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Author Topic: Sananda, Extraordinary Powers, 1 May 2017, Daniel, L V Nv. USA  (Read 90 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Sananda
Subject: Extraordinary Powers
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas Nev. USA
1 May 2017, 20;04 Z

“Let’s go Daniel; this is Sananda, supervisor and head Adjuster of all Adjusters and Mystery Monitors of the Local Universe of Nebadon. Should the time ever come, when, for whatever reason, [and it will come] you are left high and dry without the usual mode of communication of the internet, cell phone, land line or smoke signals, then, concerning you being available to receive a message, at the least tiny premonition or prompting, be still and with your pen or power of memory, listen with focus and happy intent to receive what someone wants to tell you.

“If you need to contact someone, to deliver a message, you simply do it in reverse and in full confidence of the connection working, you focus and say clearly several times the message you want that person to receive through the God connection of your acquainted adjusters. [And they are acquainted] and your friend you need to contact, will receive what you have to say. If you doubt this works, then it will not work. In your message you ask clearly that you need a conformation that your message was received.

“Harry Loose, who you will read about in the five large books called the Sherman Diaries from square circles publishing co. [for only $25 for all five plus shipping] through an inspired set of circumstances, where Harry told Harold Sherman about the coming Revelation being delivered through a Certain Dr. Sadler in Chicago. Over time Harry became a close confident and mentor to Harold Sherman and his wife Martha. [Sherman was a successful author and playwright who’s besides ten or so books, had the most notable work of the screen play for the life story of Mark Twain, subsequently made into a credible full length movie]  

“This friendship and mentorship was before and during the five years [1940-45] covered by the Diaries, where they attended almost every Sunday, the reading, of the yet unpublished UB and newly received manuscript at doctor Sadler’s residence in Chicago Ill. The story of Harry Loose and his spiritual journey is touched on only in partial detail but he had come to be able to contact and send a message to his wife and others he was close to, just like I am suggesting all of you will come to be able to do with most anyone who is aware and is confident of the possibility, just like you are. He would routinely tell her he had to stay longer at work or his train connection was delayed, etc. “

“I talk about this Diary, kept so faithfully and with such detail in the handwriting of Martha Sherman, because it is one of the most reliable accounts of that time of the solidification of the complete manuscript and it highlights the power we can develop to communicate through the Spirit of God. The Diary contains enormous background material for that time and association with the Sadler's, and the many people in the group reading the book as it was delivered and was especially well done because for all that time the Sherman's, out of fervent love and interest in the Urantia Book, rented an apartment just across the street from Dr. Sadler's Residence of 533 Diversey Parkway, at 530 DP, in a small, six story, residence hotel with a coffee shop on the ground floor, giving them easy access to that era of UB development.

“Another area of spiritual development some of you will come to use and enjoy, also highlighted by the life experiences of that same Harry Loose, is the ability to bi-locate to accomplish some task where your presence is needed in some far location and for all practical purposes you appear to be there in conference with someone but it is an aspect of you doing that task while your body is still back in the original location. It was mentioned that in his case, he was in all respects the real him but he could not eat or drink while he was busy being bi-located.

“Harry, shared this ability with a fellow worker of The Fathers at the time, [It sounds like a Catholic Priest] from South America who would come to his location or he would go to the South American location, to confer in person, as it would appear. Nothing is impossible; however the special uses for these powers would be in circumstances of important expeditious need. I am speaking of these things to have you all be open to any and all possibilities you could grow into for the accomplishment of Mission work. The strong confidence and belief without a doubt, is the ingredient that makes anything like this work. It is like the prayer Jesus prayed before he healed the blind man, thanking the Father for it, as already being an accomplished fact.

“It is not ‘de rigor’ that all of you buy these books and read them unless you just want to get to the bottom of the story about the delivery of the UB. The main lesson is the opening to the sure possibility that wonderful powers will be available for your developing, as you would know also by the experiences of humans from all eras having been able to do just about anything as genuine Divine Manifestations if circumstances called for it. Circumstances’ calling for it is the key phrase, because the usual physical hands on work and effort filled accomplishing of anything by painstakingly developing the skill for doing something, is the way of 99% of this life. That is because nothing is gained by ‘miraculous manifestation’, for the development of character and personality if experientially it is accomplished effortlessly. Occasionally extraordinary means are put at a person’s disposal for some urgent help needed.

“ Other powers and gifts that are available upon need and interest are: -Ability to Discern the character and dedication of others, -Ability to quickly know the general life history and challenges of someone you might meet and need to work with or help, -Healing of Humans, the gift being the knowing of Gods will in their instance. –Ability to transport items or yourself to execute some task. –ability to quickly function in some strange language for a short time to accomplish some task, -ability to have unusual stamina for some period to accomplish some task, -ability to manifest, some supply or finances needed to accomplish some task.

“These are some occasionally given gifts in emergency circumstances mostly, but true and real powers possible when needed. Your knowing about them is the purpose of today’s instruction. Part of that instruction being the understanding that: living a life of usual physical effort and imaginative creativity in solving challenges is seldom abandoned for the miraculous way out. The Spirit of The Father in you will show you the difference. This is Sananda, enjoying enormously being able to teach like this, loving all of you with feelings of deep family togetherness, in this most exciting experiment of mortal/Celestial, co-creation. I leave you in confidence of our success together. Thank you and good day to all. Domtia….”

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