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Author Topic: Serara, No Joke This Time 26 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 118 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Serara
Subject: No Joke This Time
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
26 April 2017, 01:54 Z

Me, “Would you prefer I would make an audio reception?

“No written is fine. This is Serara and this will be more information and comments about the beginning of the Missions now very soon actual. Since we have said that before, over and over, the preface this time is that in our estimation, nothing having gone before can compare to all the factors that have taken place to bring us to this point of excellent certitude regarding the statements by Califax and Father Christ Michael and the first part of June 2017.

“This new information from the five recent audios from and thru Ron Besser are meant by your repeated listening to connect right to your heart and to galvanize and overcome the reaction of becoming used to discounting what we have said so many times as you hedged your bets about the likelihood of their coming to fruition. If the circumstances change so that these firm plans do not work, it is the same old exercise of faithful believing without evidence that we will all use once more, but I am here to tell you that this occasion will take place approx. as we are telling you it will.

“I need to mention again, In the repeated running up to the events foretold taking place, you will notice how in the past, all spokespersons had absolute positivity that all that the Celestial leadership was speaking about doing, was true about what they intended to do. This in particular was the burr under the saddle that made more than several reach for the delete button on the Serara Forum. In the circles of the band of merry brothers [and sisters] this almost unbelievable drama of the last five years especially was, although we knew of its value in the refining of consecration, it was only peripherally intended as such. It certainly was a top echelon testing and trying machine par excellent. You had to be very single minded and have dedication that smacked of supernatural help, [having the ultimatons of the right consistency] that made you make those repeated choices that kept you in the running when many, about you just couldn’t see it anymore.

“Now it is serious and this is the time to make progress on those polishing projects you know about, but that take more effort and discipline to take action about and that you may have resisted somewhat in biting the bullet to accomplish. As many who can, we are asking you, almost as if it was part of religious duty [which it is] to give us that daily reception to accelerate your growth to more effectiveness. This applies to any and all that have at one time or another delivered an incontrovertibly valid and genuine communication from some Celestial Teacher. In other words, even having done it only once, we’re requesting you now, put on your work outfit, as this is more serious and expected as an obligation. You knew this day was coming and now I remind you if you are at least half serious about believing you were miraculously put here, that your excuse [such as being in a full body cast] is about all that can get you off the hook. [I chuckle in commiseration, because Gary Fuchs in Connecticut broke his wrist and is in a cast from palm to armpit]  

“When you come to work, ask for the mode your Celestial Transmitter would like you to practice [audio or written]. Those who have not as yet had that first breakthrough paragraph or clear statement you wrote, or discerned as an internal voice or thought, you could see clearly came from the Divine, realize like Christ Michael said through Larry Gosset, now is the chance to seize the opportunity to take the risk to spend the time and have the vision of a life of more vital and honored service. To reread the advice for beginning transmitters labeled as such in the Serara Forum, Tmarchives and TML sites again would tend to give you a boost in that direction.

“The most effective thing any T/R person can do is to come with the belief that you would not be in this Forum if this skill is outside something possible for you to do. Then next, a simple request for help in hearing and the courage to repeatedly try should have more than a few begin receiving messages for the first time. Our request is to post to the thread for new transmissions, your first fledgling efforts, efforts that will only be supported and lauded, even if they are brief. You only need look at the efforts of Rene Duran as a shining example. The other aspect of T/R work that goes without saying, is your Celestial teacher and transmitter support standing by, now especially, with these clear directions of the renewed mission effort. It means you have even more guides and teachers at the ready to help everyone.  

“This new revelation in the five audio transmissions and the two long explanations in between those revelations that Ron posted, transmitting The Father and so many leaders, you can find by going to Ron's profile and calling up his posts. These are without precedent in all of the Serara Forum history. Never was such detail and personal destiny revealed as we see here. This should tell a wise one something. I end this now, but much more is coming: [from all those new transmitters to start producing soon] as well as increased production from existing proven T/R persons. We have all prayed for this and now it is here. This Is Magisterial Son Serara in very happy circumstances, wishing you all a busy day!

End Discussion Forum-

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