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Author Topic: Lanaforge, Actual Work You Can Do 20 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 51 times)

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Teacher: Lanaforge
Subject: Actual Work You Can Do
Category: Orderly Rule of Urantia and its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NEV. USA
20 May 2017, 19:28 Z

“This is Lanaforge, with some things to say to all here on the Serara Forum. You’re most cognizant thing you can do from now until Our in-vesture as Planetary Co-Princes, Califax and I, is to continue the work you are attempting to master; as well, the same advice is fitting for after the big day. To be doing your work without let up or pause as if all is well, [as it is] and to continue the study and being abreast of all that happens here. This is the venue for your being in touch with the important things we want you to do when we do. Also your adjuster will prompt you to examine this or do that for having you be as ready as possible for what may be required of each of you.

“Several of you, [six at the moment] are practicing every day at the same time for attempting to send messages to each other, using the Adjusters of each, requesting their assistance to communicate what is said by one to another. They either talk later by phone or personal message or email to compare notes. All are listening also throughout the day for some message they may hear or sending some message to a friend. There is the belief that this will be something that can be done with ease as we learn how. Anyone who is interested is invited to try this with a friend, asking for help and keeping notes to see if it is working with you.

“You may need to work at this consistently for some time as it only comes with work and continuous effort.  As it is, one person of the group can hear with clarity the message that others TA [beside their own adjuster] want to say to them through her thought adjuster. It wasn’t delivering a message per say, but encouragement. Also she received a message From Mother Spirit of encouragement for “continuing to attempt to master what you are practicing” as We are helping from Our side too, to see this be a success.
“Another important challenge at the beginning and thereafter will be an increased work load you will have the choice to take on. It will mean as you are able, to work longer hours, asking in prayer for the energy that you then expect to be made available.  As well, with events in the world causing consternation with your friends and neighbors, you will have increasing opportunity to say a comforting and inspiring word that will help turn some to look to the Father.

“Now you will more and more work many steady hours per week. Your usual time to be spent producing the normal, received written messages or audios or both if you are able, but then to resolutely continue the committing to memory all the principles of the Sustainability book delivered by Monjoronson and the refreshing of your mind about the material in the UB that is still unclear to you. [a task of years] The daily practicing for receiving T/R messages will continue right along also. The building of friendships on the Forum by phone conversations and writing back and forth will also be part of the daily things you have to do should you want and be inspired to work more. If your interest is flagging because of weariness in well doing, the help is there upon specific request for this malady also.

“This mode of operation will be the norm for some months at least, but the stimulation will increase for your understanding as the material on the Forum will be even more fitting and educational for all at this pivotal time. I'm attempting to provide some structure and direction for your lives while the mission accelerates slowly to considerable understanding and visibility by those who can and will make the first beginning cooperation and interaction with Celestial guidance.
“The material work-ability of the financing of what must take place will be primary and you will see concrete beginnings of staff and support for Ron Besser. All of you working like you are already employed in The Magisterial Sons Mission as much as is given you to be inspired to take on, is what this is all about. You need no daily memo to line you out. Your initiative to see something positive and helpful that needs done and then to start doing it, will demonstrate your love and commitment more than anything.

“The foibles each of you have, tend to regularly dishearten you with feelings of being so needy in the skill and assets department that you may think it is lost cause for your transformation to usefulness. This is not true and to disregard what you think is evidence supporting that is the thing you regularly reject and repudiate. You believe, as sorry as the situation is, you can do this for you would not be here without The Father and We your Celestial siblings thinking otherwise. When you have capably expanded to that needed functionary you will all become.

“It will be highly encouraging to others coming behind that realize someone of your problems and challenges making the grade gives great hope for them too. To have brilliant and accomplished workers already polished and useful without much adjustment will be the path of some but most will powerfully confound the wise with your improbable rise to be truly professional mortal workers. The truth is, The Father continually delights in making a fine silk purse out of common material.
“This is Lanaforge loving to bring these things for you to think upon. Your strongest asset is your belief where you never say die or that such and such is impossible, because it truly isn’t. You callously, unreasonably, disregard any derogatory evidence. With love and sound high confidence, I wish you all a good day. Domtia……”
End Discussion Forum-

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