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Author Topic: Lanaforge, Ways To Skin A Cat, 27 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 47 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Lanaforge
Subject: Ways to Skin a Cat
Category: The Orderly Rule of Urantia and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
27 May 2017, 19:46 Z

“Be prepared to write whatever we inspire today Daniel. In the Circles of this worlds governments, the exquisitely appointed offices, the fine antique furniture, the desks with their electronic equipment, phones and laptops, the file cabinets,  the invaluable oil paintings, the bullet proof glass, the assistants cubby hole offices all around the perimeter, each one ready to leap into action for whatever whim the chief executive wants. The young ladies and men being groomed in unpaid internships for their career paths.

“The lighting, the fountains, large delicate and splashy bouquets, fresh every day. The lunch room just down the hall with finest china and gold filigree and crests fitting the family in residence. The sitting rooms for those cooling their heels for appointments, all of this duplicated in many nations all over the earth. The underground garages with the latest hardened vehicles weighing twice as much as most because of their hidden armor and inch thick Lexan to resist bullets.

“The carpets costing many thousands on polished marble and granite that gleams in cleanliness and tastefulness or ostentation. All of this soon to be the scene of the Melchizdeks in pairs, coming to say things to cut to the heart of the ones in charge. Things that give hope, things that motivate action, things that inspire with wonder for their intimate knowledge, warmth and genuine kindliness. Things that are said with a mystifying authority, but graciousness, never experienced by those listening.

“Dangerous situations will be headed off in a seeming dream of synchronicities that later inspire respect and more wonder. Unforeseen serendipitous encounters take place between movers and shakers that provide just the contact to seal the deal privately, as much as possible, avoiding any confrontation or hard feelings and saving face for the proud leaders. There will be a more often than not, favorable evaluation of the new surprising administration, making itself known from the environs of a little town called York Pennsylvania. There is a connection made with a knowing this has something to do with the God of the Universe about which everyone in more or less informal assumption knows about, but has relegated to insignificance here to fore.

“Now it cannot be denied and a new awareness is beginning to be part of the thinking that has them remember that the lowliest citizen too deserves their provision and consideration. The inordinate bank accounts and asset ledgers are becoming an embarrassment in their private thoughts as literally millions of their citizens are denied opportunity in industry and livelihood they could have easily provided for with all that cash, had they made it a priority. Sustainable livelihoods that fulfill needed manufacturing, agriculture, service production, habitat, infrastructure and public transportation needs. Tens of thousands of livelihoods in free education alone could have been made part of national policy.

“And now almost immediately, national emergencies of large scale natural disasters will be beginning to take place and this new mysterious administration that is everywhere being known for generosity and helpfulness, unattached initially with any axe to grind about national policy. This benevolent superintendence, only insisting on service to the citizens and honest transparency, comes along offering aid for rebuilding, relocation, finding and funding of supply for all their pressing worries. The strings attached are a request for diplomatic representation at the York Mission world headquarters to facilitate communication and friendly exchange.

“The first decade of interaction in highly visible public announcements in the cities of the most educated nations and in the town halls and civic auditoriums, where one and all are invited to come and find out what all this means, will have left a legacy, because of the lack of stridency or coercion of any kind, of trustworthiness and overt outgoing service for every conceivable need. This enlightened policy will by then, for the most part defuse the initial suspicion and rebelliousness. More of the same as the years go by slowly accomplishes before long, connecting the Mission administration with a reputation of sterling, selfless beneficence. The religion that everyone is curious about, since this is an obvious intervention from God, is the unadorned private practice that has come to be observed by those curious, as one of simple devotion daily, giving respect, reverence and gratitude, for the true intelligence's behind all the wise kindnesses everyone is starting to experience or has experienced.

“This realization of the simplicity and light burden of true worship is refreshing and freeing for the billions saddled with heavy burdens all their life in what was taught was necessary for right standing with God. They look for a religious hierarchy in vain, coming to see that all administration officialdom is taking that office of kindly spiritual guidance. Temples for worship that resemble shrines of honor made on the scale and beauty of the best of human and divine architecture, will begin to make appearance as centers for congregating for special days of historic significance or thanksgiving, but there is none of the oppressive and demanding over lording of previous church practice, only a freedom of expression and generous service, witnessed in their environs.

“Cathedrals by the thousands of such artistic beauty and impressive scale are over the years, reappointed to reflect The Great God in a simple way unconnected with the previously erroneous, but generally sincere desire to worship. Although before this, inhabited by ideologies now obsolete, they are still places of honoring the currently, much more fully understood Creator God, responsible for the basic inspiration to build them in the first place. Unfitting symbolism is swept away, but the beauty truth and grandeur intended to show respect to God, of the edifice, is preserved for useful service and examples for re-education.

“This is Lanaforge speaking today in airing some circumstances and methods we may be using to as peacefully and as rapidly as possible, bring to the understanding of every one from the top to the bottom, having them appraised and cognizant of our presence. Much is still up in the air but our experience and expertise leaves us with a plethora of ways to do things. We are joyfully observing your efforts here in the training forum for greater usefulness, service and understanding, which you can imagine is a happy elixir for us, proving the validity of what Christ Michael and Creative Spirit Mother Nebadonia believed all along about the work-ability of this type collaboration. Thank you everyone. May your day be filled with joy. This is Lanaforge by the side of Califax, helping to bring together the team.  Domtia……”

End Discussion Forum-

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