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Author Topic: Califax, Light Hearted Duty, 8 June 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 44 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: Light Hearted Duty
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas, NV. USA
8 June 2017, 17:58 Z

Califax: Now is the time Daniel. You can say at first how very happy and pleased we are for the way things are starting off and that they are starting off. It is the huge relief and culmination of the thirty years and much more we waited for this moment. We, Lanaforge and I are very much like the proverbial kid in the candy store with ten dollars to spend. Not knowing in what delight to engage in first. We know of course just what we are going to do and are already doing; I am just half joking to show our light heartedness. So much spiritual power and help is on hand.

“Mother Nebadonia’s spiritual blanketing and warming and inspirational powers are unleashed, the Spirit and power and peace of Christ Michael, spread abroad worldwide, The Spirit of God, in the billions that still have their adjusters and a spiritual feeling of brother hood that has been broadcast for all to pick up on as they will. The Celestial cadre of volunteers present all over to lend a hand, enhance communication circuits with the Mortals, relay back to us the thousands of things that help us have a detailed handle on happenings at the far flung earth locations. We need every ounce of all of that, I tell you true.

“The things you say in your supportive petitions, as you have come to know many of us and are giving us appreciation and approbation for the tasks we are doing. The specific requests you know are Father Supreme's heart felt desire that He then loves to follow through on and grant. The requests for positive progress and miraculous intervention in the situations only you may know about, the many requests for others you know need special help and assistance that you take the time to voice for your fellow  mortal workers and your friends and neighbors who don’t have an inkling about all this yet. All of this, we love to honor and bestow at the right time and it is true, no sincere intercession and devotion is ever allowed to languish for long and each one is always when the time is best, honored with pleasure. Why do you think many, of you are here enjoying this stupendous blessing of the mission training? Well a Midwayer, Celestial worker, Angel, or God being, saw you and made a petition on your behalf!!

“You are all, powerful to the extreme, but the catch is, your coming to see it and believe it, isn’t quite there yet, but no never mind, you will know it in good time, as that then releases the power. Why were some in the first century healed or physically blessed about some challenge they were having, by the shadow of an Apostle passing over them?  The Apostle knew what was going on and was sure in their mind of the overarching power of God being present and oh so practical as he or she went about that day’s activity.  Many times not even conscious of the specific help radiating out from them. They had come to be in that surety of Gods will being done by their presence, with it having nothing to do with the perfection of their behavior or their personal devotion that day, just utter, complete and total confidence of their value as an instrument, now being used indiscriminately by God in ways past finding out, and they were more and more full of joy at the realization.  

“In our work now in the Missions, now with the mandate for action in the arenas before us, the injunction and commission, that comes with full authority and authorization with close consultation of the powers that be, The Supreme and I, you can imagine how much fun it will be and with how much comradery and family togetherness we will experience, like an extended  family that’s in the home building business, who each having their area of responsibility, of the in-ground plumbing, the concrete foundation work, the slab to begin the framing on, with bolts set in the concrete to tie it all down.

“Later the wiring, the in wall piping for the hot and cold water to all appliance and bath locations, the air conditioning and heating ducts in the attic and chases to each floor, the tile roof, the windows and doors and the exterior walls clad with concrete and brick, all lovingly and expertly assembled, satisfaction felt by all parties because of the end product, an edifice to serve a family for generations the result. All this delivered at a fair price in a timely manner. That kind of happiness and occupational professionalism but now on the grand scale of soon, a whole world rebuilt and functioning like a well-oiled machine for the first time really.

“Instead of ten persons, brothers and sisters’ aunt and uncles and Father and Mother, it is 10 million conservatively in the work force, tackling the complex task of world refurbishing and not just the physical plant, but the society and government, the civilization itself completely overhauled.   This is Califax, co-planetary Prince, with this lesson, outlining the workings of what we are doing and highlighting the powerful part you as Mortals will play and also putting at the forefront the, even light hearted, effervescent and splendorous way we are fostering, concerning the nature of the work itself.

“A way that will be highly refreshing and encouraging, a cool breeze to those we are helping and that they then will emulate too.  In the face of direness we exude overarching confidence. We are serious but at the same time seriously fun loving, with outgoing and sincerely interested friendship being our hall mark with all our relating and serving. Nothing is more powerful and far reaching for the garnering of scattered souls then that. Thank You all for the attention to my words, intending to be fully approachable and personally available, at any time of the day or night, your leader with God the Supreme and my team-mate Lanaforge. With love and a Family embrace that includes everyone and soon billions more. A most excellent good day to all!  Domtia……”

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