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Author Topic: Rayson, Coming Attractions, 3 May 2017, Daniel, L V Nv. USA  (Read 167 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Rayson
Subject: Coming Attractions
Category: Science Ultimatons and Energy
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
3 May 2017, 8:08 Z

“Yes Daniel, begin.  This is Rayson and I am happy to teach through you today for the first time. The experience yesterday was to stand you in good stead for what is coming. We all of course are exceptionally happy with the turn of events, with a renewed and different way of doing the Magisterial Mission. You mortals being part of the proceedings, is from the beginning, radical and unusual and now with the personal return of Jesus not part of the beginning action to take place, again is somewhat out of the box. I personally look forward to the beginnings of all the dreams of renewable and sustainable technology, like the device to make considerable pure water, day in and day out where ever on earth you set it up and begin using it.

“Another technology that is being used in welding shops even now is the torch that with an electrical current and tap water supplied under a few pounds pressure produces a hot, blue, pure, flame, burning the hydrogen and oxygen of which the water is composed. Electrolysis destroys the bond in the two gas’s, releasing them to be used right there at the burner, no storage necessary. This can be adapted for home furnaces, hot water heaters and stove top cooking, where before, natural gas or propane was used. The fuel is simply the water itself, being separated into its two components, there to be safely burned immediately. By products of this combustion are water vapor and some small amount of carbon dioxide.

Also we look forward when things stabilize, to helping develop the Tesla technology of the permanent magnet motor that will run from a source you could call zero point energy to generate electricity on a small scale for a single family homes, feeding electricity into a small battery unit, that is constantly kept fully charged for home lighting, appliance use, well pumps and drip irrigation, etc. obviating the need for extending the electrical grid in many areas.

“The existing power plants and distribution grid can be used eventually in a non-polluting way, by retrofitting from burning coarse coal or natural gas to be converted to the 3 micron coal technology that burns almost totally without pollution, using only a small amount of extremely fine coal dust as it were.  A simple explanation of this technology could be: by using only very small amounts of almost atomized coal dust, far more energy is released than simply burning coal in the usual manner.

“Also utilizing geothermal heat where it is close to the surface, to produce steam to turn turbine generators is free, after the initial cost of plant construction, and an unlimited source for electrical generation.

“As well, a completely free and self-sustaining electric generation method is the: ‘In stream hydroelectric units” making dams unnecessary by collecting water in a pipe upstream and then at a location much lower alongside the stream, have repeated dynamo’s, powered by the high pressure water collected above, leaving the natural flow of the river undisturbed.

“Some other ideas while we are on the subject of coming technological innovations are:

-Power transmission over great distances, without wires, using Tesla inspired understanding.

-Tunnel boring machines of such sophistication that several miles and more of large diameter, finished hard surface tunnel can be accomplished in one day through solid rock.

-Motors for commercial and private vehicles of the free energy type, un-polluting and never needing refueling.

-wireless communications, without satellite or cell towers being necessary.

-Teleporting of objects of any size and weight to any location on the globe eventually will be in common usage.

-Medical procedures and healing modalities, disease mitigation, along with true understanding of dietary anomalies able to be evaluated in each person, to then be tailored to serve the many body types for optimum energy and vitality, all common knowledge.

-An administration department to foster research and development that would generate innovations that in most cases would be released to all humanity to be utilized by anyone, as property of the public domain.

-Food preservation methods, crop harvesting and storage methods that would preserve full nutrition yet require no refrigeration, insuring full dispersion of food stuffs, ending wastage and utilizing  of all crops when they are ready in the fields. “’

“This is Rayson, earths science’s, chief protagonist and enthusiast, for the Magisterial Mission, with my area of expertise being the sustainable development of all aspects of the physical environment, commensurate with the Standards of Our Father, universe wide, in promoting progress and prosperity. I see myself as cheerleader and chief advocate of any and all of you, wanting to do something new or old, to make a difference, no concept or feasible innovation to go unexamined. I am respectfully yours, in the challenging but oh so workable makeover of our dear neglected Urantia. With love, for now, this is Rayson! Domtia…..”

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