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Author Topic: Immanuel, The Proof Is In The Pudding, 1 June 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 75 times)

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Guide and Teacher: IMMANUEL
Subject: The Proof is in the Pudding
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas, NV. USA
1 June 2016, 19:17 Z

“Yes, you can begin. This is: IMMANUEL    In the fast moving events of the next few earth days, we will see the culmination of the dreams of all of us here on Salvington. What are those dreams? They are of decisive action for righting the upside down mess that is Urantia and all of the Satanian worlds dragged into the maelstrom. Finally, finally, conditions are sufficiently in line, system wide to satisfy all parties.  This is not just big, it is very big, in historic meaning and effective progress in the most real and heartwarming way for those of us who have waited and hoped almost from the day of the infamous manifesto being presented, being able to see clearly what that rebellious statement meant. It meant the systematic destruction of the proven administration policy that could only result in troubles and sorrow on an epic scale.

“It needed to play out in all its destructive detail for the lesson to be illustrated sufficiently. This is the unfortunate truth of it. No other way of handling it would have been HALF as prescient. To have cracked down hard at the first overt moves against Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia would have saved us all this trouble, to what end? Oh, peaceful continuance, but the opportunity to illustrate the main problem, [Prideful self-will running amuck!] in such sickening and thorough detail as to be a Universe wide lesson on the scale of the be all to end all, of all questions and doubt for all time on this subject of bucking the guidance of your Creator and Parents.

“Everyone knows you are free to go to Mom and Dad and have a knock down drag out confrontation about family affairs sticking in your craw, with complete confidence of being heard out and proper time given to truly address your complaint. In this case they didn't want that, they wanted no compromise, they wanted no harmonious meeting of the minds to accomplish some good work. No, they wanted their way. They had long before turned against the most sacred of relationships and had burned their good will and love to a crisp in anything having to do with this family dynamic in any way. Inwardly they had utterly rejected all of their training and experience for the pure decision to have their way. Period.

“This is the heart and soul of any rebellion problem. Having your own way.  On the Forum, which is necessarily using the raw material of some of the most serving and selfless the Father could find on Urantia at this time, there is the sure possibility that even with all that, the problem of the virus of self-willed rebelliousness hidden and pasted over with good intentions learned through the experiential and revelational education of each one, may need a deep cleaning. A cleaning unbeknownst to them, to end with that pure individual, wonderfully, humbly and sincerely in the innermost parts a submissive servant of The Father.  

There is a human joke about being submissive to a boss or a superior that goes. When he or she says; “jump” your only question, sincere and willing, is: “how high”? You are absolutely unconcerned by any request. You are willing to the extreme to start performing right now in any way. All of us watching with such interest at the record all of you are writing, [not critical of you in the least, just highly interested], as you progress to being useful, thrill at the willingness with no conditions or strings attached you demonstrate when we ask you to do something. Then there are many score in this same training group we are watching [not critical of you in the least only enjoying the education] who have all kinds of strings attached for you to start serving when we ask you to start serving.

“Those strings are:  -Pretty perfect performance by the mortal leaders before allegiance is given and whole hearted service is begun.
-Your take on how the Father who you worship would act; the way the Father is acting through the Father, Christ Michael doesn’t agree with your assumptions, so it doesn’t cut it with you.
-The Human Mortal put in charge of the training regimen [by the Father Himself in hundreds of personal assurances through messages through transmitters], doesn’t cut it with you.
-When I see it with my own eyes I will believe and start responding to the service requests, and not before. In other words; I really do not believe all this. [yet]
-When the timing is right in my own situation to line up with the Magisterial Mission requests for service, then of course I will serve.  If it requires huge disruption and complete surrender of all my desires, sorry can’t do it. [The reward isn’t enough]
-If I have to give up everything for this opportunity of service, sorry I can’t do it.
-I never signed on for that, my pledging to serve as a liege and servant, in service To Father Christ Michael was a miss-understanding, sorry can’t do it unless I see you actually return as you promised, then and only then will I bid it as my responsibility to do as bidden and no more.
-The timing to begin serving will come to me; I don’t trust the timing of Christ Michael and Mothers requests.

“The list of excuses above is the spirit of the Virus infecting all of Urantia. This is IMMANUEL, The older Brother of Father Christ Michael and a veteran of billions and billions of years of service To My Creator Father. What todays lesson holds is all you need to know to come out the other end in the most joyous and happy success you can’t begin to imagine yet. The beauty is; many of you can and have, begun to successfully imagine enough of it to give you a faith needing no proof of any kind, a faith that is bullet proof [pun intended] and there is a childlike trust that puts all those with strings attached to ignominious shame.

“Thank you for your responding to The Father of all by springing into action when we have asked you to. And you also truly cannot imagine yet the depth of our loving feelings for you. You are the top and end all, of the raw material of supreme quality in family individuals on the ascension path. But of course, even though that is a feather in your cap, the newest mortal 6 year old is generally of no less potential. With all my love and warmest affection, Yours Sincerely, IMMANUEL.”

End Discussion Forum-

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