly because your confidence and faith is so deep and genuinely part of your character that the doubts that are the absolute bane of all we are training, are a thing of the past. My purpose today is to try to have this basic understanding be rock solid in your knowing as simply part of life now and the most beautiful and even most appreciated quality is to know that with whatever comes we can count on you, not to stop so often for the periods of unuseability that the doubt engenders. We are simply ecstatic when an individual can weather big uncertainties without our having to wait, as we must do over and over, while that individual matures to the point of that no longer being an issue. We realize there is no other way, but the time consuming slow progression to full faithfulness, but this is an attempt to so appraise you of how this works and what is going on so that it can be shortened somewhat.
“At least half the time of we Celestial leaders charged with the specific training of each of you, is this handling of doubts that come along. We are up for it and know it is part of the maturation, but it is perhaps until now not explained fully how big a part this doubt management is for the guide and trainer, something by the way all of you will become.  How to rapidly bring an individual to see the authentic-ness [if that is a word] of every tiny thing you are a part of, so we can go on to other things. What's a little maddening is the individual that has come along to great service and then has the inability to see yet the importance of instantly and decisively dealing with the doubt, nipping it in the bud and having it dissolve in to a powerless shadow on the floor. Where the thrust and charge of your life and service is not even slightly retarded by any such doubt being harbored.
“In warfare, that does have some illustrative and educational value in spite of our abhorrence, a commanders big problem is to so train the ground soldiers especially, so thoroughly in the shocking ravages they will experience in the charge, the platoon is hardened through with steel, that does not easily become disheartened, ravages that they will experience and still not let it affect their focus and resolve. So many; ‘hopeless’ battles of being outnumbered or being decimated and yet they were won because they just would never say; ‘die or give up’. Always thinking the best with optimism even though all seemed lost and logic seems to demand giving up. There is the fine line the officers must decide about, for a retreat, that saves the lives to fight another day, but that is only decided when the heart and soul is expended, in an effort that is truly the very best that can be done. That is all any sane commander can expect and not more.
“This is Califax, your Father and you could say your commander, whose responsibilities in this campaign, is the Spiritual leadership of Urantia as Planetary Prince and Co-Prince with Lanaforge whose responsibilities are with the civil leadership of Urantia. We and I felt it important to say the above things for the inspiration of all to understand in the inner parts, what we understand and live our life by. We thank you, everyone in appreciation, realizing the enormous, even over the top, strange and unusual new experiences and situations you will be brought to and are being brought too, that we are taking you by the hand and saying: ‘Never fear, come with us’ With most sincere regards and positivity. Good day! Domtia…..”
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While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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