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Author Topic: Ocilliaya, Asking For Responsiveness 23 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 97 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Asking For Responsiveness
Category: Sustainability of Civilization and Life
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
23 May 2017, 21:15 Z

“Yes Daniel, begin. This is Ocilliaya, Master Spirit number four and Voice of The Father. Our objective today is the exposition of the subject; ‘cosmic evolution’. Cosmic evolution in the sense of how evolution takes place in the more perfect manifestation in intelligent beings and the same in physical organisms. To let the natural laws of physics take care of the size, weight, appearance, agility, ability, coloring, intelligence, reproduction and longevity. To have a competitive and survival oriented development curve, having the fittest be the ones to survive to reproduce and those with more imperfect and less resilient characteristics, allowed to die out naturally, being the way of progress.

“There are two ways of evolutionary creation: 1- A slow hands off [except for crucial periods of necessary change], after life implantation of highly simplistic life forms, allowing things to take their course over huge expanses of time and: 2- Conversely to begin with a fairly complete organism created in you might say a laboratory and then set on its way in an environment filled with challenges to constantly require and have the pressure of problematic settings to try unremittingly the mettle and wit of an evolving intelligent being.

“Having that intelligent being have the proclivity to actually have its basic design re-worked and tweaked from an internal, intelligent and self-existent direction changing force, that rearranges the proteins of the DNA patterns and design matrix according to perceived needs, mostly unconsciously, that then produce ever more sophistication and capacity for organismal effectiveness, efficiency of mobility, ever increasing longevity, logical reasoning powers and ingenuity for problem solving. This organism also contains internally the programmed goal of service and dedicated partnership.

“The big concepts above are really the basis for what we see in the physical intelligent life that develops on planetary habitats with conditions conducive to growth, necessarily with mostly benign environments of sufficient stability and consistent environmental tranquility having conditions for thriving of all lifeforms in the surroundings of a temperature range, amount and type of precipitation, seasonal length, effect of gravitational influence from nearby celestial bodies causing tide cycles, agricultural soil conditions with symbiotic fauna of a microscopic nature that is sufficiently small [and large, such as earth worms] and prolific to recycle the life cycle residue, to sustain-ably make available mineral and chemical nutrients changed into absorb-able essential compounds for the food cycle for the thriving of plants and animals in the environment in question.

“The Eco system in soil, where even in deep sedimentary strata, [at the Siberian drilling site that reached almost ten miles below the surface or more than 12,300 meters, having a consistent temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit, at that depth, pollen and bacteria were found], the Eco system of oceans, the ecosystems in atmospheric gases, the Eco system in digestion of food stuffs for bodily maintenance and cell replication and function in plants and animals, the Eco system of temperate and tropical forests, you name it and the balanced design and configuration for continuity and reproduction is always necessarily part of every aspect of any life form.

“My reason for rehearsing all this is to have you look at the big picture we have extant on Urantia at this moment with many systems precariously perched on a tipping point of go and no go as to sustainability. Imbalance such as the decimation of avian insects that pollinate plants, [many plants are pollinated by bees of course, but mosquitoes as well as thousands of other flying insect species, have a long list of plants and fungus's that depends on the individual visit by such airborne specialists for their fertilization]. Also the coral communities now devastated by chemical pollution or starvation of oxygen, that provides habitat for fish and crustacean species, and those lifeforms living in shallow water like barnacles, mollusks, microscopic plankton and diatomaceous type life forms playing vital functions in a healthy oceanic and river bio-system.

“The tropical rain forest in Porto Rico was nearly totally decimated by the colonial masters agricultural interests, except for a small portion of only some square miles, but after the change of government that took place in the 20th century and a policy of allowing the natural recovery across the archipelago of large areas set aside to regenerate as tropical forest, the richness and variety of plants, birds, insects and animals, is even greater today then the pre-colonial days. Full recovery is always possible.
“The Magisterial Sons Mission is also concerned about the issues mentioned above and many of you will be part of the solution in reviving these flagging and endangered life systems as you are educated about what has to be done and you go about your regular work. The peripheral understanding of the ecological imbalance and its solution will naturally be simultaneously discussed and addressed as a side interest that fills a need for education worldwide. Abetted in these little understood environmental subjects as you relate to those you are dealing with. Finally the understanding will be worldwide about ecological functioning and the blossoming will be general and fully in place again as the fostering of all life will be unhindered by any human co-existence or enterprise.

“It’s true, we are stating the redundantly obvious to those highly educated on the earth but the large majority of only marginally educated citizenry haven’t even started to be curious about such things.  This is Ocilliaya coming to you here on the Serara Forum, My wording you will see being increasingly strident. Right in the middle of the last minute urgent push for having more of you be able to listen and write or speak what We Celestial workers will need to regularly specifically communicate to humans in your orbit and area of responsibility. The ponderous and gripping nature of your day to day schedule is proving to be the most obstreperously hindering factor in our effort to have you respond to the clear request to practice audio and written posting.

"There are literally a dozen of you here who can receive almost at the drop of a hat, who need much more practice and yet the hat drops and you do not take the [admittedly painful and uncomfortable] deviation in your life that we are requesting. Please change this and do so now as there will be avoidable consequences retarding the effectiveness of the Human element here. What I am trying to say is the pleas for action are not just something we are doing to hear ourselves talk but serious tests of your responsiveness. Tests that you have claimed in the past you were ready for. Now the actual happening is upon us and patriotic duty calls.

“This is Ocilliaya ending this treatise which is in itself, part of the polishing of this writer, the exact same practice we are asking the rest of you to subject yourself to, if you ever had a shred of sincerity about your rising to the strenuous call for Mission volunteers.

“Thank You, That is all.”

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