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Author Topic: Califax, Call of The Wild, 9 June 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 52 times)

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Eyes Only
Instructor: Califax
Subject: The Call of the Wild
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
9 June 2017, 18:13 Z

Califax: Hello everyone, our communication this day is more information about the Magisterial Missions and what that is starting to look like. In brief, it is coming to look like the trading floor in the many stock markets around the world where everyone is on the phone and everyone shouting orders at the same time, for what their customers want. We are more orderly then that, but that same dynamic energy is in everyone as we now for the first time ever, have this full mandate to get busy and get things done. Get things done in the only way we can and that is through the choices of those mortals who are the ones calling the shots, and most of the time not too brilliantly, but none the less in charge of their industry or institution or government.

“I remember, was it Father Christ Michael or was it Serara or was it Machiventa or was it all of them?  [I have perfect recall when I decide it is important to have perfect recall] saying to this forum through some transmitted message, something like this: “We could take charge of everything and do all the work and handle all the problems and fix all the pollution and clean up the governments and stop all the wars, in short order. How much would that benefit the expansion of everyone here without their doing almost all the work themselves?” Your own children having a maid to clean their rooms, never needing a part time summer job because they are given all the money they need, always solving their whims by your own intervention, never having them muck out behind the milk cows, would produce young adults that were a total pushover, without any substance in ability and persistence.

“Our challenge is the same challenge you will learn about if you talk to foster parents who take in neglected adolescents and try to help them have motivation and strength of character with no training when you get them. Every single thing that foster child doses is way off the mark for a normal person that will have to function soon in a job or become a parent. It is ridiculous what lengths in patience and loving service it takes to foster a child like that. To spend the time with them, working with them and taking pains to notice the smallest positive action they might do, to somehow have something good to say that is the truth, to begin the long climb to their having on their own, a self-control and self-image that is of a positive giving nature. Our work with the nations is almost that ridiculously time consuming.

“This neglected adolescent, a metaphor for the world’s population, is greatly accelerated some times in positive development by a position in a training group such as a military school, rich people send their neglected kids to. There through the demanding impersonal trainers, sometimes they make amazing turnarounds in character, work ethic and moral integrity, because of the very tough circumstances they are forced into. Our work with the peoples of the earth isn’t quite that needy, because scattered among the population are many individuals of stalwart character that are bright lights to the rest in their community, these we foster and build around.

“In Urantia’s case still, we have the majority of the population [over fifty percent] being of egregious spiritual immaturity and even reprobate in moral attainment and pretty much a basket case for rehabilitation. To have such worldwide trouble that the problem even of survival is faced by almost everyone across the board, works the work of the difficult military curriculum that has some success with the spoiled, soft and largely, useless, neglected adolescent individual from a wealthy family. It works because of the positive, rigorous, yet supportive instruction by wise boot camp like leaders. From our spiritual perspective the most helpful thing for a world such as this, is the trouble being so over the top in stressful demands that they often are turned around by a reaching out to God in desperation and finally some humility.

“When, in many areas on a world, the trappings of supply, safety, shelter and livelihood are gone, a great renaissance is begun because they truly are back to the basics of life and that is realizing who and what has been buttering their bread all along. That Being is now looked to with some appreciation and humility. Simultaneously enter the magisterial mission being there and everywhere at once with concerned and loving individuals [Midwayers, Melchizdeks, Celestials and now in this case trained Mortals].

“These to help them begin to put life back together again with reasonableness, generosity, free instruction and education, help with food and shelter, you can see a very positive turn around will be the result. A very high percentage though will be lost for helping at this time, because of those very disasters, to be engaged again on the mansion worlds. With this understanding comes the understanding of the most challenging task that those beginning instructors on those worlds have, with this kind of material, with most only at the beginning of their spiritual development, showing up for class.

“For now I will bring this lesson to a close, my purpose being to give background understanding that most of you may have absorbed already but now are of one mind as the new beginning takes place. This is, Califax as The Father, your co-planetary prince charged with the spiritual development of Urantia and of all things having to do with going into the age of light and Life. [Conservatively a five hundred year process]. With loving regards, appreciation for you and deep optimistic enthusiasm, good day to all! Domtia….”

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