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Author Topic: Mansonarious, Take No Thought, 25 May 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 62 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Mansonarious
Subject: Take No Thought
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
25 May 2017, 18:09 Z
“It’s a go Daniel, Let’s see what you can hear and write today. This is Mansonarious with some cogitations on putting this work first. It’s understandable there is some confusion on this subject, for all your life your primary duty was providing the support for your loved ones and that meant a big commitment for having a proper snug abode of some sort, maybe a one room house on the edge of town on some land you bought was all you could manage but it took allot of your time to insure its being there to have a refuge from the heat and cold and storms. You were perfectly justified by all in the community to put that and food and transportation and work and the rent and the school payments and the new roof, all of that first in your life.
“To simply trust like the disciples, to not take any money and not to worry about how they should eat or where to stay at night when Jesus sent them out in their first evangelistic tours, is the issue. The advice in the sermon on the mount was meant mostly for them as authorized associates and apostles because regular disciples would not have had the faith, experience and spiritual maturity to truly trust, the ingredients to make it actually work. Plus their daily struggle for sustenance and life support was important for them to experience in learning to manage and be resourceful, like it all depended on their effort so they would develop the confidence and capability with little supernatural support as the disciples had graduated to.
“You on the Forum are graduating to that same level of service and trust and faith that leaves in the dust the concerns of your pervious life. A life that showed your level of work ethic and persistent diligence and character development, by the accoutrements of your surroundings and how well you kept your yard and car and bank account and investments for retirement and what kind of vacations you took, all yard sticks to measure your maturity, level of effort, lack of laziness and status. Now you realize that is just so much smoke and vapor as to what is important. The previous gauntlet you ran was extremely important, but now it’s time to let go and realize you have a higher calling requiring a whole new level of priorities, that at first take considerable courage to step out into because it will not make sense to be that unconcerned about, what was your whole concern for maybe 50 years.
“You have all seen the aerie fairy new agers, no longer working, living hippyish in the fringe communities, even voicing the sermon on the mount isms of take no thought about or worry like the rest of humanity dose and all will be provided type thing and it is commendable and the lessons they learn on that journey will stand them in good stead. They’ll all come to realize it really doesn’t work in most instances because The Father centered mission such as the original apostles embarked on is about the only place it does work.
There was a minister in England in the 1800’s that founded an orphanage and school that saw this type of; ‘take no thought’ thing work maybe thousands of times in his decades of absolute trust in the Father to keep the home going. The bread truck driver for instance, showed up at that address and bewilderingly explained; “I don’t know why I am here, but I was absolutely compelled to bring this load here today.
“Now those being trained for duties in the Magisterial Sons Mission have entered that rarefied service area, where not impractically, but very workably, all the areas you thought were vital and necessary to bust your butt about, are no longer such urgent nuts and bolts hands on necessity and your stepping out in trust to make way for time to produce, is exactly what you need to do to demonstrate the level of trust and faith you have. This is going to look different in every case; all the worries of letting your loved ones down will one by one evaporate. If you have that kind of faith, agondontors are supposed to have.
“How in heaven do you expect to begin this new service level if you don’t take some really serious risks demonstrating your commitment? How else can The Father know your heart if only timid gestures of cursory, mostly verbal support, requiring little disruption, are all you demonstrate? When you see a man or woman, in the ditch with the shovel and dirt is flying everywhere, is there any doubt of his or her commitment?
“This is again Mansonarious, enjoying tremendously having a part in the crucial training that sees the transformation of ordinary humans into awesome dedicated team members barely resembling their former selves and lives. And why would this actually work and be so? Oh, because a certain entity, gifted to them by The Father, prompted them to do such and such and they did it. With affection and family love, for now, I wish you a good day! Domtia….”
End Discussion Forum-

While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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