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Author Topic: Pre'Msha, Becoming Unoffendable 14 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 70 times)

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Speaker: Pre’Msha
Subject: Being Unoffendable
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
14 May 2017, 19:22 Z

“This Is Pre’Msha, with a message I want to label; ‘giving the benefit of the doubt’. By saying that, when we have a relationship we are involved with in doing a task, almost always some leeway of expectations is required to be given. They may have promised to preform to the agreement between us but then before long, it often happens that intervening circumstances change the picture. The old English rendition of an admonition from God in the Biblical Psalms, rhetorically asked: “Who shall stand on my Holy Hill? He who swears to his own hurt and changes not!” All times we will literally strive to do this as a firm policy.

“What that language means is that when you make a deal and then things change, that you should keep your word. It may mean a big financial loss or some other penalty you have to pay that wasn’t part of the bargain. We still would honor the contract. We would when this happens, however, go to the person we had promised some service or delivery of goods and ask, since the whole expectation is different could they please see their way clear to let us off the promise, as now it is a hardship to accomplish the promised reciprocation. You are very willing to keep your word, but it is okay to ask for mercy in this instance.

“What we learn to do as a seasoned personality, steeped in consideration being a way of life, is to cut some slack to the offending person. We can hold them to the agreement, as we have that right, but now in the light of the future dealings and also all of our past experience, forgiveness and helpfulness is always our way in making the best of a revolting turn of events. When we are treated that way, if we are honest and sincere, we will see the love and patience exemplified by that approach and the desire will become to remember the favor and if at all possible to make it right by rewarding them later by giving some advantage when we have a chance to work with them again, as we deeply appreciate the trouble they adverted by their mercy.

“They had us over the barrel and let us off in kindness and loving understanding. In the business world of the house that Jack built, [the existing system] armies of Lawyers are kept employed to make an associate or a rival, pay the piper when their word is broken, even if it was an ‘act of God’ that caused the problem. In a spirit of punishment, they do that because they can and their greed for advantage rules in conducting their affairs. Everyone else be damned. It’s a safe statement to say that all disagreements of the Universe could be settled fairly easily by one or both parties, taking a loss and going on without worrying about the score, so peace will reign.

“There is the time to go to war however and that is when the over the top, kind, merciful, patient, and long standing conducting of the relationship has numerous times demonstrated so thoroughly their unconcern for justice and fair dealing and after diplomatic overtures on a massive scale, always giving advantage in the issue of contention, are trampled and despised as well as usually an aggressive attack upon the very bedrock institution of societal peace and safety, no longer can the nation and family sustain an untenable situation that should no action be taken, would mean the demise of your life and very existence.

“This war situation, is only extant because of the rejection of the things and ways of God, even though you demonstrated at least a hundred times, as you repeatedly offered the olive branch, hoping for a change of heart, the rival has proven irrevocably to have no redeemable possibilities what so ever.

“Aside from that, our way of life always, is one of easy going, commodious, putting ourselves at a disadvantage in a heartbeat, wanting to serve in any way we can. We all have experienced this in many real-time dealings with our Universe Sovereigns and their assistants. Later after it is all said and done, we can see clearly, with not a word on their part, their own desires and wishes were compromised by our immaturity or lack of understanding and they took it in stride, knowing, these type things, if handled with kindness and mercy, would see our rapid improvement when we finally have the light come on, comprehending the real story.

“You as trainees bringing yourselves up to the working standard you are coming to understand will find the converse seems to be true sometimes. There seems to be no hesitation to ‘call you on the carpet’ you might say, often in front of everyone to point out some egregious error you might have carelessly and irresponsibly committed. What is going on here, where is the mercy and consideration in that? Well, be very encouraged when that happens to you [and it will]. It is a tremendous vote of confidence in your maturity and coming usability to be considered  to be a little thick-skinned and not offend able over any issue. Why? Because the direct approach pointing out improvements needed, cuts through and speeds up expansion no longer requiring kid gloves to pussy foot around a possible touchy personality.

“The ‘touchy’ personality describes every single one of you in the beginning. If you should be dealt with in a rude and inconsiderate manner soon after your awakening, it is almost guaranteed to drive you away in hurt feelings.  Maybe to shut the door forever or at least for a long time, in how you look at this or any part of the family enterprise you happened to encounter. That is why the utmost care is taken to be sure the most tender consideration is given the ignorance’s and lacks we all had, as sufficient time is necessary to bring all that up to speed in a natural nonjudgmental manner.

“To further complicate this whole issue, there is also the time to; ‘not suffer fools’ as we saw the putdown of the evil person in the movie westerns, as the John Wayne hero would make the bar room speech in front of everyone, eloquently calling a viper a viper in beautiful harsh detail, exposing every incriminating truth, much to the satisfaction of all present.

“Having done sufficient damage for now, this is Pre’Msha, your resident guide and teacher, teaching as suggested by those happily and  attentively concerned to round everyone out in tough versatility, this lesson on; ‘humility under fire’ will be kept in the category; ‘Melchizedek Teachings’. Thank you, I wish you all a good day. Domtia….”

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