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Author Topic: Califax, Initial Concrete Steps, 6 June 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 37 times)

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Teacher: Califax
Subject: Initial Concrete Steps
Category; Orderly Rule of The Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
6 June 2017, 18:11 Z
Califax: We can begin without ado Daniel, I feel like the president elect might feel and I am sure Lanaforge feels similar, absolutely pregnant with bursting energy to begin the most called for and wisest actions we can possibly do in this pitifully neglected and acutely dire situation. Not neglected for any maleficence of all of God that is here, but neglected out of necessity for all the alignment and coordination that by no other way could it be started then at this second. In the last 30 years, the hundreds of thousands that passed through war or starvation and disease, to a resurrection or an awakening on the Mansion worlds while we were getting all of this ready are lamented, however as you know, all mortals alive at this moment will have passed in a hundred years or so and that perspective may help some of you feeling so clearly the pain and suffering while we were busy and delaying. Weather now or later all lives are lost in this physical life.
“Our first course of action is the ending of the wars in several places and you will hear and see evidence of that in the near future. There still may be fighting and confrontation between factions, but we will render guns, rockets, explosives and the like inoperable. If warfare is initiated by the reprobates still scattered about, out of necessity, it will be only with the old fashioned methods. Some of this will be allowed to continue because it is perfect justice that those of that ilk end their existence, by the very form that they dispatched others with. In other words, infighting will contain its own solution.
“Next the most urgent, is the starvation problem in the third world, ruled by individuals that have about as much compassion as a crow for their people. This situation will be an excellent opportunity to publicly embarrass and yet at the same time reach out to them, undeserving as they are with the compassionate and generous rescue of those most deprived of their people, by the gathering of surplus in one nation and using either military or private transportation of those we will encourage to, at their own expense, since they have sufficient resources to do it, make unplanned acts of humanitarian service on their part, things they should have been offering all along.
“To feed these people will take care of the immediate future but then combined with this whole feeding effort, it is our in, to simultaneously give suggestions that will make it possible with our help to actually have the beginning efforts for grass roots agriculture or the production of some commodity they will make or process for the sustaining of many occupations for sufficient income to begin to take care of themselves. This we will be able to do over and over using institutions now doing the same thing [disaster mitigation] but now with tremendous resources from the Magisterial Sons Mission. To foster those organizations expansion, again encouraging [cajoling] private individuals with enormous wealth, to augment the Mission largess, to begin stepping up to helping in a selfless and altruistic manner.
“The coming sorrows of disastrous natural calamities and the starvation mitigation will have us busier than a gold rush land office.  Also the political troubles in the worst offending nations still belligerent and prideful with nationalistic tendencies [just about all of them] will be the simultaneous challenge. We thank God for the thousands of incarnated Melchizdeks that are here and even now on location. They will be much more direct with their presence in the National executive offices. Prodding and arm twisting to some extent to help recalcitrant political leaders see the light for cooperation and win, win, compromise's now long overdue in international relations. We must be careful to walk the thin line between coercion that interferes with free will and persuasion coming from obviously magnanimous, loving and highly friendly Celestial leaders. [The Melchizdeks]
“Open rebellion by factions [and there will likely be a few] against the Magisterial Mission will receive a cold shoulder along with unmistakable, unveiling, truth telling, public censure, castigation and disclosure to show their true colors to all the watching world. This is Califax in letting all know as we go, Lanaforge and I, about what we can and should let you in on. You, our mortal cheering section that I must tell you, we do appreciate very deeply. It is your sort with your humility and dedication after all, that is the attitude and destiny of we hope, untold millions and optimistically billions, before we are finished and into light and life of those now alive or of their offspring on Urantia. That is our prayer and is the intention of The Father who is Me. Highest good wishes and love to all, another good day in paradise as you say. Until next time and it will often be with any transmitter we see at the ready. Yours Truly, Califax…….”
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While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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