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Author Topic: Mansonarious, Sufficient Desire, 26 May 2017 Daniel, Las Vegas, NV. USA  (Read 58 times)

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Teacher: Mansonarious
Subject: Sufficient Desire
Category: Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
26 May 2017, 19:44 Z
“Any time is good for us Daniel. What shall we say?  D-‘I don’t know my Lord, as any subject I may attempt without inspiration would be shot through with quite a few holes of missed information or clumsily put statements. I have tried to do it on the forum and always later I regret the attempt because my final product was so obviously un-thorough and lacking in scholarship and missing the boat of good reasoning. That’s why I enjoy the received messages, and except for those times I lapse into writing my additional thoughts, [which I must not do] I can rely on your or any Celestial's teachings with such happy confidence’.
‘But still, most every message, I have some reservation about how I thought I heard it. I suppose with time my certitude will become so great that it will be nothing but smooth sailing with no gray areas to muddy the joy. I’m thinking you just brought me to see what the problem is and that is; a little [or a lot more], trusting faith is needed. Even a product or message we may think is flawed can be just what was intended for someone or many to take inspiration from. So then I ask: “Father, give us please, this increased Faith”.
“Mansonarious: That we will do. Continue on in confident hope of your learning curve being sufficient and I am speaking to all on the Forum. One individual on the Serara Forum has been coming and attempting to hear some inspired message to transmit to others, about 5 years now, and still every day in conversations with other friends on the Forum, dejectedly reports: “I couldn’t hear anything, nothing, what am I doing wrong? Is this punishment for all my sins of yore?” They continue: “I pray, I ask, I implore, maybe that’s what's wrong. I just don’t want it enough.”


“Maybe in their case it is what the problem is. If they were to be able to transmit very competently, it would of course transform their life. They would then be needed and obligated to do a lot of work. Maybe that is the problem. They couldn’t continue in the life they have built. Their family would be affected, they would have less time for them, the family might complain. Their entertainment schedule would be interrupted also, that would be rough, missing all the programs they love, all the sports they watch regularly with friends, that kind of thing.


“Maybe the bright and shiny vision of serving for the first time ever in a Magisterial Mission by first life mortals hasn’t really gotten through. If it would have gotten through, the sacrifices, even death itself would be a price easily paid. Maybe that is the problem; they don’t really see what is going on. Yes maybe that is the problem, the very careful seeking of service is missing, and just partial service is all they are willing to give, only just enough that would be considered reasonable. That should be enough shouldn’t it?


“Yes, that’s enough, if you want to take practically for ever to make some head way and be expanded enough spiritually, that you will see the light, the light that makes you very, very, ready and eager to pay that price, which is: [utter devotion] the price that you’re not ready to pay yet. “There is an old proverb that says:  “Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes from the word of God.” Going to the word of God with an open desire to be taught and even modified by what you find, is one magic formula for increasing your faith.


“With that kind of honesty, genuineness, and truthfulness, you cannot help being convicted about what you need to do, cannot help being filled with firm conviction [that is what faith is, firm conviction or belief] by that sincere investigation after truth. You are not afraid that what you find will cause you problems of now having to give more allegiance thus cutting into your personal freedom.  No, you really want the truth, you don’t care what comes, even if it kills you, [sincerely, it comes to that kind of refined clear seeing! You do not want to continue living unless this whole thing, this whole issue is solved!] You really want the truth and the whole truth. You are sick of partial truth or half-truth and half-error. You see truth as the holy grail of your existence.


“No competing desire even comes close, to this thirst for truth. It is the only important thing in the cosmos to you; finding and isolating and confining that truth in a package you can then commit to memory and cherish and protect forever. That’s one secret to headway being made in this human journey that without fail renders progression in your relationship to The Father. When He sees that single minded desire, He is now free to take more liberties with your mind, with your soul, so now He opens up the next movie package for your spiritual enjoyment.


“Wanting more than anything in the universe to serve in some capacity with the God of all signals an arrival point in maturity that many do not reach before death takes them to the other side and the next step. It comes to the place where the desire is not general any more, but the clarity of vision shows you exactly what you should do. This knowing exactly what you should do comes from taking decisive action in proving your devotion. You prove your devotion by worship. Worship is spending time in devotion. No requests much, just presenting yourself with devoted time, especially for the loved one. Single minded devoted time, open and listening, simply being there in devotion, with the hope for instructions for action, to prove your devotion further. Like a child waiting on the front porch for their dad to come home from work.


“This is Mansonarious, bringing the lesson today under the tutelage of Michael of Nebadon who I serve in this most acutely satisfying enterprise that is making the difference between life and death for a whole world. Thank you for responding in a hundred ways that brought you to His training forum: I look forward to meeting all of you and becoming more acquainted in the journey and work we will do together. With love and best regards, Domtia….”


End Discussion Forum-






While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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