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Author Topic: Califax, I Will Have Mercy 11 June 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 54 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: I Will Have Mercy
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
11 June 2017, 19:01 Z
Califax: This morning to begin writing you can start with the story of the Count of Monte Cristo; Imprisoned unjustly by a powerful peer who also had designs on his girlfriend. He suffered some fourteen years in solitary confinement in a remote island fortress, his reputation destroyed by the lies of his rival. The burning vision for revenge fueled his desire to survive and by long odds he escaped. Meanwhile he had come to know the whereabouts of a king’s ransom in gold and jewels by his friendship with a fellow prisoner through the walls.
“This treasure he secured and removed to the city of the original drama where he, hiding his identity, set about to punish his tormentors. This masterpiece was written by Alexandre Dumas of French and African descent. His African mother was a slave and his father a General and French nobleman. Born as a slave he eventually was as a boy brought from Africa by his Father and given free status. He was trained as an officer in the revolutionary French army and eventually had the highest rank of any other of African Descent, ever in a European army.
“This story of revenge, well accomplished, is a classic of the human struggle to forgive and in this case the inability to forgive, in the face of cruel injustice. He came to see at the very end, he had come to be, the very same character of cunning, revengeful, self-serving, heartlessness, as the four men who had conspired to do him in.
“This is similar to the Lucifer rebellion being so damaging and unforgivably unjust. Requiring  eventually the most unheard of mercy ever given to self-aggrandizing, destructive, vengeful, ungrateful, hateful and evil characters, such as Lucifer and Calagastia and several thousands more they corrupted to the full estate of unredeemable maleficence, with murderous and viscous opposition to their own Creators and loving parents. This was a case of classic unconscionable, back stabbing, double-crossing nefariousness that makes the Count of Monte Cristo’s story seem tame.
“The patient and ever hopeful entreaties and reasonable offers of forgiveness that were proffered over and over even to the end, so very many times in the approx. 200,000 years of this drama playing out, is without a doubt the most merciful interaction in the account of acute abuse suffered, ever written in the history of the Universe. This was over such a lengthy amount of time as to put to rest the least doubt of the sincere desire to draw even the worst of the offenders back to the family with the hope of love and reconciliation.
“It would seem our Creator Son and Daughter were overly merciful in the first overview, but the wisdom of the ages required in this case for such forbearance to be demonstrated, that never ever could an argument be made; ‘if only you would have been more patient, the situation could have been healed and rescued’. This is all to lead us to understanding the situation today that finds us finally tackling the aftermath of that rebellion, where the clean up after the party is so lengthy and extensive and the broken furniture and blackened kitchen appliances and the ruined carpets and drapes, the car in the swimming pool and the thoroughly trampled flower beds, broken windows and the overflowing toilets, will take weeks and thousands of dollars to bring back to normalcy. How grievous is our resentment at the thoughtless partiers for ruining our beautiful home.
“Now also there are thousands of situations on Urantia we will encounter where evil, cruel abuse, slavery and torture are taking place as we come on the scene and some of us will be left with the decisions about who and what and how is rectitude to be meted out and whether there are redeemable qualities present or is this to be punished with severity and summary justice. Most of these circumstances will be handled by local constabulary and Celestial administration, but there will be instances that only you know what the true circumstances are and you will decide on mercy or justice. Most of us have either been ourselves in developments or been party to experiences that mercy instead of justice was the superior path to someone's redemption. But this redemption only takes place when the full gravity of the offence hits the offender full force and the lesson is indelibly learned in an insight of grateful humility and appreciation of the extent of the undeserved mercy and forgiveness extended.
Why the rebellion offenders were so hardhearted that no amount of kindness and mercy could even begin to touch them is the study of these rebellion spheres. Why is the reason and sanity driven to such unreachable remoteness by the rejection of the guidance of God? How does it seal off the path to return when a certain depth of depravity is reached? All of these things you will come to understand thoroughly and then you will teach for ever and ever the truth of that understanding.  This will see the true value and wisdom of the handling of this rebellion and it will head off and render unheard of the issue of rebellion of this or any other nature.  A putting to rest of this bane of all history, once and for all.
“This is Califax, In Truth The Father Himself, having watched the handling of this fiasco by my Son and Daughter with such pride and appreciation of their gutsiness and understanding as this played out with such tedious and time consuming interminability. Often, castigated by onlookers, for their handling of this, who were not as visionary and farseeing. I bring this lesson to you with warm feelings and appreciation as I want to keep mentioning, this most remarkable relationship that is developing with this training group that we all are coming to love even more, if that is possible.  A most good day to all!  Domtia…….
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While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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