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Author Topic: Pre'Msha, Explination of T/R ing 13 May 2017 Daniel L V NV. USA  (Read 65 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Pre’Msha
Subject: Explanation of T/R ing
Category: Teaching Mission Skills, Transmitting
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV. USA
13 May 2017, 18:19 Z

“No problem, Daniel, whenever you like. Should there ever be a time of you feeling that your Adjuster has withdrawn, where you have right along, been able to ask; Good morning, are you there? And this time instead of the instant answer: Yes [your name] I’m here, there is only silence, it means in most instances they are on a short task they were asked to do and will return shortly. Sometimes an adjuster will be asked to leave to attend some conference that may take a week or so, earth time and then they would ask a friend Adjuster, to attend you or your Angels fill in and come back with: yes we are here [Your name].

“These occasional times may leave you feeling lost and it has the purpose of maturing you to simply look to God in confidence, not knowing what is going on, but knowing this will be some helpful thing in your resilience and steadfastness, because you understand that however long you may be without their company he or she will return soon enough.

“Here you can of course go to Mother and Father and other Celestial beings to converse with and give attention to, by the usual give and take you have with your adjuster. You may be saying that is well and good but I have been on the Forum for six years and I have heard nutton at all, no still small voice, no warm feelings, no clear strong thought as a response. That too is what most of us have experienced as we came along, except for being inspired by things we were reading and having undeniable insights, all our conversation attempts were only paid back with silence.

“If you are in this category, take heart as it is nothing more than the rite of passage. It will end. It is the get to know each other time, similar to you starting a business and the bank that gave you the loan for operational cash or ready reserve account to make sure you can make payroll until the clients pay you at the end of the month are waiting for some months of dependable repayment history to open up more avenues of additional funds about your plans to expand in the future. When they see your carefulness to never even be a day late on repayment it turns on a light bulb of respect and closeness and admiration that they have found a business partner to warm the heart.

“It’s the same here, as your worth and value is being evaluated, you will be left on your own to see what you will do. Several years seems forever as you keep the faith with a personal situation of discomfort and pain or maybe financial lack, or relationship strain or unremitting instability of living situation, you name it. All the while, this [The walk with God] isn’t paying off at all. Still you  treat those in your life with kindness and patience, not lashing out in irritation or badmouthing the celestial set up while not much feedback about  your status and how well you are doing or whether even you are on the right track, is given you.

“In other words you are given the opportunity to demonstrate you’re sincerely of dedication in the face of continuing non relief. If we are so new and so fragile you may give up, you are attended to carefully so you are not over much discouraged and this is done by little indications, of only subtle blatancy of the God connection, as undeniable help and special consideration are given to keep the faith alive, but yet we pine for much more close association and comradery with the Divine. We yearn for arriving, to finally be vindicated in our eyes and in the eyes of the friends and associates that could not care less.

“We long to have a respite from this life of such continuous effort and care and the scriptures come to our rescue over and over with the reinforcement to have us polishing the dream without giving up. After many years and in this scribe’s case he was about 68 before much contact and ability to speak with his adjuster and other celestials was realized, and sometimes it is 75 or 80 before the relief of a closer walk is given as the crowning gift of that long journey of uncertainty. We really didn’t mind it that much, because we heard all the stories of long continuance being necessary and also we didn’t know what we were missing. We just knew and this more every year, that the trustworthiness of God was unassailable. Somehow, some time, some place it would all come together and the loyalty would be rewarded.

“We could have at age twenty or even earlier had a much more enjoyable journey had we been given the insight and key and secret of life, which is the necessity to show respect, reverence, allegiance, primacy, and devotion by that unfailing short [usually] time of turning inward to the Spirit of the Father every day, early on in the day, [first thing]. Learning to sincerely do this early in our life begins the expansion process of increased maturity and wisdom at an accelerated pace and even some one in their twenties can begin to hear and converse and have intimate feedback if not in actual still small voice type thing, [Usually this honor is given when the person reaches the second or first psychic circle in the seven] but a very adequate substitute in very timely responses come to be recognized, by being brought daily to just what you need, to enhance your spiritual development.

Today’s lesson is specifically for all those here being trained, that could be almost at the end of their wits with no discernable conversational contact yet with their indwelling gift from The Father. And this with the continuous effort and desire for that very development. Why not yet? Well, here is a check list that delineates the usual prerequisite qualities a T/R person needs to show before the occupation is actively fostered:

1-Unquestioning dedication and loyalty, of course to The Father, but now with no reserve what so ever, to Christ Michael and Creative Spirit, Mother Nebadonia, Mission leaders, Mortal leaders and the host attending.
2-The prime time of your life and life priority is only the Mission work at hand. Family, Job, friends will be considerately served as able, but nothing is more important than Mission work.
3-Dependability to such a degree that it is very rare to flub a freely assumed duty.
4-Daily appearance with tools in hand, unbidden.

“When we see these four things at least, there is little [besides a tidal wave or volcano in your county] to keep you from being aided in assuming that office or responsibility. Here is the rub though, in the lives of you being trained here; ‘Many times this type steadfastness will be unrewarded for weeks [or months] as the sincerity and seriousness needs to be demonstrated in spades’. You as the trainees [we love to see this], do this extremely cheerfully, because you see the opportunity clearly.

“This is the one you know as Pre’Msha, enjoying bringing these things we can see are an issue many are in the middle of right now.  Never fear, Pre’Msha [your adjusters] are here. Thank you for all you do in having grasped the reality of the Corrective Time and then responding with such clarity and enthusiasm to step up for your place to make this all work. With love, appreciation, family fondness and endearment, for now I wish you happy regards. Domtia…..”

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