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Author Topic: Califax, The Big Question, 7 May 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 105 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: The Big Question
Category: The Universal Father and His Views on Urantia
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
7 May 2017, 20:49 Z

“Now is the time, you can begin writing Daniel. Whatever you hear, just go ahead and put it down on paper. In the many ages that have past, in the record written about all I have done and created, there is one consistent thread and that is and can be stated: “I want more in my family and I want to share all I have with everyone. If I don’t have something you need or want, I will go to great trouble to try to get it for you.” I love serving you! As I began to create children, the pattern was to be sure to have each one unique. Amazingly, as it turned out, when I made even perfect clones, by the unavoidably different environment each one was subjected to, they are noticeably different. It was brought to my attention, the unlimited nature of what I had done. My most creative imaginings did not come close to what actually came about as the freedom to follow whatever they might desire to do, express and make, was handed to every child. I was thrilled and astonished at the creations of my children!

“In a way it is really all Me, one big Me, but after a while I stopped taking credit because it was undeniably out of hand and out of control. Oh I can step in and control any tiny area that any one is doing but I stopped that near the beginning because I saw the futility of that. I came to trust the natural progression of the Universe that was developing and I realized I only had to step in occasionally and mainly to help expedite some dream of some child of mine.

“The guide lines of my basic rules of behavior and Universe creation came to fill many books and we still have them on the shelf and consult them now and then but I found that when I boiled it all down, I only had to insist on the premise of:  1) Is everything you are doing having to do with goodness, rightness, kindness? 2) Does what you are doing result in beauty, harmony and sustainability? And, 3) Is what you are doing based on a truth, meaning provability?

“After a long while, trillions of earth years, I settled into a life of the most glorious existence I or you could imagine and it looks like this. My almost incalculable number of children has turned into my truest friends and confidents. I know each one by name, the level of our intimacy is different because I have had much more water under the bridge with some, but each is cherished, deeply loved and our friendship in every case is only blossoming and becoming richer and more close, because of the family connection. It is satisfying beyond being able to express and of course I am the most blessed of the Universe.  

“I asked myself, what could I do now that would top and excel even the most grandiose projections that would be the most honorably redeemable existence that we could do? Since so much experimentation has been done about this or that concept of the possibilities and so much actual manifestation has taken place that we really should have a balance, which would show us what to do. But it doesn’t show us what to do! [Yet] The possibilities and the directions we could go are endless and I am sharing with all of you my quandary.

In your physical first life experiences sometimes in the most successful lifetimes, you as a man or woman built a dream of some business or some service organization of renown.  You after many years come to a solid foundation that has plenty of assets to insure the continuous expansion of the operation plan that has been proven to work. It is sustainable and the purpose of the enterprise is fulfilled in that all participants are generously supplied and fostered in their lives.

“As it is, the creation you built with others should continue on forever, if the proven guidelines are followed. So now you live a life till you die, of going from area to area of the enterprise joyfully visiting, having dinners, making little speeches, rewarding and encouraging, as the original creator that supports now millions of your employees. It is so satisfying. So in your small way you did what I did. But you are having the same quandary I am having at this moment. What should we do? What is the true why of all this? Is it just to have more, more, more?

“Now we have waiting for our attention the five [or however many we want] outer space levels; grand and beautiful beyond belief, all rough and unfinished, bursting with possibilities.  Should we, like I did with all the types of beetles on Urantia, just do more of that, more variety, so that any one that looks at the beetles are simply astounded as to the ways to make legs and wings and mouths and eyes and antennae. Did you see the one that has a shell that glistens like the shiniest chrome?

“Where, in all you have read and studied and experienced about me as the Universal Father have you seen the answer to my question? What, why and how should we proceed now? You haven’t because I have had this problem almost from the beginning. I am taking you into my confidence and am asking us together to solve this quandary. Think about it as you can. The sooner we have this mission statement that is wise and grand enough, the better. I know what you all are thinking and I hope to see what we should do soon, together it should come clear.

“What should we do? It has something to do with service.  Is it as simple as compassionately bathing and feeding endlessly the indigent on the streets of Calcutta and all the other hundreds of cities my commendable daughter and your sister, Mother Teresa eventually went to? Should we make it real simple and say; To live a life of service wherever you find yourself and whatever that looks like and not worry about some grand mission statement? Just let things develop as they will without direction and see what happens?

“This is Califax as The Father on Urantia. This whole drama of Urantia’s salvation and restoration and being fully on the path to light and life, will be over soon as we look at things. I am enjoying bringing this question to you about the big picture. Thank you for your attention and your love of me and the cosmos. I don’t need to say this but, 'I love you too!' with the most affectionate feelings and warm sentiments, for now,  Domtia. “

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