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Author Topic: Marloc, Comforting Others, 30 April 2017 Daniel, Las Vegas NV. USA  (Read 75 times)

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Speaker: Marloc
Subject: Comforting Others
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
30 April 2017, 20:56 Z

Write when you like Daniel, There are some items of some importance that would be well to have in the forefront of your thinking. Before too long, when you get up in the morning, and check the news services, you will hear and see things like we all witnessed on the news about the Fukushima tidal wave generated by slippage in the ocean floor, miles off shore, of gigantic proportions. This was a minor incident. The Asian tsunami of Dec, 26th, 2004, raced across the ocean in all directions from its origin west of the Malay Peninsula. As an example of its power, at 300 miles an hour, it reached the east coast of Sri Lanka with a crest of 30 feet above the beach over a thousand miles from the epicenter. This was a minor incident. Think about how to properly react when much worse news reaches you.

“In the buzz of the aftermath when these things take place, our response to our friends and family can do much good. Some helpful things that would be most appropriate to say would be: “I am so distressed by this. My heart goes out to those so inescapably caught unawares. I want to help in any way I can”. “For years I have heard of the possibility of: [the slippage under the ocean of the United States west coast or whatever disaster has happened] but now that it has happened, I have nothing but compassion for those affected”. “I heard that the news services did warn everyone about one day before it happened but who imagined that to save their life they would have had to leave immediately”. They were told where to assemble for transportation out of the area”. “To leave everything behind and go right away would have taken considerable courage and trust.”

“If appropriate we could say: “I can see now, that the recourse for everyone is to cry out to God for that help and wisdom to know how to recover”. “This devastation is on such a grand scale, it forces me to look to the creator of everything”. “The scriptural prophecies about the end of the age and the beginning of a new world certainly fit the scale of this”. ”I know of a website reported to have the latest news about the meaning of all of this.” [If we have such a place ready]  To say these kinds of things as well as communicating a big dose of empathy, for all the suffering taking place, is helpful and needed. Your calmness and seeming confidence in spite of everything will tend to intrigue and spark further inquiry. Soon after that, the vision of the celestial help, to give aid and direction you happen to know about, can be shared when you see they are ready.

“No one knows the timing of these events very well unfortunately. We will know approx. a day or so before and would warn all in the areas affected by the public media and of course would tell all of you here. The loved ones you may not be able to warn because of the failure of cell or internet service are in the hands of The Father and your prayers for their protection. You will hear later of the many serendipitous interventions that were their salvation or will know they are in good hands of the Angels if you couldn’t get through in time. To keep our wits about us with confident assurances to those we are in touch with, about the eventual recovery and rebuilding of all that looks so hopeless now, is one service we can consistently provide.

“At the proper time, tell about your knowledge of the world mission headquarters at York, the mission administrations ability to have supply and financial help as soon as possible to all stricken areas, the knowledge about the plans to be implemented to provide firm guidance to any and all nations as soon as possible, knowing that the Celestial over care is massive and has been anticipated to be needed for decades, also will encourage not a few. There will come a time to explain about the planetary office of ultimate earth authority called the Planetary Prince’s office, that has the power and authority to handle any emergency and that has previous experience, on the order of millenniums in taking care of emergencies very much like we are seeing.

“Being aware of the latest news about what the new administration will do now, can help enormously to calm those you have contact with. To help them understand about the new administration approach of only kindness and benevolence and magnanimity with respect for the free choice of all, as the long established policy, can be told over and over. The freedom and progressiveness of society and the fact that bringing worldwide peace is the number one priority of the new trustworthy Celestial leaders, is something we can relate as their fervent intention.  

“When the time is right we can assure all that the real leader of the world now, is the one they know of as Jesus Christ and that when things stabilize sometime in the future, He will appear in person, just as he promised. We can let them know on the word of Christ himself, that the one known commonly as the Devil has been vanquished and is no longer able to wreak havoc as in the past. We can let them know that The Father of all, is standing right beside Jesus Christ, giving an even greater measure of his spirit over the whole earth, in expediting events to normalcy and also making it easier to directly relate to Him, as He has never in all history, been as available and prevalent.

“This is Marloc speaking with full authorization under the auspices of Christ Michael, Califax and Lanaforge to bring these topics to the attention of Forum members. I and We, thank you with feelings of anticipation unlike any time before, as the realization of the portent of inexorable events are more sure and plausible then at any other time of the last 30 years. We love and appreciate each and every one; We are thrilled with your progress. With high regard and salutations, for now, Domtia…”

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