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Author Topic: Sentenact, The Sea Is The Life For Me 3 June 2017, Daniel, L V Nev. USA  (Read 49 times)

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Eyes Only
Instructor: Sentenact
Subject: The Sea Is The Life For Me
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas Nev. USA
3 June 2017, 19:21 Z
Sentenact, Thank you Daniel. When I mentioned my name to you, although you remembered having received messages from me, you looked me up in the search feature and found that for the information of everyone, I am a Spirit Ambassador and Spirit Censor, and as I mentioned before through Ron Besser, I am on Urantia at the request of The Most High and the Uversa Ancient of Days. I am a teacher and guide with a mandate today for saying some important things to all being trained in this most uniquely destined group of assistants and workers for Serara and Monjoronson.
“My most urgent communication is for you to bear up with the twists and turns of your life here. To be unflappable in the face of developments that take us all on trails we had no idea about.  How to serenely sail over mountainous seas with overcast sky and sleets of icy rain stinging our face. No idea what this day will bring, only knowing the ship is the best, unsinkable, [all voids in the superstructure and double hull, have been injected full of Styrofoam] the skin of the ship is of the best ¾ inch steel, nickel, alloy plate that would resist most rocks and block ice, allowing the ship to skid overtop with no damage. The captain has been on so many voyages he has forgotten half of them, even the time he was sent ass over tea kettle with that 100’ rogue wave near the cape, saw the ship right itself immediately and thank God he had insisted everyone be tied to a rope that day.
“The new crew members just signed on last port, just love being around the old salts that only smile and continue the task when the roll of the ship slides the plates off the table and the screws come out of the water sometimes and the bow buries itself about 1/3rd into the next wave. Oh hell this is nothing, you should have been with us in that typhoon near Saipan and Guam when no one could sleep for three days the seas were so rough. Why didn’t he go into port when he saw the storm coming? What? And abort the mission to deliver the turbines for Anchon dam project. You don’t know the Captain.
“This is a most taxing and universe class adventure. Like trying to circumnavigate the globe the first time. Almost everything was unknown. The great majority of the crew was there on that ship; honestly not expecting to get back home, of the reckless devil may care variety mostly. They didn’t care because they had the philosophy; you only go around once and for them to contemplate dying in bed in their slippers almost made them sick. When the wind picked up and the sails needed taking in, the dangerous and slippery task was something they reveled in. To be home as a clerk in the fruit stall, would have killed them sure. The captain promised to share generously the profit from the salt they were bringing home but they didn’t care about that either really, the adventure, the experience was everything. To live and not be involved in something of cardinal importance and risk just had no appeal to them.
“I get the sense that many of you are a lot like those circumnavigators. In fact we know you are and you caught the Fathers eyes because of that factor also. If something doesn’t scare you a little witless well, any other life just isn’t very interesting to you. Now you have been going to the morning physical obstacle course class for months and you are ready to tackle the daunting task, to you an introvert, of getting before a mike and letting it all hang out to the world. But really inwardly you won’t let that put you off, especially knowing that the captain is right there with the power and support to eventually see you pull it off after many efforts, in great style. If the fellow trainees snicker at your fledgling attempts, well you could care less, because this insignia means more to you then existence itself. Insignia meaning having the approval and approbation of “The Father”
“The request for production [how about daily] now by everyone is a lot like the approaching high winds and rain, requires all to hop to, to batten down everything and wrap the main sail and coil the ropes.  You say well, I’ve been trying for months to do this and nothing.  Maybe the commitment is the only missing ingredient. Would we be wanting to develop a worker for long term service that is wishy washy about the wanting to do this. I think not. In some cases this is the only issue. We know you can do it or you wouldn’t be here but we must hold you to proving your inner desire by your repeated tenacity, in the face of no success, or it is a waste of our time.
“Those who can receive messages and there is no posting taking place is there some important reason? [like both arms in a cast] Those who are scared to do the audio thing, is there some important reason you are holding off the practice?  Like maybe your city has been out of power for two weeks and you can only use your computer and recorder when you get on your bicycle powered generator?
This is Sentenact, Pulling your leg to make my point in some of this, for a serious reason.  We are serious. Please show your responsiveness to requests from your campaign headquarters or go in private consultation with Father Christ Michael to tell him why you are having trouble stepping up to the plate. Thank you fellow workers in this touch and go enterprise called the corrective time; sure of success but end over end ship toss’s will happen. Would you have it any other way?  Good Day! 
End Discussion Forum-

While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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