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Author Topic: Mansonarious, I Regret I have But One Life to Give, 24 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV.  (Read 51 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Mansonarious
Subject: I Regret I Have But One Life To Give
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V Nevada. USA
24 May 201717:52 Z

“Go ahead Daniel, whenever you’re ready. Today if you don’t mind, let’s speak to all on the Serara Forum in a folksy and down home manner. I learned your language a long time ago as a hobby, noticing this decimal planet with such diversity to goggle a God even. Caterpillars alone have the extremely diverse design perimeters so that it appears there are no perimeters. And Take mollusks, clams, oysters, and the like: There are approx. 30,000 non interbreeding species. How's that for unleashing the creative powers of Life carriers and designers of all origins for seeing what could be done?

“But, this talk today isn’t about the wonders of physical lifeforms, it’s about: [how can I say this in the most effective way?] It’s about the wonders of first life mortals on a minor planet, who came up thru a life of struggle and struggle and more struggle. You never, most of you, after you came of age, could relax. The wolf was truly at the door almost all the time. You bought houses and lost them to the bank because your livelihood evaporated and you couldn’t line anything else up fast enough to be regular in payments, you started a business and it failed within a year leaving you holding the bag for workers you now couldn’t pay and they were not happy. You slowly paid them off over five years, stress upon stress upon stress and simultaneously you were so consistently out of control you had three children one after the other. How smart was that? Now of course you are exceedingly glad that happened but at the time it was not pretty.

“Now go slow forward to age 65, like most, lower middle class in the western world, you did not have the discipline or vision to invest and save properly and you have no established retirement except the small old age pension that is now only marginally sufficient. But you laud and thank God for that, because your energy level and health would be hard pressed to maintain a regular strenuous job like hundreds of millions, around the world, not as fortunate as you, who go to the town center at age 75 many mornings to try to land a job for the day working on construction or gardening and the day is spent where you are on the shovel and rake through the heat of the day for the equivalent of $10.00 [If you are lucky].

“And then you die. But this worked a gorgeous work in so many of you where you made choices, were led to make choices that consistently, didn’t matter much about your own welfare as much as avoiding like the argue, any taking advantage or dishonestly or anything but warm kindness toward others, or having it within your power to give a little, even though you had almost nothing and you could not do otherwise. Missing an opportunity to be kind, was as bad a sin as killing some old ladies cat, in your book. You loved to use what income you had to help and foster all you were associating with, it was never much, but picking up the tab if you had even a few dollars was your inviolate conditioned reflex, acting like there was much more supply where that came from. Because of course there was and now no more thought or worry is entertained for material supply at all and you sleep like a baby even though your wallet or purse is empty and the month still has two weeks left.

“The Father saw all this and was He was very pleased, where with no assurance of any kind, you acted like He was real and was all you were told he was cracked up to be. Because of course by now He had helped you a thousand times and especially it seemed even when you completely forgot about asking for help or even forgot about Him being a factor like you should have.  You just were living your life like any common unassuming human from the get-go, flawed beyond redemption as you sometimes ruminated. Now because of this and many other things He saw, He specifically gave you the jackpot of jackpots, a chance to have the Magisterial Mission gig. Funny thing, even though you have begun to see all this you still only marginally respond, taking days sometimes to do What His Son and Daughter ask you to do. What is going on with that?

“Now in the sunset of your life you have tremendous trouble building a fire under yourself to seize this unheard of opportunity. You actually jump higher when your spouse requests something then you do for Michael of Nebadon. Mother keeps urging you to leave everything else behind and free up your life so you will have much more time for the training forum. But nooooo, even though you write long epistles extolling your devotion and love of Father, your action speaks volumes otherwise. Where is the serious, I mean serious, disruption of your life to start producing for Michael? Oh, I forgot, you have car payments to make. Forget the car payments; you’ve got work to do that so outshines in significance to your mundane life that it’s like the comparison, between the lives of the prince and the pulper. Am I speaking plain enough to a couple score of sleepers being trained here, or not?

“This is Mansonarious; I am an Avonal Son, a volunteer for Michael and Nebadonia’s grand rescue. I am working out of the offices of Lanaforge, soon to be officially instated as Co- Planetary Prince with Father Califax. Thank You and I embrace you with warm friendship. I sign off for now, Good Day! Domtia….”

End Discussion Forum-

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