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Author Topic: 'Meloloc,Reprieve, 15 June 2016, Daniel, Las Vegas NV.  (Read 727 times)

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daniel alderfer

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eyes only
Teacher, ‘Meloloc
Subject, Our Reprieve
Category, General Discussion
TR, Daniel
Las Vegas NV.
15 June 2016, 9:44 pacific, daylight t, 17:44 Z

      Thank you Father, for this day of opportunity, of consciousness, of receiving Your love and of learning new levels of service and of reaching out in concern, to those around us, like You do so well to all of us.  Thank You for the eminent beginning of Jesus second return and the full implementing of all the actions for Your restoring Urantia’s intended glory to be one of Your preeminent learning environments. In openness and emptiness, I am here for any message that You would like transmitted today.
     Yes Daniel begin writing, Now that the days have gone by, yet with reassurances from Mother and Father Michael that all is still very precipitous for the world wide commencement that will usher in our fondest desire, we continue on in calm [but productive] waiting. Our life will reflect not a malaise because of more waiting, but a new energetic appreciation that the time is a Godsend of additional opportunity and reprieve for our own unpreparedness. Now in repentance and elation, [for a second chance] we firm up our study of the Revelation commissioned by Christ Michael approx. 200 years ago when the Urantia Book was begun. If we need to, we go back to the TM archives delivered by so many passionate, Celestial teachers since the start of the corrective time in the late 1980’s and refresh our perspective and enthusiasm for the task we can now see with so much more clarity then even two months ago.
     We again make a fresh start to envision [ a close and intimate relationship with] so we can begin to do, what Christ Michael/ Jesus and Nebadonia keep reminding us of, and that is that, in any moment They really are there with us on the exact place on earth that we are standing at, if we will only believe it is true, with the faith of a little child. Now we are filled with a new joy because we see the reprieve even another day gives us for our preparation. Now the waiting takes on a new face of being the very thing needed for each of us.  Now we come with even more punctuality to sit and be ready with pen or keyboard in hand, so very thankful our hour of demand has been lifted for a while, to now make more effort for enhancing our usefulness.
     Now the things we didn’t get finished by Sunday the 12th are in our hand to do, another chance to redeem ourselves by action. To redeem ourselves with efficiency instead of languor. Now we have a new perspective, like a miracle of insight that refreshes our grit and perseverance. We are so appreciative; we look with new gratitude at the wisdom of the Father. We re-dedicate our time to this occupation we have been called to, but often have treated in a ho hum manner.
       Meanwhile our human leader, in the required patience again, is there for us with much teaching on the side while we wait. Over and over, wowing us by the new understanding he brings with so many important concepts and points of interest, and varied Teachers. Its like being in an excellent night school.
     To precipitate the coming together of all of you, this is a time to reach out to each other in an ongoing, proactive relationship building effort. Do you have one or more close friends on the TML?  You could have many, many by private messages inviting a friendship. It takes a lot of effort to maintain and nurture a friendship, but it pays off handsomely with close connections to do this mission work later.
      Here, as has been mentioned before, the conversation and old fashioned relating that takes place on the Zoom call by the inventive Donna Lynn, is available to all of you simply by going to google, [or any search service] entering the word “zoom”, then going to the Zoom site. When the site loads, click on ‘Join conference’ after putting the number 521 776 485 in the zoom account ID box. Also Donna Lynn just sent me another way, that is to put in: [] The get together begins on Sat, and Wed. at 8pm Eastern Time, Most desk tops, lap tops, iPads or smart phones work fine for this. We have a non-structured format of informal conversation you can listen to, or join in with. Some time is always used to discuss things in the Urantia book but it is open for any subject, Some Friends we are making that come as often as they can, are: Kurt, Evan, Arthur, Sue, JohnG, Gary P. Newstar, Shokre, Ron H, Brad C, Jim from NZ, Bob Lawson, Licha, Lynda, Michel, etc. We could easily have a hundred persons on the screen eventually, to begin our acquaintance with early, as it were, before we actually are together. Thanks in advance for taking advantage of this as you are able. Donna Lynn as the leader, knows how to make it all work.

      Dear ‘Meloloc, is there more you would like to add to this?............ No, this is enough for this time, please post this in the new TML under the category,  ‘general discussion’. Thank you Daniel and thank all of you for taking this to heart, This is ‘Meloloc with a wish for an excellent day for all. Domtia…………..
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While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113


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Re: 'Meloloc,Reprieve, 15 June 2016, Daniel, Las Vegas NV.
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2016, 20:14 »

Thank you dear Meloloc and Daniel. It was a real joy to be able to meet by ZOOM  last Wednesday with Daniel,Donna Lynn,icon7,John G ,Angeles,Jim . Excuse me if I missed some of you hope to see you again soon.Thanks Donna for the opportunity.  Happy Father's day to all especially our Fathers in Heaven and in us.Love to all and blessings.    esther
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