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Author Topic: Ocilliaya, Fire in the Belly, 5 June 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 92 times)

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Teacher: Ocilliaya
Subject: Fire In The Belly
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel a, Las Vegas Nev. USA
5 June 2017, 17:04 Z

Ocilliaya: This message of this hour is something I have wanted to say for a while. Yesterday I came and Daniel started to write [he had written down that it was me there to transcribe] and you won’t believe this; he fell asleep right mid-sentence. I can see how important he thinks I am. Ha Ha. What are we going to do with him? I had to go cool my heels for a day! The Subject that is important to bring is what I would call: Having respect for your calling. If you are here, We meaning the Father called and placed you here in hope. We had no way of knowing how you would respond initially and if it would resonate with your heart in a deep way. We were pretty sure with your Adjusters insistent prodding you would become excited but we weren’t sure. Lots of stumbling blocks were in the way that kept us guessing and now those still here have repeatedly picked yourselves up and kept on.

“Your family and friends of some, gave you fits, your work in some, was so compelling that you couldn’t see the superior [by far] nature of this life's work. You were put off repeatedly by the level of dedication we helped you see was necessary, because you were, to put it mildly, not used to this caliber of devotion. The deep sincerity was there, but the level of work we were suggesting was way too much at first. You’re relating to the Leadership of Christ Michael and most affectionate Mother Nebadonia was a definite adjustment as well.

“It was unbelievable in the beginning that the proffered closeness and guidance could possibly be meant for someone like you, only a lowly mortal, especially one that had nothing but challenges in the character department. And then, that some one of their extreme loftiness and office as prime executives and actual creators of the massive star system of almost 4 million inhabited worlds could be speaking to you with such warm affection. [How could they find the time?] But you did have the character that was most important, your allegiance to God, everything else was a mess and you knew it.

“Then when you finally responded to their request to seriously develop and take on the skill and occupation of Celestial message receiver, you immediately met with nothing but dismal failure. And that stage seemed to last forever. Be there to attempt to hear and receive some message, give up and disconsolately go on until the next scheduled attempt, wash and repeat. That was rough and the towel was poised to be thrown, but you didn’t do it. Why? Because you saw through it all, how else to vett you for lifelong service and conscientiousness. How else to have you grow up to begin to catch the vision of world class service. If We would have gifted you after easy circumstances; would you have learned the hundreds of things you learned about being a worker in Celestial enterprises?

“Someone said; ‘Persistence is the most valuable characteristic a being can have’. They also could have said; ‘Nothing of much importance and value was ever birthed in a long process of development, without lots of persistence’.  Then to add insult to injury, We asked you to develop that receiving ability, into the rare and invaluable faculty of speaking off the cuff with the inspiration of a guide and teacher who provides the most eloquent dispatch you can imagine.

“Guess what is the most effective means for you to bring into reality this most coveted prowess of all the sages of antiquity?  Posting practice sessions of audio transmissions till your blue in the face. Along with this capacity will come an engaging humility that will amaze your audiences? You repeatedly refuse to take credit, aggrandize yourself or ever represent this as something you own, or as being somehow a reflection of your greatness, but only as a kindness of the Gods, that you are most enormously grateful for.

“This is Your Servant and guide, again Ocilliaya, also known as Master Spirit # 4, and known as the voice of The Father Son Deity Union. My purpose today was to add that additional little understanding that will spill more fuel on the fire in each belly. I thank everyone on these training forums for your submissive willingness to subject yourselves to the regimen for becoming what is so deeply needed and appreciated first and foremost by your Mom and Dad, Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia. With love, affection and respect, for now that is all. Domtia….”

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