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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Sufficient to The Day is the Progress Thereof. 5-5-17, Daniel, LV N  (Read 98 times)

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Speaker: Mansonloran
Subject: Sufficient to the Day is the Progress Thereof
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
5 May 2017, 18:25 Z

“You can begin writing any time; I am here Father.

“On other days of your sitting at the laptop to receive some message, it would flow smoothly and I intend for in to do so today. Just relaxing into the interchange with a cheerful and unpressured reception, realizing even though it is exceptionally special and rare to be used to receive these messages, if you are somewhat overawed, then the easy going, no barrier, comfortable interacting may be affected.

“I know that the human element raises its ugly head, and that being: the constant castigation and beating your chest in regret for your laziness or neglect of some or most of what you should be doing every day. This sets up a mindset, if we let it, and we must not, that we are not worthy. What I am suggesting to alleviate that problem to be as easy on yourself as you are with others. I notice when someone is rude or forgetful to do something having to do with your and their relationship, that you instantly write it off as no biggy, any offense easily overlooked because you understand so thoroughly, the nature of being physical, with all the attendant stresses of physicality that plays out especially, by you often choosing to avoid much of any painful effort to do some task, you opt for some comfortable past time.

“Here is where the spirit of The Father steps in for putting an edge on your resolve next time to do better and the lassitude that is probably your biggest boat anchor, slowly comes to be less and less. The word we may note is; slowly.  In a five year period, much progress against character flaws will be noticed, but five years seems a much too lazy and inefficient time to wait for improvement, but is it? Perhaps your biggest help with this personal castigation problem is to start today to have the take that, in spite of everything, that since your inner intention is sincerely to submit to and do the promptings of The Father, you are doing as good as can be reasonably expected.

“This letting yourself off the hook with the general attitude that all will work out time wise and ability wise, with your confident and happy assurance of your good standing, even though you could do much better. That feeling in sports when you hit a good one and the team looks on you with appreciation, can be your full time feeling if, If? You do at least a little better over time. What this does is to put you in good standing in your mind, a condition that in itself is a boon to you actually doing much better. You have forgiven yourself. If you still remember your poor performance with regret you have not forgiven yourself. In other words constantly make a fresh start.

“This knowing without any reservation, about your general progress being sufficient, coupled with the old college try, with each new day, which really is a trust that the Father knew what he was doing when he started you when he did on this path to be a useful cog in the Magisterial Sons Corrective time project. I am going around in circles here, first reassuring you and then continuing to push you at the same time. This is what it is all about. Say tomorrow you felt as energetic as you were at age 18, able to run without tiring for ten or twelve miles, for instance. Since that is now a dim memory, use that memory to put things in perspective. Cut yourself some slack. But constantly take up some slack.

“To continue to analyze how you can do better, taking all of the above into consideration, this confidence I am hoping to help you have can be enhanced by you, over some days of stewing because of your laziness and lack of progress, to get angry at the lack of vision you are showing by the unwillingness to do hard things. Yes you know generally you will fill your slot, but now come to be dissatisfied to have only the status quo be attached to your name and reputation.

“This little chat around the campfire is brought to you by none other than Mansonloran, often writing reports to the Ancients of Days and as I stated before through Ron Besser, I am a Melchizedek and liaison to Serara from Uversa and also am Monjoronsons chief of staff. Not to be confused with Massaloran Melchizedek, who with Abraham runs the new teaching mission. Thanks to everyone with the hope the challenges you face can be helped with the mental gymnastics we went through today, about this persnickety human condition. Good Day!

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