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Author Topic: Lanaforge, Unfinished Business, 6 May 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 85 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Unfinished Business
Category: The Orderly Rule of Urantia
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
6 May 2017, 20:55 Z

“You can begin writing; perhaps what I have to say could be better said by others of similar training and experience. But I am here with something I am filled with to bring to all on the Serara Forum. The subject is: Being ready. I may shock you by saying you will never be ready, you will always need to go back for the bag of clothes by the door you overlooked or the saying goodbye to the man who lives next door. Always something, you set in the car before starting the motor and just thought. You addressed your Angels and thanked them for the service of sailing alongside the car. You told Mother Spirit and Father Thanks for the work in the Mission and your life in the first place, you sighed in satisfaction of having the intimation to work with the administration if that is still available when the time comes, in the MSM.

“You’re not worried by the fact that you are not and never will be; ‘ready’. You might say  your life is a maelstrom of unfinished business. Not the usual stuff of paying all the bills before leaving town and filling out the address change form but the important stuff of unfinished and ragged maturity, lagging always behind with the sure knowledge of what you need to do yet on the maturity slate. It causes you no unhappiness because by now you saw at least a hundred times that the just in time expansion took place where and when you needed it. All you had to do was show up and work and respond that day and it took care of itself. Your heart is full of appreciation for all the benefit of the doubt credits you were given, you marveled at the confidence in your development you were shown and now it is clear that confidence is the very thing causing the miracle of your increased usefulness.

“You determined to do the very same thing to those you might be given to mentor.  You look forward to the siblings that would come with more or less shattered confidence and self-image that you would take under your wing, with so much joy and unhurried friendliness and patience, renewing their vigor and hopefulness by all the little things you did with them to reassure them that they were completely safe now with no worries about violence or enemies or starvation. You showed them things that in their shut down mode they never dared to hope, but now embrace as a sure possibility and even much more if only they want and desire it.

“You look into the future with no trepidation, because it’s one day at a time, highly challenging days for sure, but alongside friends, veterans of a million days faced and worked through that are just as happy and thrilled to mentor you as you are to be mentored. Showing you the ropes in situations that make a marine blanch, that make an old timer, wide eyed as well. No worries come what may, the top boss, Father and Mother, in the vanguard with a stanchness that inspires the same in you. In emergency conditions, most comfortingly, there is no cruelty or summary justice that is usually rife with injustice.

“Now with the refreshing of everything, by the decisive change in approach and method in bringing to fruition the MSM, everything has a new lease on life. Millions of Celestial workers having been in suspense now know generally and approx. how things will unfold. This is a boost of untold proportions, right along with you here, they also waited. There is a common heightening of joyful anticipation and inspiration is flowing to see new ways to respond to the circumstances as each People, nation, continent, and economy at the present time, presents the up to date challenges that can be addressed almost immediately.

“Finally their purpose here will be rewarded by hands on work. Those known as the Lanaforge 100 which have already been decided upon as regarding the Melchizdeks and their Melchizdek or other Celestial assistants, will see about 50 of you first given some notice, now before long to at least know you are in the running for some position for actual duties. Those duties in the start would be to be there, present to look and learn about the numerous highly different adjustments that attend this unusual turn of events. Your mentoring will be most enjoyable for the Celestial cadre too, because they are just as interested to understand you as a strange creature, that they have only watched from afar, but now with much tender love can guide as the mission becomes clearer.

“The MSM will blossom, but not overnight, as the many physical contingencies have to be worked out. Just knowing though gives impedance to the growth of everyone, similar to a high school graduate knowing that in the fall they will be entering collage so all that coming life is learned about and mentally prepared for. This is Lanaforge, now to be co planetary prince with The Father as Califax, keeping you all filled in and abrest of Our thinking, using the scribe as a whipping boy sometimes, as he doesn’t mind since he can see the method in our madness, by pointing out his challenges to all, perhaps revealing weakness’s that a person would like to keep unknown, for the inspiration of everyone else.

“It means there is hope for them also having similar imperfections that tend to give you pause that you are even useable. Yes you are, nothing coupled with a receptive and humble attitude is a problem to us. For now this is the lesson for today to be saved in the TML under the; 'Orderly Rule of Urantia' category, helping to make available teaching and guidance that helps all too truly understand. Thank you for your attention! With affection, Domtia…..”

End Discussion Forum-

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