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Author Topic: Machiventa, How We Will Build, 21 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 49 times)

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Teacher: Machiventa M
Subject: How We Will Build
Category: Machiventa Melchizedek and His Rule of Urantia and its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
21 May 2016, 19:40 Z

“In the days of yore, before there was any intelligent life that could speak and be conscious of its self in any other then the most rudimentary way, there was at a place on the dry land of Satania 606, that bipedal creatures would frequent, [ancestral lines of a the Lemur like humanoid you came from] lush with fruit on trees making it easy and luxuriant for their survival. There were wolf, baboon, and lion type creatures there also, so it wasn’t totally Shangri-La. Constant vigilance was necessary to be wary of these carnivores. Out of necessity, living largely in the trees, only infrequent and dangerous cross country explorations were undertaken.

“What is the point of the picture I painted? Let’s continue: It was an existence of un-relaxed alertness that had those creatures always on a hair trigger flight response that become part of their makeup to such a degree that the success of their line was assured being so programmed for escape. The baboon simian type aggressive tree climbing meat eaters were their worst nightmare but being smaller and more agile could out distance them in a hot pursuit except if they were ill or very aged. This was a time long after the Dinosaurs had flourished, been out classed and in some cases overpopulated to the point of general habitat destruction that led to extinction. To start a lesson in an unconventional way, telling of an unrelated circumstance, has the students putting on their thinking caps asking “I’m baffled, as to what he could possibly mean by taking us in this direction”.

“Again what is the purpose of this glimpse of pre-historic life? My purpose and this is Machiventa Melchizedek speaking; is to clear the deck for thinking of our chance now for the makeover of the earth. There is not one aspect of life on Urantia today that does not need revamping and guidance for loving, sustainable redirection that will result in joyful life and light being the norm for all alive on the globe, some many hundreds or even tens of hundreds of years after the readjustment of the plate and mantle structure.

“In other words we have the chance in this epoch, to right the grievous wrongs and steer a course of creative, fresh, new design that though generally like the approved systems and proven societal ways of doing things, we can innovate and try new ways of education, business, agriculture, worship, family life, manufacturing, infrastructure, forestry, fishery, mining, habitat, and transportation methods to outshine anything previously attempted.

“This is all under the leadership of Father Christ Michael and Creative Spirit Mother Nebadonia who are unafraid to break the mold and go into new more openly imaginative ways of doing things that challenge the status quo. [Such as Mortals in full coworker association in a MSM, way before the normal preparation time, as was considered absolutely necessary in the past]. And yet it’s not like we are trial and error experimenting as much as long cogitation and ancient lengthy experience, of all of us on the Celestial side seeing indications of missed opportunities and much more workable ways of civilization building that are based on sound principles of science and social engineering.

“What does that look like that is different than all the historic record? In every single category that is listed above we intend adjustments for more effective ways of doing things. They are too numerous to list but it will be like habitat solutions that would be 100% compatible to environmental conditions that mean even over a 100 year period, a domicile would be largely as it was as new, with little maintenance and remodel ever necessary, all energetic considerations would be taken advantage of, with sun, earth, prevailing winds, exterior materials, orientation of house windows and doors, plumbing, appliances, waste disposal, heating and cooling all natural convection with no power assist necessary, etc.

“This doesn't mean that the old fashioned log house in the woods wouldn’t be extant, it means the highly inefficient residence in the suburbs of the cities of the world today, that take a significant portion of the resident’s income and effort to just live and maintain there, would be a thing of the past. Now extrapolate this to all the categories above and this is what my intention with this lesson is today, to expand our thinking to renovation of this enlightened nature in everything we do. Highways, bridges and tunnels of such engineering finesse, that a structure being 2000 years old, is still requiring no replacement or maintenance, being the status quo. This only works with visionary and far seeing wisdom in the urban planning with a standard unheard of now as the usual way is that the demolition of almost everything over time is required, because the size, placement and materials of the infrastructure were not fitting for future development and needs.

“Always there will be urban renewal as outmoded uses and design must make way for progress, but the percentage of this necessary will be enormously reduced with more cognizant planning. With the future for the earth to include it becoming an architectural planet, all this is somewhat copacetic or immaterial as all will eventually be rebuilt from the inside out but that is still many thousands of years in the future. Now all of you have the opportunity to hands on help in that enlightened rebuilding or more correctly; ‘pioneering’. It’s important and necessary to take you all in our confidence as we embark on the Mission now immediately underway, because your input and suggestions are sought at every turn, by we who are responsible to make the decisions in the day to day unfolding. The most neophytes on the team may have an insight to bring to light some new better way.

“If not, that is fine too, but far be it from our way of operating to close the door for receiving suggestions. There is the time to desist and accept the plan in place, but you will come to know the difference. This is Machiventa, wanting to again thank you, one and all, for the responsive allegiance and loyal support in this time of little evidence of our existence even, other than The Fathers indwelling spirit to provide you with proof of Our validity. I end this as sufficient for now, writing for the record, the administrative method we will follow. Best wishes! Domtia….”

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