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Author Topic: Lanaforge, Prescient Developments, 9 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 62 times)

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Speaker: Lanaforge with Pre’Msha
Subject: Prescient Developments
Category: Urantia and its Civil, Spiritual Government [Now to be headed by both Lanaforge and Califax as Co Planetary Princes]
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
9 May 2017, 19:19 Z

“At any time you may begin Daniel. Now, before so much is to take place, our main concern is the expeditious return to normalcy of all aspects of Urantian civilization. That being said, in the middle of that overarching intention will be the simultaneous tectonic and volcanic disruptions that will then need to be worked through. As well, any open warfare that is taking place will be silenced and the instigators and main protagonists will be rendered ineffective or so ill they can no longer report for military duty. Flooding of vast areas along with tsunami waves of epic proportions will be the main cause of death. Pyroclastic blasts from newly opened volcanos will also catch many in the path of destruction, ash and noxious gases will cause many deaths.

“There will be separate incidents mostly as there will not be a worldwide simultaneous scenario that will see ten areas devastated at the same time but cataclysm after cataclysm for at least two or three decades will take place. Life will attempt to go on in areas not affected but everyone’s main concern will be the plight and necessity to help and rescue any survivors and then to establish places of consolidation that the peoples left of the latest almost unbelievable destructive cataclysm can begin to handle and commence some semblance of normalcy in the areas they fled to or were brought to after rescue. Areas that were chosen where it will be safe far into the future.

“Food supply companies, temporary shelters, water purification devices, electric generation for lights and communication will be industries that will boom, in the middle of the disruptions. Boats and ships will be in high demand to respond to the rescue, supply and rebuilding, as many areas will now be isolated by large expanses of water. During these same decades a warming of the polar areas will have places like Greenland and Antarctica, one roaring labyrinth of meltwater rivers adding to the rising sea level not connected with subsistence by geologic causes.”

“To have you aware of the extent of the polar ice caps; on Greenland at the center of the world’s largest island is on average ice about 10,000 ft. thick or 3.2 kilometers, at the present. Concerning Antarctica, it has on average ice thickness of about 12,000 feet or over four kilometers of ice over the majority of the central land mass. If both polar areas would largely melt it would raise the oceans worldwide at least six meters or approx. 20 feet. This melting, a reasonable certainty is a process forecasted to take decades but will only add to the woes of coastline inundation from faulting and plate shifting.

“From what we know, The United States West coast and Baja Mexico may be the first areas to be affected by faulting and shifting and another area highly unstable is the Yellowstone Volcano, one of the largest magma repositories anywhere on earth, however because of some recent geologic changes, it looks like this incident will be less destructive then the eruptions of the past. Every area about to suffer devastation will be given as much warning as possible but often it may result in an escape time of only one day at the most. This means anyone hoping to save their lives would have to summarily leave that area immediately.

“As much as we know about the earth and all its plate systems it still is a crap shoot as they say, no rhyme and reason can be brought into play, so any of these prognostications may be far wide of the mark. We just know the time is now, [This year most likely] for many even overdue adjustments to start. If we are all wrong, and we can look on a reprieve, say of five years before all hell breaks loose, it will only play into the mission commencement for the necessary civil communication and administrative adjustments and for bringing the population of the world up to speed at least a little into understanding the Celestial over care now to immediately, [this June] be initiated and put into place.

“Our push still is urgent to encourage the increase in the ability to be able to receive and transmit by writing or audio receptions and speaking under inspiration in public.  All being trained here who have ambition to respond to the call of The Father can be a part, at the same time it is showing the sincerity level of each of you very clearly. When our requests for effort and change in your personal life to be useful are turned a deaf ear, it shows with no mistake, what work we have yet to do. At the same moment, many who may feel you have been passed by because of your disinterest or fear, can perhaps now see an even more beautiful chance and opportunity for your being brought along as others prove not to really be ready to go the full nine yards at this time.

“The actions you secretly do in your daily walk are all we are looking at. Even if your necessary growth is behind what we would like, the sincerity and effort you put forth from this moment on can insure you that most coveted place where you truly will be part of any of the several urgent missions at this corrective time.  This ability we keep reminding you is so helpful, we must be honest, is imperative to our having you on staff as assistants, etc. Several of wonderful ability and endowment are unable to see the urgency of practicing and acquiring the T/R skills. This would be a travesty of missed possibility and providential chance that comes by only once in this life.

“To have your family, job, and lifestyle be something of more importance at this critical moment, opposed to the response that may demand moving or leaving or freeing up time for work in the mission now, may take tremendous decisive courage. The tradeoff is as easy as pie to embrace, once full comprehension of its true magnificence is understood. Everything else will tend to pale in comparison. This is Lanaforge, with the help and assistance with the scribes Adjuster, Pre’Msha, bringing todays teaching and update, about the coalescing torrent soon upon all of us. With warmest friendship and expectation, I close this for now, good day to all! Domtia….”

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