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Author Topic: Califax, Purpose of Life, 7 june 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 42 times)

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Eyes Only
Instructor: Califax
Subject: Purpose of Life
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
7 June 2017, 17:48 Z
Califax, Yes Daniel, if you could please. For all on the Serara Forum and any one reading this, my lesson and comments have to do with the giving of service to others. Almost every day in your life at home or out and about you will see opportunities for service.  You make an effort to get to the door first to open it for someone; you return the grocery cart from the other side of the parking lot. You volunteer to trim the widow’s trees around the house that are scraping against the windows etc. You do the laundry for the old man down the street who has no machine. You prepare the tax forms for the person who has not a clue what to do. You call several who have no friends to spread the cheer, meanwhile you find out why they have no friends. [Most things relating to them is a request and to help someone else they would never bother]
“On the Serara Forum your service may be the unheralded going down the members list one by one and ask from The Father what he knows they need or with trust, state that His will would be done in their lives whatever that looks like. The anonymous nature of the service we do is all important, for then the pureness comes out, as no ulterior motive exist in the privacy of your heart for anyone to see but your maker Himself. We dislike getting a receipt for the donations we make because the person preparing the receipt sees who gave it and that’s no good.  The fact that provision is made to make your charitable donation tax deductible is no good, for why would you want your tax burden to be less as a side benefit to giving the love donation? Not only that but the tax person now knows how generous you are, and that is no good. You give because it is a sacrifice of time money and service, not to get a future break on taxes that would reward your generosity! That’s like checking to see who will know about your generosity before you give to some cause, so that then you can choose the most profitable venue for the furtherance of your career. In other words you give to get.
“To slip cash under the door of someone your careful to do at a time no one is around, why is that almost never done? Right, because the wrong person may find it first.  How could the person who finds it be the wrong person when their joy at finding a windfall is just as satisfying as the one the gift is intended for? We don’t care; we trust the benefited one is the correct one for that moment. This is the life of closeness to spirit promptings we learn to heed with only a desire to bring joy to our maker and we know our own needs will be met as there is no anonymity with our adjuster who is The Father. There is a graduation in spirit plateau when there truly is no seeking for approbation for things you do. Then we know our motives are pure. We want to have no recognition among our peers anymore because we know that is like the kindergarten of first fledgling attempts at flying we soon leave behind.  We know The Father, our prime motivator knows and that is okay to be greedy for. We can in good conscience be ambitious for that, because we see it [service alongside Him] is the real Holy Grail.  
“Access to that Holy Grail you could call it, condenses to pure distillate of genuine intended; purpose we were created for, the purpose of being, [with Him] which is to further his dreams and desires. Our dreams and desires he generously lets us have as much as we want, if we will put his first. He is not being selfish and greedy by insisting on dedication and consecration to him as our passport; it is simply the only practical thing that works. If individually we were given unconnected free reign, there is no coordination, no unity, no harmony of purpose, no common tasks of prime wisdom, tasks of preemptive accomplishment that must take place for family, societal and universe progress first.
“ Then rushing in right behind, having served Him first, is the life and gifts and personal interest allowed for individual fulfillment in any direction desired, having paid our dues for the common good. But then, for ever and ever we will abandon instantly, our pet joys and pleasurable creative pursuits and passions he allows us to develop on the side, as we then always would respond to some request of his, knowing his empathetic and generous nature unfailingly would respect our interests and enthusiasms and would make provision for our return to them after his work is done. This is Califax, your new, co-planetary prince in utmost happy harmony with Lanaforge, forging a new Urantia, now known by the name of: [stay tuned] With finest and lofty regards, Domtia…..”
End Discussion Forum-

While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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