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Author Topic: Pre'Msha, New Revelation, 10 May 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 127 times)

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Speaker: Pre’Msha
Subject: New Revelation
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
10 May 2017, 20:17 Z

“Be well Daniel, Our comments and lesson today are in the area everyone calls revelatory writings. In other words what you and more than a few others are involved in, is training you to bring new information to this era. In the case of those here, it is first for the small group under the heading of and Teaching Mission List and then to thousands reading this that are guests. We are using the archives on this site to allow the introduction to at least a limited public, to access the reaction for the first time ever on Urantia, as we expose almost no holds barred, the knowledge and experience clearly illustrated as outlined below showing the unprecedented open revelation taking place. Here on the Forum is:

“1) - The portrayal of Celestial/Mortal interaction [never revealed anywhere in such detail and unvarnished veracity] as the Corrective time unfolds. Much of the rough and tumble of celestial discussions is openly shared, as the Magisterial Sons Mission is organized. [Now soon to be activated in actual fact]

“2) - The voluminous unveiling in detail of the reality of the physical workings of the sun and the earth and their scientific problems, with the true and unknown history of the solar system and nearby star and planet configuration explained at great length as well as short writings about the future developments of the unfinished 5 outer space levels.

“3) - The composition and nature of the local universe of Nebadon’s administrative workings, including much revealed to the Forum about the inner life of the Sovereign Chief executives of that universe, Creator Son and Daughter, [Christ Michael and his equal partner and Love, Nebadonia] and much about the headquarters city and architectural [made by construction methods] world of Salvington.

“4) - The hundreds of pages here alone, not counting the Tmarchives, that have Celestial leaders hold forth in everyday conversations about mortal individuals or those on the Forum they personally speak to, guide, encourage and critique, Exhaustive conversations with the Forum administrator, Ron Besser about his physical transformation to have a new type of human DNA and bodily configuration, sharing in much detail the challenges, often not smooth, as the never before attempted, pioneering methods for increasing longevity and restoring vitality to an ageing human are shared and that even now are still in process.

5) - The story of Ron Besser’s [The one intended for the top Human leadership position] lifelong preparation for this work, the first encounter with his Adjuster, of two other contemporary mortals and himself fusing with their Adjusters, his interaction with the Urantia Foundation over the years, his accounts of his life in the early teaching mission starting in the early 1990s, and his adventures in the world of business.

“6) - National or world historical figures, Apostles and Biblical Patriarchs being allowed to speak in clear rendition from their life on the Mansion worlds. As well, administrative Spiritual beings such as The I Am, God The Supreme and from almost all levels of universe administration allowed to speak in Forum conversations and even containing familiar banter between the Celestials and forum members.

“7) - Comments for the first time openly shared by the Spirit leaders, about their adventures on other planets and accounts of their experiences millions and billions of years ago, and of their experiences visiting Paradise and the many local headquarters worlds of the different constellations and universe divisions of our super universe of Orvonton and other Universes of the seven. All this revelation, amazing and historically unique, is of first time nature, not to mention the vanguard experimentation in spirit communication, with many methods tried and even worked on as we speak, for spiritual communication between mortals, as well as with even Paradise Personalities and The Universal Father speaking often to Forum concerns.

“8) - A thesis  known as the; “Sustainability and Planetary Management document”, is the most comprehensive and well done explanation in modern language ever on earth, about what is going to be accomplished, laid out for all to study who want to help in the Earths complete restoration. [This in itself is one of the most important tasks this Forum and Teaching Mission has performed to date. It presents a true, workable and succinct guide, covering all aspects of what is needed for our rescue, authorized by The Father and authored by the Top Mission leader. ‘Monjoronson’]

“9) - Long dissertations containing valuable new cures with information about current health concerns like Autism and similar auto immune diseases, and advice about the stemming of infectious contagion that we will fight and vanquish in the future. Much material is preserved on this forum about the simple treatment and remedies for dozens of common human health challenges, like heart disease, diabetes, preventing strokes, digestion and intestinal health maintience, advising workable dietary solutions as well as suggesting modern pharmaceutical developments in many instances.

“This phenomenon of the Discussion Forums and training group is incalculably valuable. It is an unduplicated ever, cornucopia for mortal spiritual expansion. It is so much so that it is common for this to be looked at and examined, then immediately rejected because the never before subject material we are providing is territory just too outrageously uncommon. The believability factor sets off an alarm that sometimes drowns out even an ardent truth seekers zeal [for now]. It is the most comprehensive, vital, valid, progressive, Avant Gard, and accurate [mostly] information on the earth at this time.

“This is Pre’Msha this writers Adjuster, giving this overview of present developments regarding revelation. Another large part of the value here is the teaching of the Melchizdeks, perhaps not always labeled as such, but is a large part of the received messages on spiritual maturity issues that are being taught in their schools all over the universe. Thank you for your taking the time to be familiar with this synopsis. It is to help all see the unusual nature and extreme value of what really is happening. With regards and affection, adios for now. [I am learning to know most of you personally]. Domtia…..”

End Discussion forum-

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