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Author Topic: Lanaforge, The Times Are A-changing, 2 June 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 41 times)

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Subject: Times Are A-changing
Category: Rule of Urantia and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, L V Nevada, USA
2 June 2017, 21:31 Z
 “You can begin Daniel. This is LANAFORGE; as you heard this morning from Ron Besser, things are a changing on glorious Urantia. Read all of that again, that Ron just wrote [2-June-17], so you get the framework of your Celestial leaders more in mind. It is challenging even for us who have been immersed in the many aspects of family makeup forever, to keep straight who does what and what they did in the past and now what their new responsibilities are and it changes every week you might say. You can see it is dynamic and exciting with nary a dull moment. The Urantia book information about the nature of the usual practices surrounding the move and process of entering into light and life and the order of things and the leaders who are generally called upon for the phases of progress and how long it takes and what stages are gone through,  is your next little cramming session for all here.
“The other thing you could catch up on when you finish those papers is to go to paper 30 which is an overview of the personalities of the grand universe, this will fit nicely to begin to wrap your mind around what you just reviewed in papers 55 and 116 as we suggested above about the personalities involved in the process of coming to light and life. Ask your adjuster to help with all this to have you begin to retain these many details so you eventually could give a brief overview to those you will be taking by the hand in the future, not so much to give them the exhaustive recounting as to be able to answer questions with enough correct understanding that it will intrigue them to look into it themselves.
“To you who now have read the whole book with some thoroughness, take the index and read titles paper by paper and you will soon expose some you really can’t recall what they contained in any detail and these of course would be your next project, at least to quickly review again. As planetary Prince with CALIFAX, you could say that you, as our mortal wards we are helping to learn the ropes for doing actual work, are our responsibility to see you know the information in the Book you should, to be well informed workers. In due time, as you take all this as seriously as you can, you, with our help will be sufficiently adept to be what we need.
“This next six months will see more of the same concerning all the good information we are having be part of the Forum curriculum,  Simply settle in for ever more serious time allotted to the Forum training and the study subjects you are sketchy on. The recent archives [the last year or two] of itself are also a good place to review, the information about the I AM, the scientific categories, the health and medical categories, the financial and banking categories, the extensive information about the Urantia Foundation and its need for change, really all of the categories could be covered item by item in a quick perusal to catch anything you might have spaced as so much has come across your screens. All did not happen by chance and are intended for your rounding in the subjects we felt you were most lacking in.
“You can see. not only to do the receiving and practicing of written and audio transmissions but to step out in faith a little more for freeing up more time to be in the work mode for all this educational study as well as the all-important receiving part. Then to at the same time, reach out in love to others on the Forum so when that symposium does come about, you already have a foundation to begin from. As you heard Father say today how much he is looking forward to have that meeting and I am sure many similar will take place for the building of friendships and the cementing of the many devoted and accomplished UB Students seeded around the world that will be brought up to speed about all the new revelation and the news of the Magisterial Sons Mission they even, don’t know about. All this when Serara and Monjoronson deem it is best.
“The time necessary to do all of the above in some kind of at least half way prescient manner is the challenge.  If there ever was a time to begin to commence to start to contemplate to disentangle yourselves from your mundane life that keeps you chained to a routine that sees only minor work for the Missions be accomplished, it is now. What I am saying is to have the faith and trust that the financial problems you are strapped with, must and will be solved and handled for your much more full time work to be able to begin. In almost every circumstance it will begin right there where you are, but can you see that the status quo keeping you out of the workforce in the missions is imperative to begin solving and working through, otherwise it will end up with your being  unable to help much in this calling you undeniably have. When to take these steps is the hard part and no one can advise you about the details of this.
“Baby steps, letting all your loved ones know about your intentions and how it will eventually look for you to no longer be having anything you are concerned with, except the Mission work, would be the start. This in itself will be a big shock, but an important catalyst for the changes to begin to take effect. This whole subject is only for those fired with a burning desire to seize this opportunity of Mission service that was unheard of before the corrective time. The faith and belief and the confidence this is the will of God in your life will be the switch to have supernatural help for having seeming impossible circumstances dissolve in happy resolution. If this all is intimidating and seems completely unnatural then it is obvious your path will be more uninvolved and less engaged in full time mission work for the foreseeable future. In other words you simply do not have the desire to do this, being unable to see clearly, [at this time].
“For now this is LANAFORGE with this lesson sufficient to cover these important issues at the moment becoming more pertinent. We truly are overjoyed and very happy of all taking place, for like IMMANUEL [1-June-2017] said yesterday in his message, this is a dream come true for millions of us who have, you might say suffered along with the rest of the marauded worlds because of this benighted side tracking by the rebellion, albeit for a great purpose. I again Thank everyone heartily for all your energy, effort and response to these times and promptings. All my best to each. Domtia……”
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