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Author Topic: Califax on Grace and the Eternal Adventure  (Read 67 times)

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Califax on Grace and the Eternal Adventure
« on: May 23, 2017, 00:13 »

Teacher: Califax – The Father
Subject: Grace and the Eternal Adventure
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean and Pre’Mtor (Adjuster)
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 22/05/2017 9.41 am(AEST) 11.41pm(GMT)

I love you Father…..yet it feels like more of a resident in which we, you and I, abide in…

“I am always and forevermore in your grace, my dear.”

Wait you say in “MY grace”, how is it so?

“Grace is an operative word, what is grace to you and what it is to me, it is how you embrace oneself and how one can see its place in a universal whole to which you are one with. You are inseparate from this oneself personality which you and I are. We reside in one another in spirit form, in like mindedness in that one same Spirit in which you are truly and yours truly as I am.

“Nothing compares to this uniqueness of a creative potential as we evolve, you as a time creature, truly become a supreme experiential entity. You understand through experience, the time sequence required to enable you to seek out the inevitable conclusion of identity with the Supreme absolute of reality in which you are a child of. Experience is learned through these time sequels where it is felt as real as can be and has meaning in which you derive from it the true essence of reason, logic, purpose, ethical value and of course, a wise state of mind to see the reasons they exist for your purposeful growth as a child of God.

“The divorce of man in a rebel world is over. It cannot survive alone, you know this earthly abode is terribly adjunct as it is not meant to be in this shape at all. That is why you feel the heavy weight of unrighteous living as so alien to your own mind’s sensibilities. To be fair, as you know dear one, we are not meant to be as separate from the universe as you have it now in the consciousness of man upon this apostate world. Man has gotten so used to being in such a state, it drives a mind to think along without realising one has the potential far greater than his own to claim and that is so lacking in the mind of man in your current age.

“If we are to bring spiritual awareness of universal administration, we are deemed to be alien indeed to your peoples as you, Sue, are conscience of it as to how we are going to pull off the shutters to allow man to see the truth for themselves.  This is a tough call for us and with reluctance, a rather bitter shock for all to have to confront as most will not take it well.   You are the lucky ones to have been introduced to the truth in slower, more progressive manner that you could easily absorb over a period of time. Instead, when we will have made our announcements publicly to all inhabitants, they will find the truth rather foreign and difficult to assimilate as they will have needed the time and experience as you have had, to fully appreciate its implications for oneself to receive and willingly accept for oneself.

“Time does wonders to most of you and we know this will apply to many others and that is the way to go for a universal administration to be better absorbed as we do things in a matter that is readily acceptable and useful when things do prove  advantageous for Man and Spirit to work through things that has a working relationship that builds trust, hope and meaning to the lives of those who wish to survive in a more benign and brotherly way.

“You have come to the proverbial cliff and see there is no point in turning around and go back there as it has run its course, it is said and done and you are done with that course of life.  Now all you see is the great abyss and are ready to take the leap into the unknown territory as you have come to the conclusion you have ticked all the boxes and now wish to know what is next on your list to pursue. 

“There you have it, you are most at ease in your own mind to see, you have lived out your mortal life and are done with it and wish to relinquish it as it no longer serves you, it is just a mere static existence until your last breath. Since you see only one way and that is forward into the unknown territory; once you have come to that point in your life and realise it for yourself, you are not alone in seeing no point to going on here in this unrelenting, trial-some wheel of misfortune and grief that you are done with it and can now push the boundaries in your own thinking that where can I take this train wreck with a flailing Adjuster that has trailed my worthless track to the umpteenth time to get its ward to see this abyss is truly the crossroad that has all the potential to make it as real and purposeful the moment you fold in with your source and centre and walk the path of righteousness that is true and good for the Soul.

“This is not the suicidal agenda, this is when an Agondontor comes to that pivotal point in coming to those conclusions, purposeful intention and willing abidedness in and with the Father/Adjuster within oneself. To take the chalice of eternal life and drink its fluid of wisdom to the ages to come and that is where you are at in your journey to this day.

