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Author Topic: Lanaforge, Actionable Senarios, 29 April 2017 Daniel, Las Vegas NV. USA  (Read 84 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Actionable Scenarios
Category: Messages from the Offices of the Planetary Prince’s
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
29 April 2017, 20:50 Z

I am ready Father.

“You can begin at any time. First say that; as we enter the countdown to the first week in June, all aspects of the more hands on demonstration of the Magisterial Sons Mission are being solidified as to what should take place. As the new spirit of action pervades the consciousness of everyone, we with actual assignments are rehearsing what we are to do first when the behemoth begins to move. [Soon after the investure of the co-chaired office of the Planetary Prince].

“This is Lanaforge, pending, co-potentiating Planetary Prince, giving some details that may help you as you support we Celestials with some critical tasks that first will be executed. These are some scenarios we are entertaining as our opening shots for world recognition:

“The direct intervention in some fighting and shelling going on in Syria will perhaps be the most obvious first action that will be noticed as very strange by any observers on hand. The guns will be loaded the lever pulled for detonation and only silence. The radio will ask after a few seconds, what happened, what's going on, and the gunner will say; “don’t know boss, it just won’t fire’. Well reload the damn thing; it must be a bad shell. Sorry boss, the second shell won’t fire either. I’m coming over there to see what's going on. Can’t you guys do anything right? A secret joy is beginning to be felt in the gunners, as they know something supernatural is taking place. They put a third shell in and pull the lanyard and nothing. Silence.

“Meanwhile back at the ranch in Washington DC. An intelligence report lands on the president’s desk [6;00 am], that makes a curious statement from the head of white house intelligence: “last night in our routine duties a communique came across from an unknown source saying that the president is to be with his cabinet at 10:00 am, because at that time he is to receive two visitors that are from the headquarters of the sovereign of the local Universe who has jurisdiction over the earth; “with tidings of support and news of recent spiritual developments” it further said and I quote: “Mister President, This is the I Am, that I Am! Thank you for your immediate reaction; that you realize this may be something that you really should take seriously. We will see you there in the situation room, do not be late”. The letter had a gold seal on it that in the embossing said: ‘Michael of Nebadon’. Further the communique said: “My emissaries will require no reception, they simply will be there. Good Day” We have attached the letter we received for your perusal, Signed, White House Head of Security. [Roger Williams]

“Simultaneously on that day, all over the earth a similar letter will be on the desk of the National chief executive of the ten largest and most influential governments on earth calling for a meeting that day in the morning and listing the fellow world leaders getting an identical summons. The news of the malfunctioning weapons in Syria now is a major story, as inexplicably the weapons of all military in Syria would not work.  Not only that, the principles of both sides in the hierarchy of the belligerents who had been most cruel and heartless were now reported to be so sick they could not function in their military duties.

“Something very weird is going on. In all the national leaders there is a feeling of a premonition and gravity of import regarding something to happen soon on earth. It is just a feeling but it is strong and persistent. There is a feeling of unease and pending sea change, along with a foreboding, coupled with a feeling of hope they cannot explain. Several leaders of the ten have assistants call others, to check to see if their counterparts indeed did receive the letter in question. The ten pairs of Melchizedek emissaries do appear at the appointed time and we expect the proceedings to take place something like this:

“Dressed impeccably in understated and impressive business attire that contains subtle accouterments that are tailored for the appreciation of details, only that culture would recognize. The emissaries with great respectful dignity address the chief of each nation with deference, graciousness, words of cheer, appreciation and diplomatic phraseology, exhibiting the curtesy expected for properness. Both envoys in turn speak, in the perfect dialect most commonly in usage with language covering in unmistakable clarity, the message of a new day of aid and support from the real power behind every nation on earth.

“The support and cooperation that is needed for a new start worldwide is asked for and the particular challenges faced by that nation at that moment are rehearsed, much to the surprise of all present for the cognizance the intimate knowledge demonstrates. Help immediately is offered as an overture of good will for these pressing issues and arrangements are communicated for the continued relationship to be built with these two emissaries having the authority to work directly with Mission headquarters from here forward as the permeant and fully vested contacts now resident in their city.

“Trust worthy and uncompromised media executives in the news services still un-affiliated with the worlds shadow government strangling most of the press, are delivered dispatches of such timeliness and puzzling accuracy that many run the stories with full credit given to a new source called: ‘Local Universe headquarters dispatches’. In these first news releases which immediately command attention near the front page on the medium used, language of such beauty, eloquence and punch is employed that an authenticity is immediately suspected by all. Day after day these news releases have such a consistent attention grabbing pathos with colloquial humor and some satire, illuminating the now common knowledge about what this new kind and benevolent and most of all, action filled organization is up to today, under the heading of; ‘Local Universe News.

“These colorful and extremely interesting official communications will be short, only about 300 words but will be collected and referred to as an archive of new beginning history that will be circulated much like the popular observations of George Wills daily commentary recently and Benjamin Franklin’s smashing tongue in cheek essays to prick the sensibilities of those in the constitutional time, years ago. The Author will be some pseudonym of common usage but the real author will be Father Christ Michael.

“This is Lanaforge giving you some ideas we are seriously considering of the way to make the proper splash that will be effective beyond any other method to come into world consciousness without any baggage connected to worldly interests yet with a powerfully intriguing aspect that fires fervent motivation to look into and investigate what this new contact and source really means. We need to pull this off, above all with a highly authoritive but understated approach that leaves all confrontation or pressure absent.

“This is by no means our whole bag of tricks but is an overture of sharing the latest, as you [Serara Forum Members] prayerfully, being the most informed on earth, lock arms with us. The slow progression of understanding, first in national executive power centers and then slowly in the free thinking Intelligencia [that is left], of the whole world, will hopefully be brought along.

Lanaforge: “For now this will suffice for fodder as we think this through. Again speaking to the deep enthusiasm and confidence we all feel, I wish you a good day!”

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