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Author Topic: Lanaforge, No Worries Mate, 28 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 68 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject; No Worries Mate
Category: Messages from the Office of the Planetary Princes
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
28 April 2017, 20:26 Z

“Anytime Daniel, This is Lanaforge, with another message that has to do with some things all here on the Serara Forum can think about as we so joyfully begin with a whole new approach to bringing the truth to Urantia. In what we hope and think we understand, is the best way to attract attention, pique curiosity, disarm objections and garner warm support. The truth I’m talking about is the truth that: “God is very personable”, that: “God is very forgiving and generous”, and that: “God will go to the nth degree in responding to response to Him”. God so loved this world that He has about 10 million [that is not a misprint] celestial children, who have been training almost forever, who are now at this moment on and about Urantia, who have volunteered to reach out and come to the aid of the terminally ill patient, whose name, for want of a more fitting title is: “Urantia”.

“These mortals, [Urantia], who are our dear brothers and sisters, in so many cases, are like the dog shivering in the rain, who has been whipped and thrown against the wall, has had their friendly licks and overtures and forgiveness, kicked or slapped away, has had their kindnesses and giving, disparaged and double crossed so that now the cynicism is so deep that sincere despair is only one apple skin thick, from the surface. Billions are in this shape [you see it by their hand signs in traffic] and in self-defense the slightest affront is lashed out to with hate and meanness in kind. Sincere solicitous warmth and selfless service and trust offered to a person in this shape is like that warm dry blanket and a spot by the stove and a big bone with allot of fat still on it, that will soon bring the most skittish dog to confidence again.

Our job is to find the blanket, bone and stove that fit’s the damaged one, standing in front of us. Fit’s in such a way that hope is quickly kindled in the desert of worthless dunes as far as the eye can see. In a way, those still with a life of a modicum of food and shelter and income have a crusty heart, much harder to reach because of the self-satisfied and solidified life view so far having served them well, through a non-spiritual experience of God less self-reliance. However, and this is the unspoken state of most of the rest of humanity, many times a normal appearing human, if you could disarm them enough to be honest, are really a fragile tooth pick skeleton ready to collapse in a heap of hopelessness, quietly desperate and hoping against hope for a solution they know not what, to explain and rescue them from a life of failure and perplexity without end. That’s where you come in.

“To look on the one before you with the eyes and mind of Jesus, that is there in you, [if you believe it] is the key. To see these individuals, unspoken yearning to understand and make sense of a truly illogical civilization, a truly wobbly house of cards, built on falsehoods and universal deceptions and trickery from unsound minds.  To look on that person as a complexity of experience, unique and highly vulnerable, but, and this is the beauty, if you truly could understand what makes them tick, in only a short conversation, their whole life will go in a new direction, hope will blaze because of things you said and how you said them. The; ‘how you said them’, is absolutely oozing sincere warmth. This warmth is The Fathers Love. If you don’t have it, a simple request will bring it.

I think this has happened to all of you, at one time or another; you were given and used this insight, to address the exact quandaries worrying them. Now, what I am saying to all of you, here on the Serara Forum, the vanguard of rare understanding and love, go and do likewise. This works best when you have this gift to see the truth about that person. It’s a unique truth for each one. Jesus was a master of knowing this truth and then using that knowledge to give feedback for their redirection, and encouragement. Your prayer asking for this gift will be readily answered. Nothing, nothing, is more needed on Urantia at this moment, than servants able to do what I have described above.

”The most needed thing that does the most good, is to be validated. When your life and opinions as much as possible, are noticed and sincerely and carefully praised, there is precious little that is more helpful for your expansion on the face of God’s green earth. The universal lack of firm confidence and lack of reinforcement, when all we have is the tiniest sprig of growth out of the crack in the parched sidewalk to our credit, if that is noted and praised, there is nothing more catalytic for our turnaround. Since almost no one is conscious enough to notice, you’re noticing, will be the best thing that has happened to them in a long time. You now have their undivided attention.

“This is Lanaforge, Planetary prince soon to be gloriously invested along with, MOST esteemed Servant Califax, Who is The Father standing by my side, I’m practically bursting with positivity and optimistic juices, thrilling through my being as I can see, all ten millions of us can pull this off, even though the life support machine is screaming and beeping and the doctors are running down the hall with the defibrillator and the eyes of the patient are glazing over a little.

“With this I say “good day” with appreciation and a warm embrace to all!

End Discussion Forum-

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