“It is a personal one as well one that many of you will travail to see it especially those of you who have known and found me for quite some time in your lives and are weary of the earthly abode and wish to cross it and walk on by with me and allow me to take you to the far outer frontiers that you are meant to be a part of as I deem experiential beings the epitome of great things to come. Yes, you have within you the seeds of greatness, as you are truly to grow far more than you are now. Your earthly abode, this apostate world in which you live no longer serves you as it staunches your growth within you as you are seeing it to be and so you know there is far more to learn than to simply live, eat, work, sleep and exist in a mere vacuum of time.  Caligastia, your former Planetary Prince, has failed you in the past, but now your new Planetary Prince, Lanaforge, your former System Sovereign, will have you in his watchcare and is tasked to school you all in the ways and means of universal life and administration that you are deemed to be a part of and involved in.

“Your planet is no longer in isolation, nor quarantined, it is to be moved in a new system of planets that will become architectural and schooling spheres for universe education and edification. These worlds will be known as the Schools of Apostate Regression where Rebellions of the sort created by your former System Sovereign Lucifer and all those who followed him who created such regression and severe spiritual retardation.
“Each universal stellum of scholars will have to endure the grinding lessons that is to be understood through these Schools of Apostate Regression are to relearn the woeful tendency and thought processes that such Sons as Lucifer, Caligastia, Satan and others who followed them may not entertain as they did with fatal consequences.

“You are thinking an interesting thought; what then becomes of learning of this fatality of thought? How this opens a whole plethora of a pandora box of career-enhancing programs and rebellion-producing experience that leads subjects on valuable lessons of its own? That’s one way to look at it, the other it is not, in former existences, how the universal machine operates, although these rebellions do occur and can reoccur and are products of the machinery that the Mechanic knows, can and will occur has seen it from its own existential being and will see it through to its own infinite purpose and will, in defining oneself in the whole circle of infinity of perfection as he is perfect, he simple IS everything. Nothing is replete, in fact, everything comes in circles into perfection be it in time or in absolute reality.  Remember, the I Am is in essence the Totality of Reality and that needs to be appreciated and fully realised in perfect intelligence of heart and mind in synchronicity with the Source that permeates as a force for good in all that he wills it to be. As that is what he is and always will be, infinite.

“Yes, the infinite is truly a mystery to the ages of the Universe of Universes as it stands ever in the present and infinite realities, the deities create in a motion that appears eternal without end, yet it is to one time to come to completion and when it does, it is replicated on out into the far outer zones of reality potential, just as the abyss, you see in front of you right now. This is not the end, it is the beginning of a very long and amazing adventure for you, the Father of All has in store for you all to be willing participants in with Him who holds the keys to unlock all that can be explored into nether realities of existence.

“These thoughts will progress as you move on in your course with the Supreme reality as you are now realising the experience for oneself.  The unchanging personality yet the vastness of existential reality and experience can and will ever be your garments you wear as you have your being in with the Ultimate in your life and that is me, your Father, your Source, your friend and avid confidante that I hold you well in my arms and am heartened to be ever-present and resident in your being, my child of grace.

“Take care my dear ones, eat well, have your wits about you and know I am with you as I am in you. This earthly apostate abode will be over soon and you will have crossed the bridge where much water has gone under and you get to walk on by to see a greater path is paved in gold as it holds much for you to find ever more of me in all the gold I lay before you as you walk in the way of light and life for that is who I am in you.

“This is a long missive, but it is not as long as my infinite course that not even all the books of the universe can contain what I have in store as it can only be a seed that I plant in each of my children to hear, to find and to know for oneself. This cannot be found on a page, but in the heart who has found the compass that keeps pointing north to me when I speak deeply in each of you in your thoughts, in your heart and in your very existence of being as I hold it in the palm of my hand.

“As it is said, “know oneself”, hear that small seed grow and allow it to become a great tree in yourself as it is want to be as you are when you abide in the good soil I nurture in you. I am Father, hear me, be still, hear me and give an ear to the Spirit of me in you.”

