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Author Topic: Marloc, Priority Clarification 11 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 93 times)

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Eyes Only
Spokesperson: Marloc
Subject: Priority Clarification
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V Nev. USA
11 May 2017, 18:41 Z

“You can begin writing Daniel, at this time; only a short while and we all will enter a more business like life style should you be receptive to that. At first it will be like the few days we all have experienced in a new work situation, feeling; ‘out of it’ as far as what to do and how to do it. We, like Mother Mentioned through Marko, are in numbers by your side as you more fully commune with your adjusters almost around the clock by asking questions and expecting answers like you would from someone assigned to you to help you navigate a new company’s work environment. That new more personal relationship with your Adjuster may be your biggest uncharted territory. Here again the kindness and solicitude you can expect will make it a very workable transition. I am speaking now to those who are dead serious about the MSM service. All others can listen and read from the sidelines, no disparagement must ever come from these quarters, but internally there is some consternation and a little sadness at least.

“Always now at your shoulder will come that unsolicited comment in that still small voice that sounds like your voice, you may be hearing as you receive messages or that clear, but tiny, discernable, subtle thought, that accomplishes the same thing. If that is new to you, having a more or less continuous conversation, you can start in the off moments by mentioning the things you are appreciating that morning, the food, the good and comfortable pain free night’s sleep, your few dollars on hand to see you for the next few days, your eyesight, your clothes and shoes that are so adequate, your living situation, kitchen, bath, hot water, laundry. Of your mode of transportation, your electronic tools, your safe, peaceful town, the UB, the Forum, the MSM being open to you, etc. This makes the conversation very easy to start because you now have the mind of The Father, one of appreciation and the relationship is now on the same wave length.

“You almost unknowingly have come to the overarching realization that this to you, is by far the most exciting thing you can imagine have happen. You have wrestled with the downsizing and giving up of all the old life that put the things of God on the back burner or even off the stove. Your most treasured relationships and items you accumulated or the old enthusiasms run a distant second in priorities. If you were to try to explain this dedication to others they would tend to judge it as fanatical and too much over the top.

“The reason you came to be this way was because your responsiveness to the indwelling spirit of God precluded any other destination. The vision of having a part with the Universal Father and a close walk with the local Universe Creators, and the offices of the Planetary Princes, and the Magisterial Sons and all their contingents, without a doubt clarified, crystalized, and solidified, the path ahead. To give up the life you have is a very small trade off because the opportunity is so rare and truthfully, in the long run, enormously more beneficial to that family you may be leaving. [Because of the opportunities you can give them later, as the circles you now have the privilege to live and be a part of are so advantageous].

“Simultaneously there is the opportunity to continue as helpers and advocates of the Magisterial Mission in a much less involved way, which does not require that same level of dedication we are speaking of above. Your assistance is invaluable also and the fact it is only part time, when you are able, type thing, still no support and aid is unappreciated however minor.

“Perhaps the most preparatory thing you can do now is to sweep the table of your life clean realizing that the training to: 1) -Receive written and audio transmissions, 2) – Master as much as possible the Sustainability and Planetary Management book and 3) – Continue with the UB study in the areas you are most sketchy about is where it’s at, for this next level.  Than if you have any time left, continue to build the closeness with those you can see will most likely be working together. Phone conversations while we are still able, can be highly beneficial in this regard and a personal message soliciting friendship and phone number can get you on your way. Personal messages and emails suffice nicely for accomplishing the same things, it’s just more cumbersome and time consuming to have anywhere near the intimacy of a phone conversation.  Knowing someone's life story and sharing as much as you can of your own journey makes both of you closer friends in short order.

“The reason I mention this now is that the familiarity quotient is matchless in helping all work together soon.  It is essentially what everyone of us is working on with our Adjusters, Father Christ Michael and Mother, Califax and Lanaforge, Serara and Monjoronson, Machiventa and Mantutia, Margul and Mansonloran, Adam and Eve, The apostle Paul and Peter, Mother Gaia, your two Angels, you may be unacquainted with yet and so on, all are open to our coming and conversing and appreciating their service and life. When you look at that list it may be scary to actually think you are being invited to develop friendship with such as them, but remarkable as it is, it is true! This is where we have to pinch ourselves to make sure this is all real and be deeply aware of our blessings.

“This is Marloc speaking with all the commiseration and love I can muster as spokesperson for Father Christ Michael and Mother Spirt of Nebadon who are thrilled and excited about this group. Mother teasingly one time called their geriatric platoon.  You will see and be pleasantly surprised how age and maladies of all sorts are going to be no problem. I must express My and Our appreciation for the renewed effort we are seeing in many, effort that so often is at the price of discomfort and unusual determination because it requires more at your ages. Thank You and I close with warm wishes. Domtia….”

End discussion Forum-

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