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Author Topic: Mansonarious, Davids Realization, 31 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 59 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Mansonarious
Subject: David’s Realization
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, L Vegas, NV. USA
31 May 2017, 18:16 Z

“Yes Daniel You can begin. My missive today is something many of you may not know about because of your newness or you’re over the top dedication to all things  There is an acid test taking place for all those to serve in The Magisterial Sons Mission. And that is the sincere, deep, close, allegiance and obedience to a human head or administrator of the training taking place here.

“Even this scribe who generally thinks the best and is usually with sterling loyalty, going about his work, has to others, spoken reservation over some official behavior at the very mortal top. This is understandable and easily forgiven upon the light of what is going on being seen and the offending and mistaken observations rejected and a fresh new start begun, a start of new purity, that must be embraced, by he and you [if it fits you], that are being vetted for service, a service now soon to be more direct.

“That was a roundabout and wordy way to say: Can you read between the lines about loyalty here? I think all of you know what I mean. There is a story in metaphor in the old account of David’s trials with his father in law, King Saul.  Saul was a devious and malicious and untrustworthy soul as the story goes, one time in a pique of anger there in the court, threw a spear at David intending to run him thru because he could see his popularity and way the citizens were taking to him, who was quite a contrast to his own uninspired leadership. Then he even took to pursuing David and his band in the wilderness where he was reputed to be hiding out.  Well, one after noon in the heat of the day in a cave they came upon, the King decided to take a nap and was left alone to do so and as the story goes it was the very Cave the culprit David happened to be secreted in, there in the shadows.

“David ever respectful of his nemesis [Because Saul had been placed in that office by God himself] decided to prove once and for all to Saul his honorable intentions and harmlessness. He crept close and with his knife cut off the corner of his garment, proving he had been so close he could have easily killed him had he had evil intentions toward him and wanting to take over the leadership of Israel without The Fathers blessings and own good timing. Well David snuck away and when he was well out of danger and far enough away to be safe from hot pursuit he shouted for the King to wake up. He soon woke up and came out of the Cave and David asked him to look at his cloak now missing a corner and said: see, I was so close I could have killed you! Do you still doubt me as being other then one of your loyal servants?

“The story had a beautiful ending as it goes, David then felt remorse he had been so arrogant and self-willed to have been so disrespectful of God that he had ruined one of the appointed ones garments. That’s known as tenderness and lack of anything but willingness to be a completely malleable servant. With all of this, I am asking each of you: Do you have any visage of that rebelliousness that would look askance at anything done by the one appointed by The Father in any job you are then appointed to work in submission to, from here on, till you embrace The Father?

“If you do, you will be released to your own way and the opportunity you almost had will be given to others. You’re allowed though to continue here for a while, in hope the light will go on about this loyalty question. For any of you to think you could be used in any task however minor, with this an open and undecided question, will find out in good time you were ruefully mistaken. Each of your lives will play out in a happy and unique way in the adventure ahead and most of it unknown other than generally, what the details will look like.  There is one aspect of your life path we do and will know for sure however and that is your loyalty will be without question.

“If you could listen to the scuttlebutt we are privy to, as we help you all come along as you talk among yourselves,  there is room [lots of room] to be more warmly loving and deliciously accepting of and without guile concerning any judgement of character [The Fathers Job] and qualities of usefulness and fruitful production. Here, giving the benefit of the doubt to the enith degree in embracing all the variety and colorfulness that is so varied, it sometimes takes a lot of love, to sincerely love without judgement, what is there.

“This is Mansonarious, with today’s lesson for all to consider with some seriousness, this issue of over the top homage in all we are going to embark on almost immediately. I am speaking with Father Christ Michael’s arm around my shoulder and He and I see clearly and joyfully the events that are the epitome of He and Mother Spirts dream of ages, now actually happening.

"We bid you God Speed now with your continuous path before you of learning to receive Messages with alacrity and commonness as we need for our work at this time and the foreseeable future. We are inspired and overjoyed by the headway being made by so many of you and if you have the ability and are not posting, much more time will now be required, it is high time to show your face and become part of this family group. Now is the time, do not hold back out of modesty or whatever. With best wishes and love and affection. Good Day!  Domtia....."

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