[Thank you Father……]

“Thank you Sue, keep with me, the times are achanging and this earth will no longer be as it were as you and many others rise to see me as you do as I make it so through those who come in my name to make it known. Take a prayerful vigil and study well so you know in yourself that this time will past into history and you will have seen a great awash of thought emerging to see many seeds grow into a wonderful forest of trees I will be so proud to be making more of in the times to come.

“This missive will not end as it is in you to keep the floodgates open to insist on ever more revelation to emerge as is want to be in your presence. There is so much more coming for you to know, you will all get it in a sequential dose so as not to overwhelm you all at once, revelation is information that drips from the tap of the universe at large and you are to receive cupfuls at a time until you are ever more in morontial state to truly get the hose running to better enable a healthy mind to think better than it previously did. The clarity of thought will increase as you step up to the plate in grasping universal truths and complex intricacies of spiritual realities that are yet to be fully realised among your own kind.

“It is like letting out kids from the confines of a small playground to an ever larger field that has an endless array of grass and trees to run to and climb upon. Such is in your scope and you will have exhausted all avenues and then it will become an ever bigger realisation that you are just on the cusp of greater realities beyond the hill.  Part of you is still and stagnant, the other part of you is ready to jump to the opportunity to explore unknown things and places; that is a sure fire way to see those colours of genes built into your cellular structure to make you both placid yet adventurous at the same time.

“When once you become Spiritus, you will of course take on another cellular intrusion of vivid clarity of thought processes that enables greater absorption in intellectual and higher meaningful input that creates a powerful rendition of creative prerogatives; not of the deity impetus, but of the spiritual prerogative of being that you are. As you know “thought” has a powerful mechanism in which you think it and know it in yourself as true.  When something rings true, you know it in yourself.

“That is how it creates more additional thinking on an ever expanding paradigm in which you can explore on many different platforms to see it many ways and arrive at in some form or another a conclusion that makes sense to yourself.  Yes, these thought processes will indeed be intense and, in turn, will create never before seen moments of realisation of truth that is to be valuable to attain and cherish as they hold in them such beauty and goodness you will enjoy. It is for your enjoyment, you will have this journey as such is yours to travel it. Such is the journey, you all will find it fruitful, entertaining, enriching and ever fulfilling as you endeavour to find me at every corner store and your joy will abound everywhere you go with me.

“No doubt this missive will have to abruptly close here, but it is not the end, just keep remembering, it is the beginning of a long incredible voyage with destinations yet to embark on and still more to come, it is an endless surprise for you and I hold it dear, because there is so much more of me the universe at large is yet to exhaust. Come now, won’t you join me in this epic journey of a lifetime? That takes you to all the stops along the way and on into the far reaches of the “oriental”, as they say, with more surprises in store for you that will challenge you to the maximum with me as the greater part that directs the course of time into the eventual scenery and on into the total experience you are meant to have in yourself as beings of the light of grace.

“Standby and await your orders from me your Father as Califax and on through Lanaforge, your Planetary Prince; Serara, your Magisterial Son;  Christ Michael, your Creator Son and System Sovereign; Nebadonia, your Creative and Divine Spirit with her Ministering Spirits and with so many others who as we move in a manner worthy for your planet’s revival and stature. This is the call of grace in your midst as the earth heaves and buckles, you all in turn, listen to the call within to heed what must be heard and known in oneself. Each creature of mine must hear me and know of me and turn to give an ear and bow in their hearts in admission to the truth within oneself and choose in whom they wish to serve. It is the call of the ages to this planet that has so erred and is so done that my call will be made plain and be apparent as the earth beneath you as you walk is sacred and is beholden to me.

“Thank you Sue, get this typed up and out as I wish it to be for all to know these things are true and good for you to hear it from me. I am Father as Califax, I work with your Adjusters to see to it you gain from me the truth in your ears. The day is soon approaching that you all will hear and know me as this child of the universe does this day in your reckoning.

“That will be all for now, more is coming as Sue sits still to receive these long missives as she is practicing to sit it out as long as it takes to let me ramble some things that needs to be said for all its worth. 

“Good day my dear ones and thank you for taking the time with me as I do to you.”

End. (10 pages long in my notebook)

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