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Author Topic: Califax, Share and Share Alike, 10 June 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 53 times)

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Eyes Only
Instructor: Califax
Subject, Share and Share Alike
Category: Orderly Rule of The Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
10 June 2017, 17:41  Z
Califax: A fitting lesson for today is about the concept or issue known as producing wealth from productive effort. This can be making a living by taking your Honda motor scooter to the department store in Ho Chi Ming city formally known as Saigon, and as the ladies come out from shopping, with their plastic bags of merchandise they sit behind you and you deliver them to their residence ten blocks away for 60 cents. The gas to take them that distance and then to return for another customer cost you perhaps 10 cents. If you end up the day with four dollars equivalent in dong, as actual profit, you are making enough to have a small one room apartment for your wife and two children and sufficient food.
“Or you are a craftsman in Italy in the respected occupation of purse, glove and shoe maker for the exclusive high end lines you all know. You have a life style of some comfort and opulence on your pay of approx. $200 a day. It takes you about one whole day to make those purses that command such a price because of the exquisite leathers and incredibly fine stitching and buckles and straps that you learned to assemble in your long apprenticeship. Even so the total cost for the purse, including everything even transportation to New York comes to only $480. Now that purse, sold retail in those coveted brands, goes for $15,000. It’s worth that and can command those prices because of snob appeal and bragging rights upon possession. It’s a status symbol that instantly gives you excellent credibility in your circles.
“My purpose and underlying lesson is that we earn our living by doing the very same thing in a thousand ways that then reward us as we are smart enough to learn about and to take advantage of. Being a member of the training group or many other groups [you will learn of], being trained at the moment or over many years, for service with the Magisterial Sons Mission and the Corrective time campaign, uses all these principles for conducting a successful enterprise to in the end reward the business principles with respectable profit.  The profit is the turn around and smooth functioning of the training school for first life mortals, [and eventually many others] that had been nearly wrecked and destroyed.
“The other side though is that the pay for the work you are doing is absolutely minuscule at the moment, only some supply once and a while when you really need it and some timely word of encouragement now and then, usually in the nick of time as you were almost at the end of your rope. It’s not that the boss is cheap trying to big box store you, by only part time work so you will not be eligible for health care plans thus saving the corporation millions in a years’ time, or only have just barely enough sales persons in any given store for even one less worker in the 2100 stores worldwide adds millions to the bottom line in only a few months.
“No none of that bean counter nonsense. This is uppermost concerned for your value in future production in the family business.  Workers that have all the qualities of the firms begetters and inaugurators Is the real reason for the endeavor. [Along with the school estate being saved]. The fact that it is costing us peanuts out of pocket at the moment for your training is smart business practice but see the deeper picture of you being worth and going to appreciate to be worth far more than the obscene profit we saw in the Gucci purse mentioned above. Now the craftsman that made the purse sees none of that other profit, [He doesn’t care because he has a nice life with little stress] but it is different here.
“You contrary wise have and will be elevated to full partner, full voting board member, full access to all corporation assets at any time for ever and ever. And given the option to choose any area of work in all of the universe outlets at any of the locations of the universe outlets that you sweet please, as time goes on. And share in financial remuneration that is so generous and so seeming undeserved when you reach the place you need a real life; you will be open mouthed in amazed and stunned silence!
“The fact that I am talking to all of you this way, so plain and clear and that I am doing it at this moment, is because we see a lack of vision in the trainees on board, timorous and not comprehending the full story or there would be more effort and consecration. There would be more willingness to leave your old life behind and come with us full time.
“This is Your Father, Califax; Planetary Prince with co-leader Lanaforge with today’s teaching meant to enhance your joy and true understanding that any full partner deserves. For now, with only full and uncompromised inclusion in My Family, Good Day!
“End Discussion Forum-

While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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